Battle for Lordaeron 4.2

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Battle for Lordaeron 4.2

Choose one of four races. Harvest lumber and earn gold to build buildings and research upgrades. Your units spawn and attack enemies automatically. If someone destroys your main building, you will lose.

Suggested players: 2 or 4.

Patch Notes:
- All Heroes have got an additional ability.
- Upgrading towers now gives them less attack damage.
- Upgrading towers' armor now gives them less armor.
- Some upgrades cost more now.
- Some abilities of the Eye of God were weakened.
- Units' stats edits.
- Buildings' armor edits.
- Buildings' build time edits.
- Buildings' description edits.
- Hotkey edits.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

This map supports AI.
If you find any bugs or have any ideas, leave a comment. I need your feedback.

Battle for Lordaeron 4.2 (Map)

Too bad races are fixed. You should let players decide which faction they should play with. Also, you can't choose another colour. Not sure what the middle zone's purpose is since there are mostly if not integrally human units and buildings there...


Map Reviewer
Level 53
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Too bad races are fixed. You should let players decide which faction they should play with. Also, you can't choose another colour.
  2. Not sure what the middle zone's purpose is since there are mostly if not integrally human units and buildings there which only blend in with the human player. Maybe, neutral hostile and/or campaign units from all factions instead?
  3. House of Magic and Anti-magic have the same icon. The buildings also look alike. Either another model from the game or a custom one. Well, it has another colour after being built. You could then change the hue of the icon with these:
    Button Manager v1.8.2
    BLP Lab v0.5.0
  4. Why not make a way to just convert a percentage of a resource type to another instead of having to wait for the 100 as the limit? It's problematic because you buy 300 gold and then remain out of lumber for a while. This makes things go slower.
  5. Maybe you should find a proper model for the leader since it's a blue RGB unit and doesn't look really nice among the others.
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Daffa the Mage
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
With the name of this map I think in the future you ought to make a new version with the Eastern Kingdoms/Lordaeron map as the setting. This would be much more epic than a completely symmetrical square map. Just a suggestion.. not here to criticize
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Well, you don't have to use the entire continent. Just a more lore and terrain-pleasing setting.
Level 8
Dec 31, 2016
Your map has a great concept but very poor design. And by desing I mean balance mainly. Let me explain.
We played this game 3 times and very quickly found out that the only reasonable strategy is to surround your base with towers, because they are insanely op, so building any units is just feeding your opponents.
Then you buy "eye of god" (I think that's its name) and save money for enough mana to spam hammers onto enemy's main buidling until you destroy it. This basically means that whoever starts to spam hammers first wil lose, because he will be targeted by the other players who didn't attack first.

I hope you will look at this and adjust the game, because now its pretty much unplayable if you know what to do.
Level 2
Feb 3, 2019
Alright, I'll nerf the towers. But I don't actually know what to do with the Eye of God. I mean, throwing hammers costs a lot, and it really helps when everyone's fully upgraded. Yes, I can make the main building spell immune, but I'm not sure if I should.
Level 8
Dec 31, 2016
if you think making the main building spell immune is a bad idea, you can for example decrease the max mana of the eye of god so that people cannot save enough mana to insta destroy main buidling.

Other viable decision could be to increase cooldown of hammers so that it cannot be spammed. Or you can limit the amount of uses of the hammers. There are many posibilities, but it seriously needs some adjustment.