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And yet another grunt. I tried as best I could to make a Black Tooth Grin Grunt, though there isn't much to go on. I figured since they're ex-Blackrocks that I should give them some armor that slightly resembled the Blackrock Grunts.
Well, hope you like it ;)
UPDATE: Fixed a few things with his weapon & portrait.
Thanks to Wowcraft for pointing it out ;-)

black tooth grin, grunt, orc, clan

BlackToothGrinGrunt (Model)

BlackToothGrinGrunt (Model)

16:12, 28th Mar 2009 BlinkBoy: the model needs a bit more of improvement on the armor. You should work out and polish the skin, perhaps remake the recolored areas and work-over in general. I would ask more in terms of originallity(like custom...
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Jul 17, 2017
I know it may be to late to tell you, but the Black Tooth Grins were much more feral than the other clans in their apparel, wearing nothing but the bear minimum and wearing many, many piercings and the like, across all over their bodies
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Nov 20, 2005
It's been 10 years. The model is for all intents and purposes finished. If you're asking if I'm going to incorporate the stuff the moderator asked for a decade ago the answer is no.
What it means "improve the skin"? Has it something to do with the file size(a bit high imo)?
I like all of your grunt models and they're one of the reasons behind my wc2 remake ideas. What about the Bleeding Hollow grunt? Is that good to go as well?
EDIT: ok, the bleeding hollow one is not yours. I see.

Shar Dundred

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May 6, 2009
Since Tauer has expressed no longer being interested in updating this resource & allows edits
of his work, I have taken the liberty of fixing the shoulder pad being stuck on other nearby
units when this unit dies.
I am also attaching an optional texture file without the black tooth for people who don't like it.

Give @Tauer full credit if you use any of this, I did nothing but small edits & a file size decrease.


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