Avery Moltenstein

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My finished entry for Modeling Contest #26 - Steampunk

please note that i will NOT be changing anything with regards to MESH and ANIMATIONS. they are both final and i don't plan to change them no matter what.

I am willing to take suggestions and changes for the effects.

might as well pop this hunka junk here since Pvt.Toma already uploaded his entry. i don't see any reasons why i shouldn't share it to you adorable hive members till the end of the contest.

steampunk, metal, furnace, steam, mustache, gentleman, monocle, pipe, jolly, good

Avery Moltenstein (Model)

15:52, 6th Aug 2014 MiniMage: Contest is finally over, so approved.




15:52, 6th Aug 2014
MiniMage: Contest is finally over, so approved.
Level 4
Oct 26, 2013
This model is everything what's best in steampunk aesthetics - there are cogs, there is steam, there is royal feeling and there is a pipe. Absolutely amazing work, I can imagine Herr Moltenstein with this German accent, slashing through enemies and smoking his pipe. 6/5 voting for DC.
Level 57
Jan 20, 2010
Everything is awesome, until its death animation played.. :(

It looks so lazily made, that I have to make the unit as an Invulnerable boss. (Ones that cannot die)

4/5 Until Death Animation is made better.

there is a reason i did not keep the death animation. before, it has pieces falling as it explode but it made the model crash in world editor so i decided to just dump the idea and keep the particles.


Arena Moderator
Level 36
Jul 29, 2008
While I agree this is awexome, I kinda wish contestants would avoid putting up their model to the resource section before at least the end of the deadline. :<

That being said, this is an EXCELLENT model with IMPOSSIBLE levels of TESTOSTERONE. I mean STEAMPUNK. Everyone's pretty much laid down the superlatives, so I'll just submit one little possible tweak...
- The smoke coming out of his pipe & smokestack really seems somewhat... rushed? Ah dannae, but perhaps smoothing out the creation of the clouds & slowing it down a bit, so the clouds lazily rush out ("lazily rush"?? is that even possible...). That, or coming out in big belching black clouds periodically (so "BELCH - humhumhum - BELCH BELCH - humhumhum...")

Super cool, man.
It could glow. You know, that kind of glow that fades alittle from time to time.
:"add-alpha" half-transparent layer above the normal coal texture:

well.. here's the reason why contest models shouldn't be posted while the contest is still running.. people flood the author with suggestions and some even end up changing the model, while they have set the design as final in the contest, as it is, for us judges to examine and rate...

no offense people..