Battle of Ezkaton [Altered Melee]

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Mar 15, 2007
Battle of Ezkaton
by SerenityInFire

The Earth has become a barren wasteland. Scarred by man's wars, most life has died upon a skeletal world of dust storms and dried riverbeds. And even in this desperate state, the war machines of what's left of humanity still churn, pressing on towards one final savage battle to control what's left of this dying world. Four factions collide, but only one will remain.

The gameplay follows very much like a standard melee game, but with many significant gameplay and balance changes. A complete list of features will be here shortly, but here's what I've got so far:

I. Four new factions replacing the original Warcraft III races
  • Human ==> Kingdom of Frostwind
  • Orc ==> Black Guard Marauders
  • Undead ==> Nightshade Vampires
  • Night Elf ==> Elven Imperial Legion
II. Entirely new units, upgrades and abilities in a completely revamped tech tree
III. Lumber has been replaced by Ore which must be harvested from ore deposits around the map
IV. Decreased resource costs and build/research times for faster gameplay
V. Unlike standard Warcraft III melee, defense structures have a purpose, and if you lose a battle, you are still able to mount a defense - no more "one and done" type games.
VI. Unit types are infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege and spell caster, each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to one another.
VII. No heroes.
VIII. -zo (zoomout) and -zi (zoomin) commands to pull the camera back and reset it to the default game camera.

I. Maphost (Player 1, Red) is the game admin and will choose the game mode as well as dealing with rowdy players.
II. Game modes including 2v2v2v2v2, FFA and others. Current default game mode is 5v5 top versus bottom.


Swordsman - Tier 1 basic infantry unit.
Pikeman - Tier 1 anti cavalry infantry unit.
Crusader - Tier 3 heavy infantry unit.

Long Bow - Tier 1 basic ranged unit.

Scout Cavalry - Tier 1 light cavalry unit. Can be upgraded to have true sight.
Knight - Tier 2 heavy cavalry unit.
Paladin - Tier 3 heavy cavalry unit.

Siege Ram - Tier 2 siege unit. Very slow, and must be protected, but virtually impervious to ranged attacks.
Bolt Thrower - A heavy anti-infantry unit.
Devastator - A very large, very powerful but very slow catapult with an incredibly long range, but very susceptible to damage and must be protected.

Monk - Tier 2 spell caster.
Conjurer - Tier 3 spell caster.

Artisan - Basic Worker unit. Harvests Gold and Ore as well as constructing buildings.
Soldier - Tier 1 infantry melee combat unit. Upgrades to Storm Trooper.
Spearman - Tier 1 anti-cavalry infantry.
Marauder - Tier 3 heavy infantry unit.
Storm Trooper - Tier 3 upgrade of Soldier.

Marksman - Tier 1 ranged unit.

Cavalier - Tier 2 heavy cavalry unit. Great at running down ranged units and workers.

Catapult - Tier 2 siege weapon. Great against buildings and clusters of units, but must be protected.
Demolisher - Tier 3 siege golem. Very effective in groups against buildings and ranged units.
Bomber - Tier 3 sapper. Very effective against buildings and clusters of units, but is easily killed and can kill friendly units with explosion.

Mystic - Tier 2 spell caster.
Rogue Wizard - Tier 3 mounted spell caster.

Stronghold - Town hall/resource drop off point. Produces Artisans and allows you to advance to the next Tech level (Tier).
Barracks - Produces Soldiers, Spearmen, Marksmen, Cavaliers, Marauders and Storm Troopers. Provides several upgrades for units produced here.
Forge - Provides upgrades for Infantry, Ranged Units and Cavalry.
Smelter - Ore drop off point. Provides several upgrades for ore collection and buildings.
Factory - Produces Catapults, Demolishers and Bombers, as well as providing several upgrades for them.
Laboratory - Provides many useful upgrades for units and buildings.
Spell Tower - Produces Mystics and Rogue Wizards as well as providing upgrades for them.
Outpost - A tower with a very large line of sight and no attack. Can be upgraded to have true sight.
Sentry Tower - Basic arrow shooting defense tower.
Fury Crystal - A large crystal structure that increases nearby friendly units' attack and move speed.

Blade Runner - Tier 1 vampire infantry. Can be upgraded to have life steal.

War Hound - Tier 2 cavalry unit. Low damage, but very fast with a fast attack speed for specializing in killing ranged units and workers.
Phantom Rider - Tier 2 cavalry unit. Especially skilled against ranged units, but is still good against all other units. Can be upgraded to have life steal and a cold attack.
War Mammoth - Tier 3 heavy cavalry unit with trample (cleaving attack).

Legionarie - Tier 1 infantry melee combat unit.
Pikeman - Tier 1 anti-cavalry infantry.

Archer - Tier 1 ranged unit.
Assassin - Tier 3 ranged stealth unit.

Outrider - Tier 2 heavy cavalry unit. Great at running down ranged units and workers.
Cataphract - Tier 3 heavy cavalry unit. Slow attack, but very high hp and defense.

Ballista - Tier 2 siege weapon. Light anti-infantry artillery.

Wizard - Tier 2 spell caster.
Archon - Tier 3 armored spell caster that is adept at combat.

More info and screenshots coming soon!

Updated: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - Much more info on units for all four factions.
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Level 7
Mar 15, 2007
Bump. Added much more info about units for each faction.

Current faction progress so far:

Units: 13
Buildings: 9
Upgrades: 13
Black Guard
Units: 11 + 2 special (1 upgrade, 1 summon)
Buildings: 10
Upgrades: 17
Units: 4
Buildings: 0
Upgrades: 0
Units: 9
Buildings: 0
Upgrades: 0
Level 7
Mar 15, 2007
Just another update:
I'm letting up a bit on working on the factions as I'm working on the terrain right now. I have all the gold mines set up, but I'm still working on balancing ore distribution, and then I'll probably have all the factions pretty much finished once I'm done terraining.

Here's a sneak peak so far (not much, a little plain looking, but I'm proud none the less!)

I almost forgot, there are two models I'd like to have made:
A hand cannoneer and a cavalry archer. More info here:


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