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Behold my HighElven-ArchCleric/Archmage. These mighty elven units have long protected Silvermoon and the High Elves from those who would wish to destroy them or their faith in The Light. But when Arthas the Mad-prince ravaged their holy home, and their scource of power the Sunwell, these once proud defenders of Elfendom fell to their addiction for magic, and thus became Bloodelves.

I hope to make a hero version of this soon.

Give Credits if you use it and ask permission if you wish to edit.

Elf Arch Cleric Magician Wizard Mage

BloodElvenArchCleric (Model)

BloodElvenArchCleric (Model)

General Frank: (Approved) Works ingame and is a good execution.




General Frank:


Works ingame and is a good execution.
Level 8
Aug 25, 2007
Thats gr-r-r-reat! I think they're both good models, And I hope it gets approved soon!
Sorry to ruin the fun, Elenai. There are a few things I find to fault.

1. The hair looks a bit stupid. Its long up front and shorter in back. The two strands of hair over his shoulders looks a bit stupid.
2. The transition from the "tunic" (I prefer it to call it a dress due to accuracy) to the breastplate is a bit rough. Try to smooth that out.

Fix those you have 9/10.

Without, 7/10.

Good job. I will look foward for more models from you.

I guess it would be pretty simple to make this an Inu-Yasha model with the hair and ears.

The Swordsman you made was awesome with the transition. Personally, I think that the bottom edge of the breastplate needs to be a bit pushed back.

The hair is ok. It was late last night when I wrote the comment, I was too tired really for good judgement.

Correction on the Rating:

Level 4
Aug 19, 2004
Sweet model. With all these blood elf models popin up, maybe someone will add them as a race for an altered melee map.
Rating: 9/10
Level 3
Jan 9, 2012
wonderful work! but don't two think the staff anf the sword is a bit too much personlly I would perfer one weapon, but meh, there are people who disagree, so 10/10