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Assault on C'zar 1.5

Submitted by Sgt.Pierce
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Assault on C'zar v1.5
Created by Sgt.Pierce

Map Info:

A strategy game designed for multiplayer. Each player has its own Hero, Special Units, Skills, Specialties, and Roles in battlefield. Conquer Farms, Outposes, and Finish your main objective.


Assault on C'zar has features that makes the castle siege more realistic, that includes Siege Tower that can attach to the castle walls, Catapults, and Battering Rams. All units in here have skills, uses, and styles that makes the game more interesting. Outpost are strategically placed in the map, and farms that supplies units within range.

-8 Player Map
-Each player has its own role
-2 Modes
-Each player has its own unique units
-Each unit has its skills
-Castle Siege
-Has Siege Towers, Catapults, and Battering Rams.

Main Objective:

C'zar's Army:
-Kill the Assault Commander.
-The King must not die.

Barbarian Force:
-Kill the King.
-The Assault Commander must survive.



C'zar's Army:
Player 1- The King:
You have the Castle and the King. Do not let the King die, or you and your allies will be defeated!!

Player 2- Flank General:
Specialized at breaking number of enemies in the battlefield.

Player 3- Field Tactician:
Specialized at supporting allies with offensive and defensive tactics.

Player 4- Cavalry General:
Specialized at ambushing, reinforcements, and destroying line defenses.


Barbarian Force:
Player 6- Assault Commander:
Has the Assault Commander, Strongest hero of the Barbarian Force. Can easily kill basic units in the battlefield and killing heroes.

Player 7- Barbarian General:
Specialized at the front in battlefield, killing number of units and dealing high damage.

Player 8- Brute General:
Specialized at tanking damage in front of battlefield.

Player 9- Siege General:
Specialized at destroying buildings and siege equipments.

New Units:

C'zar New Units


Cleric- Support unit. Exceptional at healing allies in the battlefield. Has Healing Wave and Tranquility ability.
Elven Warrior- Light Unit. Has Swift Move, Agileness, Coup de Grace, and Sharp Blades ability
Warlock- Caster unit. Exceptional at dealing magical damage at an area. Has Lightning Storm and Rain of Fire ability.
Avenger- Heavy unit. Exceptional at tanking and dealing splash damage. Has Avenger's Cleave and Avenger's Will ability.

Barbarian New Units


War Wagon- Has no attack, but it can deploy and turn into a War Bunker that can attack.
Blader- Light unit. Exceptional at killing units even heavily armored. Has Ripper Blades and Dual Sword Mastery ability.
Enraged Bear- Giant unit. Has Deafening Roar, Heavy Attack, and Pulverize ability.
Devastator- Siege equipment. Has War Flare and Stationary Mode ability.




Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Screenshot 4



Thank you for the modelers for the Models i used!!

Tranquil, Amigurumi, !!GORO!!,Wandering Soul, Kitabatake, eubz , debode, Republicola, WILLTHEALMIGHTY, Ampharos_222, WolfmanArc, Terem, skrab, Fingolfin, olofmoleman, ikillforeyou, Sin'dorei300, Sunchips, perfjert.

Special Thanks To:
Michael Ray Garcia- For ideas and skills.
Tonex- for the Gate Triggers!

If i forgot someone to add, please pm me on Hiveworkshop.com


Change Log

Version 1

Map Uploaded!

Version 1.1

-Added a Preview Image
-Fixed the Gate Close trigger
-Removed the Cavalry General's another Hero
-Changed the Special Unit Encampment model.
-Changed the Movement of Siege Tower from Foot to None
-The ability Strafe has increased attack speed from 100% to 125%.
-The ability Stunning Force stun chance reduced from 10% to 8%.
-The ability Greater Stunning Force stun chance reduced from 15% to 10%.
-The ability Purge the Weak cannot destroy Mechanical Units and Royal Guards anymore

Version 1.2

-Removed the Flank General's Snare Trap ability and changed it to "Suppress
-Removed the Flank General's Summon Archers" ability and changed it to Summon Rangers
-Removed the Raider's Molotov ability and changed it to Throw Acid Flask
-Removed the Raider's Re-craft Molotov ability and changed it to Re-craft Acid Flask
-Removed the Materials sold by Outposes
-Removed the Food Stand in the Map
-Removed the Dire Wolf in the Brute General's Special Unit Encampment
-Added Catapult to the engineer of C'zar's Army.
-Added Market to the engineer of both forces
-Fixed the training time of units.
-Increased the Mage mana initial amount from 75 to 100
-Fixed the description of Greater Stunning Force
-Replace the old Preview Image
-Added new loading screen
-Reduced the gold cost of Caged Direwolves&quot from 200 to 125

Version 1.3

-Changed Raider's Acid Cask into Ignite
-Changed Raider's Charge" into "Move Faster
-Changed Raider's Re-craft Acid Cask into Craft Molotov
-Changed the special effect of Bloodhunt
-Changed the Mana Cost of Suppression from 1 to 125
-Changed the Damage Taken of Hero armor from all types of attack from default into 50%. Except Hero damage.
-Changed the Projectile of Cannoneer.
-Changed the description of Cannoneer
-Changed the hotkey of Slam ability.
-Reduced the base hp of Elite Man at Arms from 325 to 300
-Added new feature of Direwolf. When its mana is full, it can turn into powerful Bloodhunter
-Added Parry to all basic melee units of C'zar's Units
-Added Stunning Force to all basic melee units of Barbarians
-Added Greater Parry on special melee units of C'zar's Units
-Added Greater Stunning Force" on special melee units of Barbarians.
-Added Sapper unit for Siege General
-Added Explosive Rounds ability for Cannoneer
-Removed Direwolf's Savage Claws ability
-Removed Sledger in the map
-Removed the Cannoneer's Explosive Mine ability
-Removed the Villagers in the Castle

Version 1.4

-Made some Balance improvements-
*includes health,damage,Training Time,AS,MS, of units of both Barbarian and C'zar Units.

-Set all base Hp of all heroes from 100 to 2000 (3250 to The King and Assault Commander)
-Set the base damage of The King and Assault Commander from 0 to 49

-Changed the description of "Throw Spear"
-Changed the Model of Barbarian General
-Changed some skills of Barbarian General
-Changed the Model of Brute General
-Changed some skills of Brute General
-Changed the unit Cannoneer into Sniper

-Increased armor bonus of Devotion Aura from 2 to 3.5
-Increased the Area of "Supply" from 1000 to 4250
-Increased heal dealth of "Purification" from 500 to 650
-Increased the Hp bonus of Brute's Armor item
-Increased the "Smite" chance and stun duration.
-Increased the Evasion chance of the Robe of Huntress

-Removed the "Superior Knight" at Outpost of C'zar
-Removed the Outpost Tower's "Tower Garrison" skill
-Removed "Siege Breaker" in the Special Units Encampment of The King
-Removed "Mounted Javelin Thrower" in the Special Units Encampment of Assault Commander

-Decreased the Greater Cleave splash from 75% to 50%
-Decreased the Royal Cleave splash from 100% to 75%
-Decreased the cooldown of Shadow Jaunt from 6 to 4
-Decreased the duration of Art of Shadows from 8 to 6

-Added "Superior Knight" to the Special Units Encampment of Cavalry General
-Added "Siege Breaker" to the Outpost of C'zar
-Added "Mounted Javelin Thrower" to the Outpost of Barbarians
-Added new skill to Barbarian Champion
-Added and replaced some items in the market

-Fixed the Market

-Renamed the Forceful Bash into Smite
-Renamed the Champion Form into Avatar

Added new special units
Player 1- Cleric
Player 2- Elven Warrior
Player 3- Warlock
Player 4- Avenger

Player 5- War Wagon
Player 6- Blader
Player 7- Enraged Bear
Player 8- Devastator

Version 1.5

This update has small improvements, including bug fixes.

-Removed the Stand and Fight skill to Enforcer
-Removed the Devastator's Earthshaker Round

-Added Overheat skill to Devastator.
-Added new item for all heroes (Start Item)
*Vial of Life(3 Charges)
Fully restore Hp and Mp when used.
-Added more units in the castle(For C'zar Defenders only)
-Added War Bunkers and more units in the Barbarian Field (For Player 10 only)
-Added Stand and Fight skill to Barbarian Champion
-Added New Items to the Market
*Ice Sword
-Added Dying Shout to all heroes.

-Increased the damage of Throw Spear from 500 to 1000
*Note that Spearton can only use this skill once, and it can only be targeted to units, not heroes.
-Increased the Critical Strike of Barbarian General multiplier from 2.75 to 3.75
-Increased the damage of Heavy Attack skill of Enraged Bear from 25 to 35
-Increased the Starting Gold and Materials from 350:200 to 650:250
-Increased the Bow Mastery AS bonus from 35% to 55%
-Increased the Marksmanship max target from 3 to 4.
-Increased the Hp of Royal Guards from 1000 to 1250

-Decreased the gold cost of Market from 225 to 125, and material cost from 20 to 0.

-Limit the training of Devastator to 3
-Limit the bulding of War Tent to 3

-Fixed bug where Siege Tower not working properly.
-Fixed the Deafening Roar delayed sound.

-Changed the model of Warlock and its icon
-Changed the model of Cavalry General
-Changed the name of Warrior to Brute
-Changed the name of Elite Warrior to Elite Brute
-Changed the model of Man at Arms
-Changed the name of Hammer of Haste to Blade of Haste
-Changed the attack type of Royal Guards from Normal to Hero

Future Improvements:

List of some improvements in the future versions.
*Fixed Terrain
*New Units
*New Skills
*New Items at the Market
*More Balance
*Trigger Improvements
*Bug Fixes(If any)

Note!: Some in here are not sure to be improved for the next version, maybe in some version updates.

Please review this game and rate!! :)
New version update: October 29, 2012
This update has small improvements and bug fixes.

UPDATE is not in progress due to a reason...

assault, czar, fight, hero, strategy, risk, tactics, Sgt.Pierce, skills, assault on c'zar, medieval age, medieval, massive

Assault on C'zar 1.5 (Map)

Date: 00:53:04 16-Aug-12 Map Moderator: -Kobas- Map Status: Approved 3/5 Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message! Useful Links: If you have any complaints or questions about your map, please make a thread here:Map Resource...
  1. Sgt.Pierce


    May 4, 2011
    sure thing dude!
  2. cleavinghammer


    Apr 6, 2010
    Pretty good map, I like the heroes and the units.

    I have a few observations:
    * Siege towers seem to be bugged: I loaded one up, told it to scale a wall, and the units inside disappeared once it was inside. Also, siege towers that have been used should be reuseable, or at least killed automatically.
    * Give Warlocks and Mages separate models and icons.
    * Make the upgraded training building slightly smaller: if no rally point is set, the units are hidden by the building.
    * A minor one, but if you call the unit a Ballista, why not use the actual ballista model?
  3. Sgt.Pierce


    May 4, 2011
    When you load a unit in the Siege Tower and it attaches to the wall, the units loaded automatically unloaded, and can go up the wall as long as the Siege Tower is alive. But indeed, there is a bug that even the Siege Tower already is attached to the walls, it can't make units go up the walls, but I already fix that up. *Update v1.5

    I'll change it in next version, v1.5 includes small improvements and bug fixes.

    Done.. :D

    It just can't work, even the model is for ballista, it just don't appear as ballista in game. Don't know why..

    Sure, I'll change it! :D

    *Sorry for late reply.. me don't have internet yesterday while updating the map..
  4. cleavinghammer


    Apr 6, 2010
    Yeah, the towers work, but you might want to put a tooltip that it only works for small units, anything with a bigger selection circle than a raider (including heroes) is getting stuck.

    Also, you should change the attack mode tooltips on demolishers, as they read they deal less damage to units/buildings (when they can't even target units/buildings).
  5. Sgt.Pierce


    May 4, 2011
    I will change it! thanks for helping me!