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Battle of Shadows restoration project... NEED TRIGGERERS

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Level 10
Jun 7, 2008
I finally admit defeat. I cannot finish all the triggers myself, just not used to modelling triggers from external games. This ain't going to be an easy role.

OK... so WTF am I babbling on about?
I need triggerers for our map 'Battle of Shadows'. Its a remake of a game that folded up some time ago, called Darkness and Light or Battle of Shadows in the US. Read the wiki article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkness_and_Light_(video_game)

Sadly, it shut down, and now we're rebuilding it, one trigger at a time.
Anyone who can handle a decent trigger is needed.
At the moment, terraining is done and just got all the images we need. Got myself an old veteran from the old game to be my community manager.

STAFF (contact on live messenger): please mail/message me if interested

Project Lead: SilverLeaf ([email protected] JUST MAIL/PM ME)
Community Manager: AngelicPaladin (MAIL [email protected] to be added to his 'secret' msn :smile:)

Head Triggerer: OPEN (need someone skilled to take this)
Backup Triggerer: OPEN (anyone who can craft a decent trigger or take the time to read the guide can apply)
Resource Digger: OPEN (know nuts about triggering? We still want you. Look for models whatever)
Modeller: OPEN (can do without one, just need a resource digger instead then)

OK now more about the map. This is not an ordinary AOS dota ripoff. This is modelled after a dead game. It works in many ways like dota, in many ways not. Items can be bought from the entire map. Heroes work totally differently. There are 4 game modes instead of only one (at the moment its just one for alpha release though, but I chose one that looks as different from DotA as possible). At the end of a timer a boss spawns for each side. Kill the other to win. They go head to head, slowly but powerfully :cute: Anyway, more buildings you kill, more they are upgraded.
Need someone to do a save code for lumber. This is going to retain the original game's MMORTS setting. Lumber awarded for different stuff. Use that to buy special items. Of course, being warcraft, you can choose to use old codes... but then theres the rank system to be put in (in place of food, that gives special bonuses of their own...)
And lastly, destroyed buildings do not continue spawning.

Thank you. Any help appreciated.
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