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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Here is my special mage.My second skin.Replaced and fixed!

BattleMageBetter (Texture)

THE_END: Mostly recolor and bad chainmail filtered




THE_END: Mostly recolor and bad chainmail filtered
Level 4
Aug 7, 2004
Don't try to make your screenshot stylish, just show your charakter from all sides, front, back, two sides.
That's all you need ;)
The skin really looks good, though.
Level 2
Jun 4, 2004
remove that nasty reference to nudity near her hips plz

Christ, he leaves one inch of flesh showing and you say that? Compare this to normal Jaina: do you wish Blizzard had covered her up completely? You want all your WC females wearing full plate mail? :p


The cape is just blurred too much in the wrong direction; it looks like it was blurred sideways. You don't really need that.

I don't like the trousers... just too many colours compared to the rest of the skin.

The shading on the shin part of the boots is off somewhat; it should be bright in the middle and dark at the edges. You need to exaggerate the difference in tone there as well.

Finally.... the chainmail is done fairly well, but you need to shade it. Darken it where it joins to the armour and under the breasts, and highlight on top of the breasts, the middle of the shoulder pads, and along the middle of the gloves.

Much better effort than ninety-nine percent of first and second skins on this site.... :)

Oh, and on taking screenshots in WE: turn off lighting, doodads, and set terrain to hidden (View->Terrain->Hidden).
Level 2
Apr 4, 2004
i think defiant is a new workskull, except not... a bastard... geeze at least hes nice about his point