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<::::::::eek:ld Tree made by Trollschnitzel::::::::>

<-::Modelname: Baum ::->
<-::polys: 1404 ::->
<-::Textures: 1 (512x512) ::->
<-::Texturpath: baum.blp ::->
<-::Animations: come later ::->
<-::particles: - ::->

You can use this the way u want. At this moment it have no animations, but later I will animate it.

dead tree

Baum (Model)

Level 3
Aug 26, 2009
Can't get this model working. I imported it fine and fixed the pathing to baum.blp. Saved+exited then went back in and tried using the model and it still wouldn't work. So I used mdx pather to see if there was a screw up and there wasn't so I'm not screwing up while the model itself is for some unknown reason. EDIT.
Fixed it. the problem was that this model has no variations. If you use as an actual tree you need to set the variations to zero.