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Black Law Hills 1.7.1

Submitted by yuvixadun
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Black Law Hills
a Castle Fight like map

v1.7.1 beta release

Worked on this map for a couple of weeks. This map is very similar to Castle Fight but with a different terrain and pathing. It's Castle Fight with a twist! Next to that I've based some elements on my other Thug of War map which is called Mush.
I would like to have some feedback on this map. Its pretty balanced if I say so myself, so check it out!

The objective of the map is to destroy the other player's castle. You do this by building buildings which spawn creeps automatically. These creeps don't need to be controlled, they will auto attack and auto cast all their abilities. Your task is to make the right choices at the right time.

You can react to your opponent by countering his unit's armor/weapon types (that way your units will have an advantage). Next to that all kind of abilities are there you can use/counter.

The objective is to let your units push the battle towards the castle of the other team and eventually destroy it.​

Players 2 - 8
Races Human/Orc/Undead/Night Elf/Northern/Naga/Fel Orc/Corrupt/High Elves (new!)

-matchX Sets the amount of matches played in this game. X stands for the number of matches, so -match3 will set 3 matches to play (who wins most will win the game).
-balance Balances the amount of players by adding computer AI's
-fillX Fills up till X amount of players with AI's, for instance -fill4 will fill up both sides up to 4 players/AI's
-pick Players can now pick a race at the start of the game
-sl Only one lane will be available for fighting
-ur Each race can only be picked once by one player in total.
-westX Adds X bots to the western forces
-eastX Adds X bots to the eastern forces
-events Random events during the game are enabled
-snow Environment is changed to a more snowy look
-lava Environment is changed to a more volcanic look
-fall Environment is changed to an autumn look
-leaf Environment is changed to a dark forest look
-skip Skips the remaining waiting time

NOTE: commands can be typed in together in one line; for instance
Code (Text):
-fill4 -sl -snow -skip
Will parse into a map where 8 players battle eachother over one lane with a snowy environment.​

Map Overview


Armor Table
Armor Type Light Medium Heavy Unarmored Hero Fortified Divine
Pierce 175% 100% 50% 100% 90% 50% 20%
Normal 50% 175% 100% 100% 90% 50% 20%
Magic 100% 50% 175% 100% 90% 50% 20%
Siege 75% 75% 75% 100% 65% 175% 20%
Chaos 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Hero 110% 110% 110% 110% 100% 60% 30%

Human Race

In Game Screenshot

v1.7.1 Hotfix
  • AI bots should now properly repair buildings that are damaged
  • Added a mechanical ability to the following units; Demolisher, Glaive Thrower, Infernal Machine and Ballista
  • Normalized repair time for all units; 45 seconds for buildings, 120 seconds for the Castle and 20 seconds for units
  • Fixed a bug with the repair animation of some builders
  • Added the -event command in the Game Info (F9)
v1.7 "Evening the Scales"
  • Added Random Events; these can be enabled by a new settings command
  • Added a new command: -events, enabled random events
  • Added a new command: -westX / -eastX, which adds X bots to the western/eastern forces
  • AI bots now choose to build on top of bottom lane and announce this in chat
  • Dummy system has been improved, cap is now dynamicly increased and dummy recycling is more efficient
  • Dummies should no longer be recycled to quickly causing graphical glitches
  • Added a small wait in between new rounds
  • Increased the damage from the Phoenix, Phoenix Fire will now deal 100 damage initially (up from 40) and 100 over 10 secs (up from 40 over 10 sec)
  • Decay animations for some Barren buildings are fixed
  • Solved some typo's in the Game Info (F9)
  • Added a SFX to builders being warped back to the Castle when they try to run off
  • Fixed a bug where Mortar Teams where unable to attack structures
  • Fixed a bug where Campfire provided lumber in return and increased income by too much
v1.6.1 Hotfix
  • Eastern builders should no longer be able to escape building area
  • Western builders should now path properly
  • Ghost now has its unit button on the proper position
  • Barren builder should now pick their special building properly
v1.6 "Fields of Strife"
  • Added new race: The Barren
  • Added a tab to the multiboard displaying amount of buildings destroyed
  • Ancient protector should once again be repairable
  • Solved a bug where AI didn't properly reset building priorities after a new round was started
  • Solved a bug where the additional spawn gained through Shrine of the Gods remained after the first round
  • Solved a rare bug where a player could get builders of two races
v1.5 "Arts of the Arcane"
  • Added new race: The High Elves
  • Added a new command: -leaf for a dark forest environment
  • Added a new command: -settings to view what game settings are enabled
  • Added two new items; Double Damage (doubles damage for 30 secs for all units) and Quad Damage (triples damage for 30 secs)
  • If no commands are entered during the first 20 seconds of the game, auto settings are picked (4vs4 with bots)
  • The Castle now also emits a control point aura
  • Scoreboard at the end of a round has been improved (way more stats!)
  • Blaster Staff cooldown to buy has been lowered
  • When single lane mode is enabled the trees added are now in line with the environment currently active
  • Nether Dragon has its graphics changed
  • Haunted Home has its heal ability removed (bug)
v1.4 "Autumn Harvest"
  • Multiple matches in one game is now possible!
  • Added a new command: -matchX where X stands for the number of matches to play in one game
  • Added a new command: -fall changes the environment to an autumn look
  • Added a new wins stat to the multiboard which keeps track of the amount of wins during a game
  • Demolisher should now once again attack structures
  • Overtake should no longer take over structures
  • Earthquake displays the proper buff now
  • All buildings now decay properly (those with a doodad model as base)
  • Lava environment looks better now
  • Autocasts with no target now display graphics properly
v1.3 "Heart of Corruption"
  • Added new race: The Corrupt
  • Added new command: -ur for making each race only pickable once
  • Added new command: -lava for a volcanic environment
  • Added 3 new items; Sacred Totem (provides map wide aura), Orb of Lightning (lets the carrier cast a powerful chain of lightning) and Scroll of Restoring (heals in an area of effect once)
  • Commands will now be able to used together in one line (for instance -sl -fill4 -skip can be typed at once)
  • Builders should now be selected by default at the game start
  • Solved a bug with picking a race when a player plays on the east side
  • Siege buildings should now provide proper income increase
  • Barricade health and armor buffed
  • Solved a bug with pick race not working properly in multiplayer
  • Defeat messages should no longer pop up in multiplayer
v1.2 "The Red Invasion"
  • Added new race: The Fel Orcs
  • Added new command: -pick for picking a race instead of random
  • Added new command: -snow for a snowy environment
  • Added a scoreboard at the end of the match with stats about the game
  • Added a new item: the blaster staff
  • Control points now provide a small aura that gives an attack speed bonus to the controller
  • Improved the assassins AI
  • Buildings that are destroyed no longer provide income
v1.1 "Dwellings of the Deep"
  • Added new race: The Naga
  • AI now builds towers
  • Ice Prison now is a legendary building (costs 1 food)
  • Damage of towers is increased greatly
  • An item is available to buy off the main castle
  • Fixed a dummy position bug
  • Mushroom's Frost Bolt and Corrosive Attack have new spell effects
  • Initial release

Map made by me (drol/yuvixadun)
I would like to thank Ken Plattel by helping with multiplayer testing.
Additional credits to GeX for GMSI and Vexorian for Map Optimizer.
No custom models or icons were used in this map


Castle Fight, Castle, Fight, Thug of War, drol, Mush, Battle, Warcraft 3, Warcraft III, Siege

Black Law Hills 1.7.1 (Map)

Date: 01:48:29 20-Nov-11 Map Moderator: -Kobas- Map Status: Rejected 1/5 Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message! Rejection Reasons: Map is simple copy of another map! Useful Links: The Important Site Rules. You can use...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The annoyance here is that it doesn't have the dialogue buttons of Mush and here the host has to learn the commands and type them quickly.
    Actually, there is quite an imbalance. For instance undead have no Normal attack damage, at least not from the start. Skeletons have that but a body is needed for it.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016