Battle for Azeroth Campaign

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  • Welcome to the Battle for Azeroth custom campaign where you can recreate "The Burning of Teldrassil" and "Battle for Lordaeron" with unique abilities, items and units!

  • Chapter 1: "Burning of Teldrassil" Under the command of warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, you will conquer Teldrassil by annihilating all the night elves that stand in your way to resurrect them from the dead.
  • v0.9.1
This map will have 3 difficulties: "Easy", "Normal", "Insane". As the difficulty increases, you will find more personalized enemy units.

  • Chapter 2: "Battle for Lordaeron" You will have the objective of reclaiming Lordaeron for the Alliance and taking revenge for the lives lost in Teldrassil. Where you will meet different missions and heroes throughout the reconquest of Lordaeron that will help you defend your Outpost and overthrow the Banshee Queen.
  • v0.9.3

This map will have 4 difficulties: "Easy", "Normal", "Insane", "Mythic". As the difficulty increases, you will find more personalized enemy units.

  • It is recommended to play with the graphics in Reforged to avoid visual errors.

About me: I am Faqka, a new member of this Wc3 community and this is one of my first maps that I have been working on for several months. You will surely find various bugs that I couldn't catch due to my lack of experience creating maps or triggers that aren't as efficient as they could be. I want to thank several people who inspired me to create this campaign like Keeper Axen and Mystic Necro, because without my inspiration this campaign start would never have been possible.

(As time goes by I will try to solve the Problems and Bugs that may arise. To be able to make the Cinematics with the gameplay and stability of the map already polished). The future of the next chapters will depend on you, the players.

Models Used:
LRAC: Abaddon
Hayate: Banshee Rider
kangyun: Battle for Azeroth - Sylvanas
Vinz: Daemonic Arrow, Blizzard 2, Death Nova, Void Disc, Void Rain
Sellenisko: DarkVal'kyrSvH, PaleVal'kyrSvH
LazZ: Focused attacks
Traggey: Headless Horseman
BardBord: Jaina, Daughter of the sea (WoW)
Retera: SD Sylvanas Banshee in Reforged Style
Nortuega: Soulrender Dormazain, Kyrian Maw, Stygian Giant
Zaffar: Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen
LordGandulfo88: Tichondrius (Icon)

Faqka :infl_thumbs_up:

Battle for Lordaeron (Map)

Burning Teldrassil (Map)

Level 4
Apr 29, 2020
Patch Notes: Battle for Lordaeron v0.9.2

Bug Fixed:
  • The prisoners did not come out correctly.
  • Visual effects with rain.
  • Fire effects around Varimathras.
  • Jaina Skill Effects.
  • Sylvanas Skill Effects.
  • Azaloth wasn't using his full set of abilities.
  • Dialogue of Jaina when meeting her.
  • General Marcus Jonathan was missing when he destroyed the Dragonhawk Nest.
  • New mobs on Insane difficulty or higher.
  • Azaloth's max health is now 5000 in Insane and 6000 in Mythic.
  • Domatrax max health changed to 8000 health in Mythic.
  • Tichondrius max health changed to 4725 health on Mythic.
  • Shadow Dagger skill damage increased by 15 points for all difficulties.
  • New ability for Naze the Eternal: Finger of Death on all difficulties.
  • Added 1 Archer to Bastion attack waves on all difficulties.
  • Added in the last attack wave: 1 Meat Wagon, 2 Necromancers, 3 Fire Skeletons, 2 Skeleton Warriors, 3 Skeleton Archers on Normal difficulty or higher.
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Level 4
Apr 29, 2020
Patch Notes: Battle for Lordaeron v0.9.3

NEW ENEMY UNIT: Elite Jailer!

  • Abilities: Critical Hit, Defense and Ensnare.
  • 1100 Health.
  • 41 Normal Damage. (Does not include tech tree upgrades).
  • 4 Heavy Defense. (Does not include tech tree upgrades).
(This unit will only be in Lordaeron on Insane and Mythic difficulty).


  • Added 2 Archers and 1 Swordsman in Lordaeron's Blood Elf Attack on all difficulties.
  • Added 3 Apothecaries in Lordaeron's undead attack wave on all difficulties.
  • Reduced undead wave attack time from 200 to 190 seconds on all difficulties.
  • Increased blood elf wave time from Lordaeron from 135 to 145 seconds on all difficulties.
  • Greater Arcane Golem attack time reduced from 515 to 400 seconds on all difficulties.
  • Terrorguard attack time reduced from 480 to 450 seconds on all difficulties.
  • Gargoyles will go from 410 to 450 health on all difficulties.
  • Tichondrius will no longer learn Carrion Swarm level 3 on Insane difficulty.
  • One of Lordaeron's attack waves went from 1 Terrorguard and 2 Dark Rangers to 5 Dark Rangers on Mythic difficulty.
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Level 4
Apr 29, 2020
Patch Notes: Burning of Teldrassil v0.9.1

Bug Fixed:

  • Errors of the Fallen Val'Kyr unit.
  • Description of Skyja's "Call of the Val'Kyr" ability.
  • Updated model of the Fallen Val'Kyr.
  • Tichondrius' dialogue on Sylvanas was removed.(Sylvanas had been planned to be a playable character).
  • Fire effects trigger not activated on Darnassus.
  • Visual bug on Sylvanas' "Wailing Arrow" ability.
  • Increased health on Fallen Val'Kyr unit from 1000 to 1080.
  • Sylvanas' "Edge of the Night" ability was reduced from Level 3 to Level 2 on insane difficulty.
  • Sylvanas' "Shadow Dagger" ability reduced from Level 3 to Level 2 on Insane difficulty.
  • Tichondrius will drop an extra item "Tome of Monstrous Constructions" on insane difficulty.
  • The Moon Priestess will drop an extra item "Sylvanas Necklace" on normal difficulty or higher.
  • Skyja starts with the item "Oath of the Nine" on Insane difficulty.
  • Kyra will receive the item "Moriaz's Spare Targe" once you have faced the General of the Sentinels in all difficulties.
  • Signe will receive the item "Maledict Opus" once you have faced the Guardian of the Grove that replaces the sobi mask in all difficulties. (Belonging to the Druids of the Talon).
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