Book of Rexxar - Drums of War


Rexxar returns to save the land of Durotar in an explosive new Warcraft III custom campaign, by me, Med. MapGuy! Developed with Frozen Throne 1.35, this is a direct sequel to the original Founding of Durotar. Set several years after the cataclysmic events in Theramore, Rexxar must team up with allies old and new to confront an evil beyond reckoning!

  • 9 single-player chapters and 5 cinematic interludes
  • Hundreds of custom models, new voice files and music
  • Travel to familiar, fully realized locations
  • Fun custom GUI spells
  • Loosely based on the World of Warcraft tie-in novel, Cycle of Hatred by Keith R. A. DeCandido




1) Is this a sequel to Founding of Durotar? Yes, this campaign takes places roughly four years after that campaign.
2) Is this story based on canon lore? Yes, the plot is a loose adaptation of the World of Warcraft tie-in novel, Cycle of Hatred by Keith R. A. DeCandido. The campaign also ties in various questlines and locations from classic WoW.
3) Will Chen Stormstout return as your companion? Sadly no, as he canonically left Kalimdor at the time of these events.
4) Will this campaign feature an open world mechanic like the original? No, this is a linear campaign. I couldn't figure out how to use the Save/Load transition.
5) Can I play this with Warcraft III: Reforged? Yes. This custom campaign was first developed with Frozen Throne 1.27b and is now compatible with 1.35.
5) How long did you take to create this campaign? Roughly four to five months.


Creator's Notes
You can read the brief development thread of of this campaign here. To elevate the classic look and feel of Warcraft III, I utilized Johnwar's excellent suite of Orc, Ogre and Troll models, with some developed exclusively for this campaign! Stefan.K, Retera, Asssssvi, Rhapsodie fantastic models are also featured throughout!


  • Released on October 31, 2021

  • Corrected multiple typos in spell description, quest logs
  • Changed "Cage - Custom" to "Cage"
  • Added Neutral Building Icon to Resurrection Stones
  • Added more audible SFX when Huffer bites it
  • Thanks to cleavinghammer, Navy45, Xetanth87
  • Added more mana replenishing items in the Burning Blade coven

  • Swapped Rexxar's face to the original as many have pointed out his eyes were too close together
  • Added missing spell descriptions for Siphon Mana and Earthquake
  • Fixed typos as pointed out by cleavinghammer
  • Changed faction name of "Darkspear Strand" to "Darkspear Captives"
  • Removed Orc Mailbox in Sen'jin Village
  • Vile Imp quest now gets marked as "completed"
  • Corrected "Zalazane" and "Centaur Threat" codex
  • Changed faction of Cougars in Sen'jin Village
  • Changed faction of Resurrection Stone to Neutral
  • Changed "Order Rifleman" to "Flaming Sword Rifleman"
  • Changed Searing Blade Blademaster's Wind Walk spell to Shockwave
  • Removed lumber cost for Darkspear Riders
  • Increased Stash's food for certain levels
  • Tweaked Burx's opening line to Rexxar
  • Added item description to Gazlowe's ingredients
  • Changed Winder Serpent Flayer's spell to Inner Fire
  • Thanks again to cleavinghammer

  • Removed duplicate codex for Bazzalan
  • Made Neeru's taunt an actual transmission
  • Fixed Ragefire Chasm's codex entry
  • Added some fire elementals in Ragefire Chasm
  • Moved Doomguard codex to be more visible
  • Removed Taurens in Brackenwall Village
  • Fixed Ogre Spearthrower's tooltips
  • Corrected Quest to say "Kill 3 Elder Dragons" instead
  • Increased foodcap for Theramore level
  • Fixed Tidesage's tooltip
  • Added correct handicap to Theramore Guard
  • Pained still doesn't show up
  • Fixed Theramore map's name
  • Thanks again to cleavinghammer for finding these, you're the best

  • Fixed the material on Rexxar's cape, which was unfogged and displayed weirdly in places with thicker fog like the cave segments and Ragefire Chasm
  • Fixed the attachment points of the female shaman model, which displayed origin effects like aura buffs above her head instead of at her feet
  • Applied the same fix to the dire troll model
  • Special thanks to Frostwhisper for these wonderful model fixes
  • Found wrongly edited Buff that caused Stunned Units to appear Ensnared
  • Edited Gazlowe's quest so that when you acquire his ingredients, they act as power-ups and disappear and no longer take space in your inventory
  • Fixed description for "Down Below" quest
  • Tried to look into DarkSword123's feedback, added some small fixes
  • Gave "Attribute Bonus" to Gorgotha

  • Special thanks to deepstrasz for his feedback!
  • Added portrait to Slagor the banker, Skeleton Ogres
  • Increased mana cost and cooldown time of Gorgotha's Razor's Edge
  • Corrected Dire Boar's portrait, and changed his Dire Wolf companions to "Raging Boars"
  • Removed Ensnare ability from Gorky
  • Changed Head Hunting's quest icon to that of a scroll
  • Added new Burning Blade enemies as you escape the collapsing Burning Blade mine
  • Changed all enemy Warlock units attack damage to Chaos
  • Increased the life and damage of certain Vile Imps, Bazzalan, Neeru, Taragaman the Hungerer, Zmodlor and Kristoff
  • Changed "Locust" projectile from Rokhan's Voodoo Spirit spell to a spirit projectile model
  • Changed Raptor's icon (Credit to Kimbo)
  • Changed all Stonemaul Ogre's icons (Credit to r.ace613)
  • Made Thrall invulnerable after you liberate the Stonemaul village

  • Removed all player / enemy handicaps (FYI, game difficulty hasn't been fully tested)
  • Added new dialogue for Gorgotha for all levels
  • Updated to work with Warcraft III: Reforged

  • Removed 'The' in 'Terror at Theramore' name in mission loading screen
  • Added Ogre Mound with hirable Ogres in 'Terror at Theramore'
  • Fixed issue where you don't get food in the final level
  • Fixed issue where Gorky follows you even after you rescue him and return him to his dad Goe
  • Added missing pathing blockers to certain stone spires in the first level
  • Replaced Tauren model in the 'Valley of Trials'

Known Issues
  • Game may crash in certain levels, so save frequently
  • Enemies have a tendency to flee when attacked
  • Rexxar's Beast Attack has a chance of not working
  • Some models don't have portraits
  • Rexxar's Summon Quilbeast spell description may not reflect accurate damage
  • Resurrection Stones' runes may not light up despite being active



A massive thanks to Lazarator and johnwar for their excellent feedback and contributions! Also, special thanks to waredcraft for early input. You guys helped make this campaign better!


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Book of Rexxar - Drums of War (Campaign)

Book of Rexxar - Drums of War (Campaign)

A lovely immersive campaign about Rexxar and friends that isn't on par with the Founding of Durotar, not because of the lack of map to map transition but because of linearity and repetitiveness of gameplay. Approved. If you want more reviews, you...
Level 17
Apr 17, 2021
Played a little bit of chapter 1 (on 1.29.2) so just reporting some issues/questions:
After recruting Gorgotha I noticed the goblin NPC giving the shimmerweed quest, I went back and he asked me if Thrall sent me. I don't think Thrall mentionned him so is this normal to have access to this quest at this point ?
I know ennemies fleeing is a known bug but that seems to be especially true for the quillboars (some never attacked me, even if bodyblocked)
Ennemies do not go back to their spawnpoint after a certain distance. This led me to lead the half god boar all the way back to Orgrimmar (along with a few turtles)
The Hunting optional quest has a doomguard icon and its description is about finding the tooth of Destromath.

I really like the idea of the campaign. Congratulations for finishing it that quickly !
Level 26
Apr 6, 2010
On 1.30.4:


Termal Eruption -> Thermal Eruption

Codex item description: repostory -> repository

* Beast Attack doesn't seem to work sometimes, I think its range might be smaller than Rexxar's attack range.

* Termal Eruption -> Thermal Eruption

  • Huntress instead of Hunter maybe?
  • Gorgotha's Fan of Knives tooltip has three levels, other spells have 4. She also doesn't have Attribute Bonus.
  • Razor Edge can target buildings, but as far as I can tell doesn't damage them.
  • Avatar tooltip gives the same stats for both levels.

No hero has a channel-interrupting move?

Dispelling Totem: ina -> in a

Eye of Burning Shadow: weilder -> wielder

Given that stats are cut in half, there should be fewer enemy spellcasters because a few of those can very quickly cause a TPK.

Resurrection stones, zeppelins and other utility structures should belong to an allied player instead of neutral so you can find them on the map (or maybe use the yellow house icon).

Hero Attributes say they increase damage by 0.

NPC quotes tend to be displayed for too short a time, maybe replace them with the usual messages. This would also be useful if they give you information that you might need later (I think the Voodoo Lounge trolls said something about a guy going to see the lizards, but I can't check).

Can't say I like the new model or voice for Rexxar, his eyes seem too close together.

Some doodads (e.g. the fences in the second level) don't appear in FoW, making some closed areas look like open.

Do all optional quests use the Doom Guard icon?

First level:
Intro cutscene: There's no SFX when Huffer is killed.

Creeps respawn much too fast, sometimes before the previous one's corpse ddcfdchas even disappeared. They also seem to respawn in a single place rather than where they stood, making killing them harder.

Centaur Impaler makes male centaur sounds when dying.

... Man, Rexxar still gets no respect. So how long after the campaign is this happening?

The cage next to Burx is called Cage - Custom.

"Let Gorgotha join" dialog calls her Gorgonna.

Head Hunting quest's description is for a Neeru quest (Tooth of Destromath), even when updated. Also, it doesn't take much for Rexxar to abandon his code.
* Show Ursula's head [...] proof of his death. -> her death

Resurrection Stone at the end of the centaur mines doesn't activate.

Troll village on the east edge of the map: the witch doctor's lines overlap.

No codex for Regulkut?

Codex for Thunder Lizards reads "Thunder". Also, preseve -> preserve

Lizard guy has a point, you are just ripping through those lizards for no reason.

Zeppelin dialog reads Orgrimmate.

Slagor has no portrait.

Wandering creeps tend to end up in the most ridiculous places, like a centaur with the naga on the east side.

Rokhan doesn't trigger zeppelins.

Gorgotha and Rokhan actually getting lines for the warlock quest: That's good, it should happen more often. Otherwise the game plays as though Rexxar is accompanied by people only he can see.

Not really a bug, but Gorky got brought into the mines with the rest. I left him at the entrance, so after beating the warlocks, I just had him move past the barrier to teleport everyone out.

After bringing Neeru the tooth, he still has a quest marker.

The pale brown rocks don't seem to have pathing, so units often walk through them.

SE outpost zeppelin should be connected to Burx's outpost and the harbor instead of having to go around.

Maybe add a zeppelin inside Orgrimmar?

Second level:

No stash? (ah, it shows up later)

... Really? Toejam?

When Sarkoth is killed, the quest name becomes Thazzril's Pick. It goes back to Sarkoth once you pick up the tail.

Scorpid Tail description: The -> A

Lumber Harvesting codex: ... Ooookay then. Is Thrall going to announce that drinking demon blood isn't that bad either?

Dire Mottled Boar has no portrait.

Music stops playing between cutscenes.

One of the Lazy Peons is visible for some reason.

After clearing out the humans and talking to Gornek: quickness -> speed

Given how many Mana Burners there are in the cave, some more mana/health rune drops would be nice so you don't have to go back to the fountain every five minutes.


No SFX on Jaina when the teleport ends.

Kristoff's model has a weird bug where its head ticks left and right.

More later.
Really cool. Looking forward to playing it. Always wanted to read Cycle of Hatred, but I still have to read the more important books, so seeing this is really cool. I kinda got spoiled on some characters after browsing the WoW wiki to see which of them were official :)

Some issues:
Monsters, specifically Quilboars spawn out of nowhere

Some minor text issues I encountered:
Gorgotha is called Gorgonna in the Yes/No dialog.
Rokhan's second ability is very poorly worded.
One of the cages near the Barracks is called Cage - Custom. Maybe you wanted to give it an editor suffix, but you added it to the actual name?
Dispelling Totems are called Healing Totems in the quest messages
Level 23
May 14, 2004
Thanks to everyone for playing! And a big thanks to cleavinghammer, Navy45, Xethanth87 and others for finding bugs, typos and gameplay issues. I'm not sure I can get to fix all of them, but I'll try my best. :pgrin:

This campaign does have a truncated development period :pgrin: What helped speed things up was how I focused on developing unfinished maps from the defunct World of Warcraft custom campaign and figuring out the plot and objectives on the fly. Unfortunately, the shortened dev time meant certain features were left on the wayside, like adding unique dialogue for Rokhan and Gorgotha. :pmeh: I almost cut an entire level towards the end but realized it was crucial to the plot. :psmile:

I hope people don't have too much trouble finding a functioning Frozen Throne 1.28 to play!
Level 2
Nov 1, 2021
Thanks to everyone for playing! And a big thanks to cleavinghammer, Navy45, Xethanth87 and others for finding bugs, typos and gameplay issues. I'm not sure I can get to fix all of them, but I'll try my best. :pgrin:

This campaign does have a truncated development period :pgrin: What helped speed things up was how I focused on developing unfinished maps from the defunct World of Warcraft custom campaign and figuring out the plot and objectives on the fly. Unfortunately, the shortened dev time meant certain features were left on the wayside, like adding unique dialogue for Rokhan and Gorgotha. :pmeh: I almost cut an entire level towards the end but realized it was crucial to the plot. :psmile:

I hope people don't have too much trouble finding a functioning Frozen Throne 1.28 to play!
Hello,man. This Campaign is so great.Will you have plan to update it recently? If you have no time to deal with it,can i translate it into chinese ?
Level 7
Jul 17, 2020
Spoiler Alert
General:start menu would feel more fimilier if used the old version,yup they run,small talks near npc’s were good,all new models were good but mostly got face problems(I don’t like it),Terrain is very good,I found out that quillboar hunter rans always and Razormane Brute,new voice for rexxar cool,most of centaur’s also run,Gorgotha’s lvl evasion 3 and 4 upgrade got the same %,zeplin idea was good its like a teleport(Rokhan cant use)and cant trigger quests,and tell us where to look for shimmerweed,sometimes stuff follow me to the end of the word until I die and they stay there like that murloc from headhunter quest,and why gorky is dressed like orgrim doomhammer?(I guess hes big fan),in south west camp I think the grunt said its closed cause of ogre’s not quillboars I don’t know check for yourself, ,in cave west of coast I can attack the gate and why gorky is in with me?(hes always with me when I use teleport and go to caves and stuff),I got misha stayed in the gate after the cutscene I just moved her out XD,I went to Neeru Fireblade I give him the tooth and quest is compelet but he still got the quest mark, A BUG click on any portal than press ESC key quest of the cave will restart,I know you like hiding stuff but sometimes finding codex’s is hard.

Gameplay:since I like going back so I find the first codex on top(good thing to tell people a bit about story),like old times with new stuff?cool,Nice ogrimmar before cataclysm,Geezwiz honest trader?XD,a choice?wow cool I rather have an extra hero with me np,Gorgotha is called Gorgonna in the Yes/No dialog,Rokhan's second lvl needs more text its good just it seems small,One of the cages near Burx(in ogrimmar) is called Cage – Custom,Dispelling Totems are called Healing Totems in the quest log I was like it’s the totem I got but it has another name,I know death is not any problem but some health potions and runes would be nice(droped from stuff),give everyone more attack dmg man,Razormane Medicine man?he aint a man hes a quillboar(I know what you mean just wanted to say)might want to change it to healer or something,

Progule:felt like barrens,I saw a peon running away any reason?

Chapter 2:FUCK that old patch 1.26 bug,I got no items and no stasts,my lvl is 3 must be 4 and its random and is Gorgotha not here,gorek just said go kill all humans and ruin peace and rexxar was like yes sir,no respawn for wildlife? Sad,well samuro we meet again cool,Terrain is good

Interlude:good as much as I could see from that island that is about to get bombed(you know when)

Chapter 3:why there is a shop for buying units while I got no food(cuase stash is not mine),and it would be better if this part was bigger,Zalazane's codex is the same as Sen'jin Village

Chapter 4:Music is good,terrain is good,sometimes a anoying sound start when you look on water I think,I got an idea for this part make ir a AOS kind of map if you got time it would be great,murloc hut’s are called Mur’gul hut,and that blademaster before death turns invisable I had this sort of problem before remove this lvl so people wont get delayed,good thing that he dropped all items I gave to him,

Interlude:well that was a thing I knew he will do the first time I read hes talks and using dreadloard jaina from heroes of storm was a good idea I always liked that model

Chapter five: Orc mailbox?anyway,some orcs wont turn to me after savend(I cant control them)rocks were blocking the main path a dialong here would be better like we should find another way and like we should pass the searing blade camp to the west,and the second Resurrection stone belongs to the flaming sword,the towers were too much for a race like centaur,and a codex for serpent flayers would be nice,warchief the taurens have arrived not tauren,

Chapter six:good changes to the city(the terrain is really AWESOME)good job,I don’t own my stash again,I have to carry the items Gazlowe needs change that,I noticed now rokhan’s lvl 2 shortcut W its like this [W’],

Chapter seven:yet again another good terrain

Interlude:yup good terrain, but the wall should be bigger so they can stand on it

Chapter eight:these human tents should not be in the camp they are too small to fill anything in them,well the new rexxar model is fire you can use it from the start you know,

Chapter nine:that annoying sound is back,misteress?anyway,terrain is good work a bit on walls they are to thin a little rock can break them,and yet again where is my stash?

Overall:8/10 if you fix and change stuff its a really great Campaign,
And the Terrain was really good in most of maps well done
about screenshots first one see that model problem?
second one why there is a blackrock clan flag there?


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Level 26
Apr 6, 2010
(Second level after I realized I forgot to turn in the pick)
I noticed the stash had disappeared after clearing the cave.
Vile Imps quest isn't marked as completed after the escape.


Stash should have infinite acquisition range/a spell that brings targeted items to it, so you don't have to go back and forth across half the map to bring items to it (case in point; Vol'jin).


You'd think someone would make the connection between all these [hot] [sharp object] cults.

  • Evasion learning tooltip has 30% for level 4. Avatar tooltip also uses the same values for level 1 and 2.
  • Gorgotha's level 4 FoK only adds 25 damage?
  • If the enemy moves, Razor Edge can send Gorgotha in a completely different direction (including 90°).
  • I don't think the numbers are right for Razor Edge, the range seems a lot shorter than 700 (at level 4).

  • Thunder Rage and Siphon Mana learning tooltip have only 3 levels, Earthquake has only 1.
  • Vol'jin's Siphon Mana has the Learn tooltip and mentions a witch doctor hero.
  • Not sure how this happened, but twice Vol'jin died instantly shortly after using his Thunder Rage ability. When I tried reproducing it it worked fine.

* Tooltips for Wolves and Earthquake are missing the last level.

Maybe have each map have a unique shop or sell a unique item, thus far pretty much all my items are stat boosts.

Spear Thrower description: fires -> throws

Shaman model: Aura circles are attached to overhead.

Some models (skeletal trolls, imp necromancer, fel orc warlock...) have wonky cameras.

Third level:

Stash items didn't transfer.

There's a NH cougar at the entrance to the village who gets killed by the hexed trolls, should it be allied to them like the others seen later?

Darkspear Strand -> Darkspear Captives? They should say something on being rescued.

Orc mailbox?

No one comments on the barrier?

Hexed Trolls codex is pretty barebones.

Zalazane's codex is the same as Sen'jin Village.

Fourth level:

Riders cost lumber and the tooltip says they can be upgraded to berserkers without mentioning that they have Evasion.

Resurrection stone near the starting village doesn't activate.

Is Vol'jin's level supposed to be capped?

Those huge trees should be shrunk, removed or moved to somewhere they won't prevent you from seeing your units. Especially the codices, which can be missed if your screen is centered just a few centimeters off.

Raptors codex: dinosaurs -> dinosaur

After the boss dies, his corpse should be set to stay fleshy otherwise it looks like they're exorcising the loot he dropped.

What a helpful demon.

Searing Blademaster should not have Wind Walk or at least greatly shorten its duration, I missed him the first time and ran into him because I was doubling back.

Fifth level:

One of the grunts in the south outpost and one in the battle to the north didn't transfer.

Ensnaring the bronze dragon causes it to fly away over the hill. While it comes back, attacking it as soon as it does results in the loot dropping behind the invisible wall.

Some units don't use weapon and armor upgrades.

Why would a wasteland elemental have a water spell? Maybe use this model instead.

Resurrection Stone near the Minions codex belongs to Flaming Sword but activates normally.

Maybe increase the stash's food, it's unlikely the players will have lost any units (and by my count, you can rescue up to 27 worth of units).

Flamng Horseman -> Flaming

Order Rifleman -> Not Flaming Sword?

Centaur Codex seems to copy the one from the first level (also, seriously? Rugs?)

(some others, but they were lost to data vampires)

Sixth level:

Great idea, Burx, be an asshole to the guy cleaning up your mess.

Stash might not transfer items.

Burx's quest: You might want to change the first sentence since Rexxar was right there when Burx said Neeru escaped.

Racist Grunt: Beat if -> Beat it

Gazlowe's ingredients should be powerups. They have no description.

Goggy codex: bank Orgrimmar -> bank of Orgrimmar

Berserk Wildkin ensnares targets with War Stomp?

Wind Serpent Flayer spends its time casting Spirit Touch.

Mur'guls are called Murlocs.

Game crash at the end of the sixth level, on crossing the barrier. Reloaded the game and it worked. Save early, save often, people!
Level 3
Nov 1, 2021
Hey Med. MapGuy first off I would like to congratulate you on this campaign!
1. I enjoyed every level's terrain.
2.The custom models you used for the units were also nice and I would like to ask where did you get the custom voice for Thrall?
3.This campaign is good but my one complain is that every next chapter it gets easier and easier and by the last chapter my heroes are so pumped that I
almost fell asleep while playing. First chapter was challenging but if I only up Rexxar and Rokhan's with only 1 spell and 1 attribute bonus it becomes very easy for them.
4.Rexxar's Beast Attack and Gorgotha's Razor Edge are a bit overpowered in the early levels especially if one of them has sobi mask they shred the enemies literally.
5.And Voljin's first ablity it's a bit complicated like you deal more damage and that damage transfers to you I didn't understand the combo you were going with Voljin. I just used shockwave and it was much simpler and much more effective.
6.Overrall 7.5/10 for me would have been 10 if every chapter was getting a lot more harder not easier.
Level 23
Dec 24, 2019
Well, I have not finished the campaign yet but I have I feel obliged to say a few things.

First of all, graphically it's delightful, as always, but this time you've done a really impressive job. I don't know how you do it, because it really looks like a professional job.

Regarding the gameplay, I must admit that it was too easy for me (playing in normal), I feel that my champions become very strong quickly and with a minimum of skill, missions are overcome without difficulty. Don't get me wrong, the missions are perfectly designed and feel very organic, but perhaps an extra point of difficulty is missing, although I say this in quotation marks, because there is a level of difficulty above and perhaps at that level things feel different .

At the level of customization, perhaps I would have liked to see more different skills, to see my three heroes from the beginning with more differentiated abilities from the original Warcraft 3. This does not detract from the merit or quality of the campaign, I simply comment it as a point that I would have liked.

As for the story, as I said about the missions, it is perfectly narrated and developed. The only point, as I said before, in my personal opinion I would have liked to see something more differentiated. I comment on this because the starting point of the campaign and the beginning is the same as the original campaign. Once again I repeat, it does not detract from value or quality, they are only personal tastes that I comment.

Having said all this, and without having completed the campaign yet, I must say that a 5/5 product. The work and effort behind this campaign is immense and for someone like me who tries to create minimally decent content, you are an inspiration.

I will not comment on any bugs because the few that I found have already reported them.

Level 26
Apr 6, 2010
Fifth level: Crimson War Golem isn't red in any way.

Seventh level:

And Regulkut isn't joining because...?

The really big walls are cool, but sometimes they get in the way and cause mouse clicks to go to the wrong place (on top of the invisible-from-that-side cliff since that what the game thinks the mouse is clicking on).

Apparently all War Stomps cause Ensnare, including Cairne and Doom guards.

Two codex items for Bazzalan, the one that's not near him is Taragaman's entry.

There's what seems to be a secret area on the SE edge of the map (break a rock chunk to get in, follow the floating lights) but it doesn't lead anywhere.

Neeru's taunt should be a message, I didn't even notice I was fighting him at first.

Ragefire Chasm codex is the Barrens one.

Elemental Tampering codex doesn't make sense. Why aren't they a threat?

Doomguard codex should be moved up, it can be hidden by mushrooms.

End cutscene: Game music keeps playing.

consert -> consort
recover. -> recover from.
outyling -> outlying
Oh Kristoff, you stupid, stupid man. If you could tell Garithos was an idiot, why are you sinking to his level?

Eighth level:

Nice getup, Rexxar.

Stash worked this time, I'll try with the other levels later.

There's a Tauren in the Stonemaul camp, is he supposed to be there?

Ogre unit tooltips are unchanged, and spearthrower hires are called Assassins.

Thank you, Groggu, you're very helpful.

Initial quest message says kill 15 dragons, the quest says kill 3 elders. Maybe word it as "kill the three elders".

Black dragons don't update the quest as you kill them.

Black dragons codex: breath -> breathe

Post-dragons cutscene: meet in a near one of -> ?

Are the hero names randomized, because Manadar the Healer, Flaming Sword Executioner, seems a bit unlikely.

When Jaina teleports away, several of the effects are centered on nothing (she got all her units killed because she's very bad at aiming Blizzard, Blizzard just sucks these days) while leaving her elementals behind.

Dustwallow codex: The former home of the ogres --> The ogres

Ninth level:

Loading screen: threat -> menace

Pained doesn't show up? Not much of a bodyguard.

Food should be higher, you start the game over cap.

Savefile has a description for a map called Gilneas.

... "magicmancer"? Really? Running low on inspiration there?

One of the Flaming Sword models (I think it's the horseman) has an issue where parts of its corpse stick to units that walk over them like an attachment sfx.

Theramore units have normal stats (420 HP footman, etc) compared to the half-HP Flaming Sword, is that normal?

There should be a ping on the open gates after the first part ends, I thought there was a missing trigger to open the side gates.

Some of the city wall doodads can be walked through.

Some of the enemies are just called Gnomes.

Tidesage still uses sorceress caster tooltip.

The true final boss was
very underwhelming. I mean, it's on her for showing up alone in the middle of a half a dozen angry people buffed to the gills and more summons than they know what to do with, but she doesn't even have 400 HP. I'm not sure her teleport effect had faded away before she was

Overall: Was quite good, though it didn't really break any new ground.

As I said before, Rexxar being the only one with lines (and even then, not that often) feels like a missed opportunity.

Regarding difficulty, it's mostly hell at first due to the respawns and slow growth. Afterwards the main difficulty is remembering to use abilities, and as levels go higher, to keep your regular units alive. Bosses tend to be quite easy because they use the same lowered stats as the heroes, so more often than not I won by having Gorgotha "the Green Buzzsaw" plow through them.

I was disappointed by the lack of original items, especially since the W3 campaign had so many to choose from that had active abilities. That, and they rarely feel like something you fought long and hard to get (I mean, I found Bladebane Armor in a crate, in the final level). Maybe you could have some kind of upgrade system to increase item abilities?

Relatedly, every shop selling the same items means there's very little reason to use them (or if you do want to buy mercs, you often can't because the food cap is too low). I bought one (1) crown of kings towards the end of the first level after saving up, and at the end of the game I was sitting on 25000 gold. Maybe have an item or ability (besides tomes) that improves by spending money on it?

NPC chatter was nice.

Some maps have big empty areas, such as the SE and SW corners of Dustwallow. They could be filled up since it gives the impression of missing content.

Codices were an interesting touch, but they don't really add much since there isn't much room for them. Maybe if they had a gameplay impact (say, find all the codices in a level, every hero gets extra health or upgrading an item).

For Gorgotha, I don't think Evasion is that good a spell, given that you'll always have Healing Wave around. Maybe give her Blink or Wind Walk which would mesh much better with her other abilities, I often found that she wasn't where she needed to be in a battle.

Rexxar's third ability I found lackluster, sometimes it didn't seem to trigger at all. Maybe replace it with a high-damage/debuffing single-target spell, those were lacking compared to the original's storm bolt/hex/drunken haze.

Over all, I'd give it 4.5/5.
Level 6
Oct 22, 2004
started it recently. having a great time with it. thank you!
only minor [and amusing] bug so far, as others remarked, that some critters randomly run away.

an awesome creative rpg campaign, kudos med map guy. welcome back.

p.s, love the easter eggs reference to your previous project adaptations ;)
Level 5
May 3, 2014
Hey Med.Mapguy
It's been a while since i played one of your many campaigns and I gotta say it's still very polished compared to other campaigns I've played so far
I played on the 1.27 version the campaign runs extremely smooth and without many bugs besides the enemies hilariously running away lol
So here's my review on my experience playing through the entire campaign
  • Damm the environment looks nice Rexxar and Misha looking fine as well
  • Misha is still very reliable and the stats system for Rexxar and the other heroes really surprise me
  • You're gonna have a hard time balancing both Razor Edge and Phantom Knives since they are both ridiculously OP skills even in early lvls
  • Gorgotha sadly doesn't have an Attribute Bonus
  • Gorgotha Razor Edge should lets her phased through units since using that skill and getting stuck in between your units kinda sucks and it's wasting her already minimal mana pool
  • I like the little mini dialogue and codex stuff as well it's a little bit of an in-game lore bonus for those who like to read as well
  • If you wanna keep Rexxar's Beast Attack skill you might wanna make it a targeted skill and the AOE is a bonus because the skill have a really weird hitbox for some reason
  • I got two Mishas for some reason on the Orge and Black Dragon lvls
  • You solved the orb effects problem by giving us too many orbs even though most of our heroes can hit air units already (I guess it's for Cairne lol)
Also, you should add some more items variety in both shops and the stuff that you can pick up along the way
- If you wanna solve the stash problem make use of the pack beast from FOD or give Misha inventory slots if possible
The campaign is amazing and that's all the bug I found that's kinda different from the other players above me
I wanna thank you again for the amazing campaign and I hoped to see you polished this campaign soon for another replay lol
Level 23
May 14, 2004
Thanks to everyone for playing! Your feedback goes a long way in improving this and future custom campaigns. I uploaded 1.04, which fixed a few things, one of the biggest being editing Gazlowe's quest so that acquiring ingredients for Gazlowe no longer takes an item slot in your inventory as they have been re-classified as power-ups. If there are issues with this change, don't hesitate to post about it. Also added some minor model fixes thanks to frostwhisper.

DarkSword123, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Some spells are admittedly OP, I never really found time to fine-tune the balance. I wish I could fix some of the other spell-related issues but sometimes it's beyond my skill level (I chose many of them mainly because they looked cool). Adding variety of items in shops was something I did consider but due to the very protracted dev time, I kinda skipped it. Anyway, thanks again for playing and the feedback!

On a side note, I spotted two Russian Let's Players playing through the campaign if anyone's interested!

Level 3
Jun 22, 2021
The campaign is good, I just finished it but as they have already told you before, the enemy units without faction do not attack, it seems that they have the AI of the animals around them, running if they are attacked, but even so I liked the concept of a handful of heroes against an army, keep it up. Psdt: use a translator, if you have errors forgive me.


Map Reviewer
Level 65
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Slagor's portrait is broken.
  2. Floating text messages should last longer. Some are hard to read as they fade quickly.
  3. Rexxar: "I don't abuse animals!". Also Rexxar: "Gold you say!? Here, you can have Misha too!".
  4. Head Hunting's quest icon is the same as Burning Shadow's.
  5. Enemy units sometimes just run crazy around the map when you attack them.
  6. Why is Oggoto with wolves around? The quest boar's portrait is bugged.
  7. Would be nice to mention what level range is required for quests since trying to fight the orange orcs isn't really easy on level 3.
  8. The Shaman's portrait is broken.
  9. Not all NPCs get an "!" sign when you have to get back to them to finish a quest. Neeru and the wolf rider didn't have one while the tauren woman had.
  10. Returning Gorky is a waste of time since there's no danger on the road. You can just send him solo.
  11. You get teleported out of the mines if Gorky reaches his dad even though the cave was shut. My Shaman wasn't moved from the mine though. He gets moved if you then step on the Zeppelin circle.
  12. You can't get back in the mine. Loading the game is needed before what I wrote above happened. I suggest you don't move the heroes permanently from where they were for each quest scene.
  13. Why does Gorky have Ensnare? Was he fishing or something?
  14. The mine timer doesn't really serve much purpose since there are no enemies or impediments along the way back.
  15. If you skip Gorky's quest completion scene, the camera doesn't move to that position but remains where you were looking.
  16. Finishing Draw them Out doesn't remove the "!" from Neeru. The ping over the warlock altar in the mine still appears.
  17. There was a Quilboar hitting a grunt in the southeastern camp. The grunt was idle.
  18. Meeting Burx south leaves him selected during cinematic mode.
  1. But mah shaman :(
  2. Razor Edge can get pretty OP if the hero gets stuck between the target and other units. The big scorpion fell in a few secs.
  3. Quest items should be runes/integers so they won't occupy inventory slots.
  4. Since when are Wildkins, Kobolds?
  5. Apparently, destroying an encampment means only units.
  6. In this chapter, you pretty much rule the field without any support units.
  7. Imps have broken portraits. Same: Skeleton Ogre.
  8. The Orc Warlock has magic attack type now rather than chaos as in the first map.
  9. Yarrog doesn't have hero glow. It can be simply added: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Also, he looks like Nartok. Same with Zureetha pertaining the glow.
  10. Enemy units other than neutral hostile should have bounty enabled since they give no experience anyway so killing them is not really useful.
  1. Gorgotha can learn level 2 Avatar on level 8.
  2. Zalazane escaped? When/how!?
  3. Vol'jin dies when he casts Thunder Rage. Also, this spell switches places with Shockwave after game load.
  4. Razor Edge, pretty much snipes any boss.
  5. Raptor and Darkspear Rider have the same icon.
  1. Nazgrel's icon is the same as for the other riders.
  2. One of the grunts that was fighting imps remained neutral after the imps were killed.
  3. Thrall starts with almost 0 mana when you get him.
  4. The part with the humans could have been an AoS type like in the original campaign vs. Daelin.
  1. Ah, by the way, Burx has no glow.
  2. Gazlowe has glow but he's not a hero.
  3. Goggy has no glow.
  1. Fel Orc Warlock has no portrait and is a unit with hero glow. That means it has a hero model with no decay animation, the body remaining on the ground.
  2. Taragaman has no glow.
  3. Lots of visual glitches with terrain transitioning to water.
  4. For a last boss, Neeru is really weak, not even a hero.
  1. All Stonemaul units have the same icon.
  2. So, I didn't quite catch it. Why is Rexxar looking different now?
  3. Ha-ha, this old tauren is still up for adventure.
  4. The Overseer and the big reptile rider have hero models (i.e. no decay animations) and hero glow.
  5. Thrall isn't invulnerable after you liberate the Stonemauls from the dragons.
  1. Ends like the Founding of Durotar except for the AoS part.
  2. Magicmancer has a hero model.
  3. Kristoff's super weak. Basically, the whole chapter you go through everything like through butter. Zmodlor even weaker since she's solo.
  4. No idea why I'm in the credits, lol.
A lovely immersive campaign about Rexxar and friends that isn't on par with the Founding of Durotar, not because of the lack of map to map transition but because of linearity and repetitiveness of gameplay.


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Level 2
Oct 1, 2017
Hello there , I got some issues at chapter 3 , when I killed Zalazane , quest is marked as completed , and got again quest "defeat Zalazane" , I'm currently use 1.29 version
Level 27
May 14, 2021
Hello there , I got some issues at chapter 3 , when I killed Zalazane , quest is marked as completed , and got again quest "defeat Zalazane" , I'm currently use 1.29 version
1.29+ can broke numerous things. As the map description said, this campaign's recommended version is 1.27. You can try that version if you are still having problems.
Level 23
May 14, 2004

Hello everyone, I've just released version 1.05, a minor patch which increases the life of all the campaign's major bosses, and a minor change here and there (See the full list in the version notes, I also really hope I didn't break anything). Anyway, we've almost reached 2,000 downloads. That's a real achievement in this day and age of Warcraft III custom campaigndom! Thanks for the support!
Level 2
Jul 1, 2017
Alright, let's talk about the pros and cons of this campaign.

Pros: I like how you kept the story based on the Founding of Durotar but still made some changes to it. Instead of fighting Admiral Proudmore and Kul'Tiras we're up against orc clans that have sided with The Burning Legion wich goal is to sabotage the Horde and Alliance.
The new spells that Rexxar and Rokhan got, are nice way of dealing with group of mobs.
Gorgotha as a new hero instead of Chen Stormstout is a nice addition to the squad. The only thing i wish you made different with her, is to interact more when it comes to dialog.

Cons: The mobs itself dont have much of hp thus are getting cleared by Razor Edge + Eruption combo.
The bosses like Zalazane and Kristoff have very little hp pool. For a boss fight i would expect them to have 2k + hp and fight being bit more intense.
The rewarding system is very poor. For killing Quillboar Fortress you get epic item but for defeating Zalazane you get an orb?
Also i would like if you added legendary or unique items to the campaign to make things bit more interesting.

Overall i enjoyed the campaign and i love how you put some of the World of Warcraft atmosphere to it.

Final score: 4/5
Level 26
Jun 20, 2013
I completed it yesterday, funny campaign, and good original ideas on the codex and other stuff.

I kinda find the item scaling restrictive in a bad way, i can understand that with heroes being able to max everything, the items could break the flow if overpowered. But there is some creative solutions to be done on this regard.

Like instead of having two or three incomplete archmage rings. Having a posibity to upgrade one to get the ring with the aura, or combining life regeneration ring, with sobi mask. Similar with orbs, from my play having slow orb/poison and lightning for the dispell/slow----> poison effects are handy on certain battles to gain the day. The Shaman claws are the only original orb, maybe adding a miniquest like Maiev Shadow Orb, to get a better version of the one on the store.

What was a problem on the last chapter where the models from the black legion, the Golem and some footmen variants, had shoulderpads and skirts attaching to the heroes models because weren't tested on the sanity tester, maybe if the models were updated, you can use the last version to remove these glitches. Having a bunch of streching flying shoulderpads while not crashed the game, was tiresome.
Level 5
Mar 25, 2022
Great campaign, I really enjoyed playing it and might replay it just to see if I missed anything, most of the bugs are already told by everyone, still there's a bug that I think is not mentioned here(I haven't read all the comments) :

In Dustwallow Marsh the Misha that I already have isn't the Misha that Rexxar spawns, therefore I could have two Mishas, one spawned by Rexxar's first ability and the other was with me since the start of the chapter(which helped me A LOT, imagine having to max level Mishas attack the same target)
Level 23
May 14, 2004
Thanks for everyone whose played so far! :smile: I made a quick update, this campaign is now v.1.06 - I've taken out the enemy handicaps for all the levels. Hopefully it gives the players more of a challenge. :witch_doc_sad: I've also added in new dialogue for Gorgotha. Hopefully it works and adds a bit more to the immersion to the experience.
Level 6
Nov 13, 2018
Thank you for this, I am really enjoying it from South Korea ! I wish there could be some kind of platform where users raise fund to support mapmakers to focus on mapmaking.
Level 12
Jun 22, 2020
Your campaigns have always been very beautiful, often overwhelmed with beauty.

On Normal difficulty the game is very easy + my problem with Resurrection Stones described here TAP .

If I have to rate from 1 to 10 how interesting the game was for me all the time - 5. The same can be said for Mathias Chronicles I and II (overwhelmed with items). I still can't analyze and systematize what exactly I'm missing in these 3 campaigns to give them 10/10, but in all three after the first 2 maximum 3 maps everything else goes unnoticed until the end and I often get the thought "discard this boredom". For all three campaigns, I made a little effort to play them to the end because they are not so boring that I drop them instantly.

For the work, for the skills, for the desire, for the time, for your love to Warcraft - 10/10 and a big Thank you. BUTtt ..... I'm sorry.
Last edited:
Level 19
Jul 26, 2008
Level 19
Jul 26, 2008
Some notes I wrote down

Fantastic setting of an errie night, i loved it, the human soldiers coming out of the fog was so creepy.

Rex says Barrens reminds him of the home he abandoned long ago, but i always thought it was his homeland/people who abandoned him cause he was half blood.
Rexxar having major dejavoo at having to deliver a message from a dying orc, he even says this was not unexpected 🙂.
There were fighting sounds about 13 seconds after i gained control of rex at start of mission, but couldnt see where the fight was.
The codex for the lore is awesome.
I like the tileset you are using for barrens, especially this custom gravel road.
I hope rejecting the vengeful huntress' offer brings some benefit, otherwise I rejected an extra playable hero for no reason :( .
The zeppelin quick travel was a great idea.
Im glad Rokhan is int hero, it never made sense for him to be agi in original.
I managed to lure the murlocs in the south west to attack the Orange Burning Blade base.
Neeru Fireblades' portrait is fantastic.
For some reason I have permanent vision of the mana fountain at the thunder lizzard place after visiting it (its been there for 20 mins, so its not a devoured quilbeast summon).
When it says return to Burx after killing the 3 razor chieftains, it pings Ommrigar city, even though Burx is still in the south base. For that same quest, it also in f9 did not record that i had completed Buyrx's part.
I saved Gorky, but before returning him I went into the cavern where you dont have rez stone (top right centaur mine). Even though Gorky went invisible (hidden unit i guess) he still followed my last command to go to his father, which triggered the cutscene for that quest end while I was still in the centaur mines, and took my heroes out of the mines, and i was not able to go back in.
When i finish the gorky quest, when i go to the zepplin teleport, it teleports the invulnerable orc kid. Actually, even cutscene teleports brings him along.
It did not ping Burx location for where to report to him on minimap when i was told by Neeru to report to Burx after retrieving that item from the centaur mine.

Will continue playing this later

General Points

I shocked at how well written this is. In a single map, there are so many plot points going on, so much dialogue and storyline. The story is being shown instead of told, example: based on final encounter with BB clan in the centaur mines, it's not told that the BB clan isnt behind the recent attacks, but it is shown by the way the warlocks are talking before Rexxar interrupts them. This is really superior storytelling, I love it.
Can't wait to continue this great campaign.
Just want to say Medmap, when I saw your name on the "Heart of Storms" mod, my heart sank, cause I think that project is a huge time sink that will steal all your free time away, and if given the choice, I would love to see more of your projects like this, instead of HoS.
Thanks to @Xetanth87 for making the tool that allows this to be played without worrying about different wc3 versions :)
Last edited: