Apprentice Wizard Variations!

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The original is so ugly lmao


Much more handsome and I guess just an overall 'improved' representation of the apprentice wizard that visually preserves his original SD appearance.


Pyromancer variation. Delightfully devilish, his skin is a bit paler and he's got a crooked grin which signals malicious intend as well as slight hints of insanity.


Priest variation. Bit more lively coloring overall and a facial expression that is supposed to express the phrase "Are you injured?" and legitimately caring.
The face is meant to look like he isn't fully confident yet because he's just a guy in his mid 20's who recently started healing and genuinely hopes for nobody around him to suffer or die. He's also somewhat doubtful if the Light will answer when he calls it.


Apprentice Priest (Icon)

Apprentice Pyromancer (Icon)

Apprentice Wizard Fixed (Icon)