Azeroth ORPG Winterspring

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Hero Races & info:
You can load a character from Azeroth ORPG - Ashenvale or Un'Goro Crater into this map. You can also start a new character.
If you start a new character make sure to enter the clearly marked area to receive the "level 10 boost".
This map is a team game and you can't complete everything alone. Maximum hero level is 50.
Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, Undead and Tauren.

There are 21 different spell books (classes) at the moment and they all use level 4 spells.
When you learn a spellbook you unlearn all known spells. So you can respecc as many times as you like (but cost 1 honor).
(1): Warrior, Berserker, Death Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Frost Knight, Hunter, Blood Knight, Warden and Crusader.
(1): Strength and Agility builds. Spells cost low mana and are melee ranged. All classes are unique.
(2): Priest, Shaman, Druid, Demonologists, Necromancer, Lightning Mage, Fire Mage, Water Mage, Poison Mage and Frost Mage. (you can learn Ranger if you have bow)
(2): Intelligence and hybrid builds. Spells cost lots of mana and have low cooldown. All classes are unique
The last open spell slot is for Tier 1+ weapon items. Which gives you a hotkey (F) ability.

There are more than 50 quests in this game. Some of them are chain quests which you get reward in your bank box upon complete.
Sometimes you must run back to chain starter to start the next quest after you have completed one.
To read quests click on the (Quests F9) button above your hero icon in the upper left corner.

In Winterspring you can do chain quests to increase reputation with different factions. You start as "Friendly" with Timbermaw Hold.
And when you do more quests you gain reputation and become "Honored" with the faction. When you are "Honored" a Quartermaster will show up in Timbermaw Hold that sell a mount.
If you continue the chain quest (collecting spirit beads) you get "Revered" with Timbermaw Hold. And the Quartermaster will sell new and more items.
If you do the final quest you get "Exalted" and the Quartermaster will sell very good items. Timbermaw Hold and Starfall Village are the only factions at the moment.

-save & -load
You can save and load your character in this map, you can save and load a character from "Azeroth ORPG Ashenvale and Un'Goro Crater" into this map.
Your credits (gold) and honor points (lumber) will not be saved. Neither items in your bank box or those carried by your pack wolf.
Only your hero level and items on hero will be saved.

There are 2 dungeons in this map. Darkwhisper Gorge and Mazthoril. They are both tested carefully and are very hard.
Boss fights are more interesting in this map then Ashenvale as they have more triggered spells.
Darkwhisper Gorge contain the 2 bosses Demon Prince and Doom Emperor. (3 bosses with the timbermaw questline finale)
Mazthoril contain the 3 bosses Manaclaw, General Colbatann and Scryer. You get quests for the dungeons at the entrance.

Hero Upgrade and "secret" heroes:
There are mobs in this map that can drop "Hero Upgrades" (best chance in dungeons). If the "upgrade" item drop make sure you put all your items on the ground before pick up.
When the upgrade hero item is picked up your hero will be removed and a new will be created in your town. The hero will start at level 1. The hero will have its name in purple instead of blue and will have +10 increase in all stats.
There are also some "secret" heroes implanted in the game. They are extremely rare and the only difference is the race. Example on unlockable/hidden/secret races are: Ramkahen, Moonkin, Goblin, Pandaren +++

There are over 700 items in this game.
Item models are actually attached to the hero.
You can only carry weapon in inventory slot 1 (upper left)
You can only carry shield/off hand in inv slot 2 (upper right)
Pack wolf can not pick up spells.
Green items: are common items
Blue items: are uncommon items
Purple items: are epic items
Orange items: are legendary items, but do they even exist? ;)
Tier items: Some endgame items dropped by bosses are ranked with "Tier" and are very hard to get.
Plan items: You can combine item ingredients (you get ingredients from quests and some mobs) using plans. What items you need to combine the upgraded item is described in the plan.
Mount items: there are both ground and flying mounts in this game and they can attack.

Rare Spawns:
There are 10 different rare spawn bosses at the moment. I will add way more. The bosses spawn on different locations for a limited time before they despawn.
This happens from time to time. The rare spawns bosses are level 15 and up to 50. And some are more rare than others. There are lots of Elites in this map to.

Skins and models that are used in this map have been downloaded from the hiveworkshop. And are made by Sunchips, Kitabatake, General Frank, Blood Raven, Gluma, perfjert, Forgotten_Warlord,
paladinjst, Epimetheus, FrIky, Just_Spectating, UmbraUnda, TDR, Mc!, The Panda, JollyD, LiOneSS, NFWar, Marcos DAB, PeeKay, UgoUgo, Solu9, morbent, Hellx-Magnus, The D3ath and deepstrasz.
Send me a message if I left someone out.

There is no world pvp in this map. But I have created a pvp arena

Project Notes:
Un'Goro Crater beta tests have been handed out. Full version will soon be released.
Soon I will make update on all 3 (currently) maps :)

Azeroth ORPG* Winterspring (Map)

Avoid playing music through the sound channel and use the music one. Hmm, item types need to be specifically placed in their inventory slots otherwise you can get a message saying that you cannot equip more than one Off-Hand while having an Other item...
Level 7
Jun 29, 2004
Full version 1.0 of Winterspring is here!
Been working extremely hard the last days to finish this. And I made a big item update for Ashenvale (and bug fixes) Forget about the Winterspring beta. This full version takes the map to a whole new level with Mazthoril and a very hard group event. I have increased drop chance on all bosses (including T1 & T2 drops) , created about 70 new items since beta version 0.9
If you are one of the Veterans from Ashenvale and beta tester of Winterspring you will love this big update. You should try Mazthoril right away. If you have done Mazthoril and Darkwhisper Gorge a few times.
And feel ready for a new challenge, try to solve the "Elder Frost Lord" riddle (need 6 players). It is the hardest event at the moment. Waves of armies will invade Everlook includining 6 bosses.
Don't start this event however unless you are very well geared and have a team that is very good geared. Or it can really mess up the whole game if you can't handle it as they invade town :)


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
Avoid playing music through the sound channel and use the music one.
Hmm, item types need to be specifically placed in their inventory slots otherwise you can get a message saying that you cannot equip more than one Off-Hand while having an Other item type on the Off-Hand slot.
The Holy Spirit remains after changing the class type. So does the Aspect of Neptulon.
Aspect of Neptulon's passive ability could have a PASBTN. You can use this program to edit it into one: Button Manager v1.8.2
Many mage spells are similar to each other with some differences. Actually many classes have similarities/copycat spells (example: Army of the Dead on the Necromancer and Death Knight; little difference).
Execution's icon=Blood Strike's. You can change the colour of it like you did for Blood Presence, Frost Presence etc.
Spirit Beast's Cleaving Attack icon does not look like a passive's.
Wardance needs those yellow autocast borders. Use the above mentioned program to edit the icon if you will. The spell is placed above its normal position when the autocast is on and gets back when autocast is off.

The overall system is quite impressive. The real good stuff is that you can change your class/spells anytime you want in case you get bored or something (you need honour points though; might want to change that).
However the terrain is well made to give the aspect of a open world. It is nice but just that.
There are many quests and even PvP.

Overall, it's a really nice map and not just WoW fans would surely like it.
Set to Approved.
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A credits list is required where the names of the resource (models, skins, icons, spells, sound etc.) authors are mentioned along with the specific resource. It would be a luxury to have links leading to the used resources. Credits in the Quest Log would be appreciated.

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Level 7
Jun 29, 2004
Thanks for the best review I have received yet on hive, on any map deepstrasz :)

1. I will fix that :)
2. The only items that is "bound to slots" are the weapon (inventory slot 1, upper left) and the off-hand/shield (slot 2, upper right).
So you can only carry one weapon and one off hand. The other 4 slots are free, actually all 6 slots are free but its best to have a weapon.
You can have 6 helmets or 6 armors (*passives will not stack) but you can't have more than 1 weapon or more than 1 off hand.
3. I know, but don't really see it as a problem hehe ;)
4. Thanks for link, much appreciated. I will change the icons you mentioned. And change wardance button position.
5. Yes some spells are based from the same spells, and the "skeleton army" is a direct copy of "army of the dead". Only difference is zombies/skeletons.
I will make more diversity on certain spells.
6. Thanks, it used to cost 10 gold to respecc in beta version. But most of the testers wanted me to change it to honor :p
One of the reasons is that when you respecc all the cooldowns on spells will reset as you unlearn and learn new spells (dont know how to change that).
So some clever testers managed to use it for what it was worth and actually solo's the entire "Darkwhisper Gorge" dungeon lol, by gathering lots of books (mage book with % damage) at the gate
and just threw out the ultimate % dmg spell, respecced and repeated the prossess lol (long cd on %dmg spells). So the 1 honor is a good way to prevent that from happening hehe.
If you use all your honor on respecc you may miss out on some vendor items upgrades (that cost honor). But on the other hand there is plenty of honor.
You gain honor by doing quests and there are lots of quests. So the more you kill and proceed the more you can respecc and buy items ;)


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
You can have 6 helmets or 6 armors
That's not really good. Better leave that for the backpack. I mean a helmet might be better than some gloves and you can have one instead of said glove, right?
Yes some spells are based from the same spells, and the "skeleton army" is a direct copy of "army of the dead". Only difference is zombies/skeletons.
I will make more diversity on certain spells.
Sure. Why not make the zombies explode or something. Diversity is what makes life interesting.
So the 1 honor is a good way to prevent that from happening hehe.
Or, make a trigger that you can only change your class after some time.
Level 7
Jun 29, 2004
You only need one helmet because helmets, weapons, armor, off hand give *Passive abilities. The passives don't stack. The reason you want a helmet is for the 20% mana regen and 20% life regen mainly, so you want the 1 helmet, 1 armor, 1 weapon, 1 off hand and so one for the passives :p
If I have 2 helmets with 650 life, 20% life regen, 20% mana regen and 2 amulets with 650 life, +15 damage, +10 armor and could only keep 2 items. I would go for one of each..
And there are so many unique items that provide small abilities like potions, mounts, other summons, spells++.. So I dont want to much "bound to slots".
Anyway the more choices people get its better the way I see it. I like that people can customize items, race, class for themselves. If you try Ashenvale you understand what I mean when it comes to "spells". Allthough it did not work out because of time issue. So I created this system instead. I would have turned 100 years old before it would be complete. The main stats are usually lower than trinkets, rings ++ (on f.example helmets) Don't see the problems at all with the 1 honor cost. I will update the credits list as there are some that have not received credits for icons, skins, models. I will put out a big update in next version together with release of Un'Goro beta.
Last edited:
Level 7
Jun 29, 2004
Big update to make ready for Un'Goro Crater beta.
- New item abilities
- Fixed the sound
- Lots of new items (including summoner staff)
- If you have a bow, a vendor spawns in town that sell the "Ranger" book
- New quests
- New command, choose your team color
- Lots of small changes

I have not made much icon changes on spells yet.
Level 3
Apr 16, 2018
May be nice map. Especially thanks for having necromancer and Blood knight. But there is no growth/development of the heroes step by step getting stronger. 3/5