Black Mage

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hello, this is a black mage model from final fantasy game series.
this was supposed to be used in my Final fantasy map but the project got trashed and this model never got used. anyway, i'm uploading in case anyone wants to use this.

~the head is now black. i didn't notice it was brown before because my pc's brightness level is very very low.

Another Update:
~added some more mesh to the main model and uploaded a portrait file. yay!
so can i has moderated?

black, mage, dark, pointy, hat

Black Mage (Model)

Black Mage (Model)

Frankster : Model works in-game and performs well. Approved.
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Oct 4, 2010
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Jun 15, 2006
Personally I'd like to see him tiny and chubby, just like ff9 vivi, but it is still pretty nice :)
Oh and I'm also not really a fan of that skull chain on his chest, because it adds an evil vibe and black mages aren't really evil beings to me :v
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Sep 14, 2007
Great model!
You could also make a non-Final Fantasy version; Give it a human head or something! The model looks tall enough(the actual black mages were really short, weren't they?), and the robes are brown anyways, so you could easily turn this black mage into a generic magician. :)

No just Vivi from FF9. There is all shapes and sizes, like humans. Also their clothes color varied.
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Aug 13, 2011
Oh, the nostalgia this makes me feel for Final Fantasy... Epic model, and awesome use of in-game textures. The only thing he's missing is a Stand Victory pose for all the battles he's going to win in peoples' maps :goblin_good_job:
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Oct 5, 2011
Hey guy , nice work. I'd like to know the name of the program , i want to make some models too. =D .
Very nice work man , tks .
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