Ashenvale Canopy Tree (Village)

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Since Reforged graphics, map designers won't be able to use the Ashenvale Canopy Tree as a tree wall that can obscure paths in Lordaeron Summer and Village tilesets, or at least using tree walls from those tilesets, with the green-to-purple ombré color scheme. A friend of mine, @Vibe, has helped me by making a color edit of the main diffuse of the canopy tree model. I further edited the retexture by adjusting the color of the wood to a more warm brown color. Please note that this will replace the diffuse of the Ashenvale Canopy Tree so you don't have to import the variant models of the tree. Just edit the very canopy tree in the World Editor's Object Editor, under the Destructibles category.

Ashenvale Canopy Tree (Village) (Texture)

mdx version in case someone wants to use both this and default ashenvale canopy tree skin?
Since the canopy tree has many variations, I don't know how I should make it work, to have the variations bundled as one set of doodads/destructibles. :sad:

If anyone can tell me how, I will gladly do it and upload them here, or as a separate model upload. :grin:
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