Any group playing PvP Arena maps ?

Level 1
Apr 19, 2016
Herocraft is awesome loved playing that map and fireblades mutating arena back in the day. If you have Starcraft 2 I highly recommend checking out Custom Hero Arena (not completed yet sadly) as it will be similar to Herocraft in feel. Sadly I never got around to playing Wow Arena probably should :) The clan I'm in plays Custom Hero Arena which is a simple pvp hero arena . The other hero arena pvp maps that I know of are angel arena all stars and angel arena eclipse both are hosted on entgaming.
Level 10
May 28, 2011
My map is highly PVP, Revenants of Ruins. I have to admit that my map is complex and difficult. If it fits your taste. Try it and tell me what you think. After all, I am making AI now so that people can even having fun with single player.

Coming to your request, I have no group yet. But I usually play with random people in Garena as 2 v 2. I'll soon create a group for it. Where (what platform and region) are you playing though?