Angel Arena Allstars 1.69f

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A mix of Hero Arena, Hero Sieg and RPG.
Kill thousands of creeps, level up as fast as you can, buy legendary itens, fight powerfull bosses, make some quests, increase you power and destroy your enemy to win the Angel Arena Tournament.

- 72 heros
- 19 special heros
- 5 Anime characters
- Max level 50
- All heros with unique abilities
- lots of game options(-ap,-ar,-sh,-ev,-do, -dm, -wtf, -life, -respawn)
- 21 Hero Bosses
- Over 400 creeps respawn.
- 2 Quest.
- Many itens and fusions
- Custon Loadscreen with players finish load.
- Command -score to see players score(MVP).
- Multiboard with all players(LVL, Kills, Deaths, hero icons, game mode).
- Camera system (change distance and angle of view).
- Many cheats to Single Player, can test all things.
Thanks for JJCP.
And, cheats only is loaded after 20 sec and if is single player.
It don't increase map loading time or anithing, and can't use in mult player game.

-cheat(activates cheats)
-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
-additem # (max is about 90)
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-bindup/down/left/right (IE: -bindup -kill would make it so that when you hit up it kills whatever is selected)
-mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
-size #
-food #
-copy #
-ufast (builds/researches/train unit instantly, when hitting esc, must have typed all 3)
-share ##
-unshare ##
-ally ##
-unally ##
-soff (share off)
-spawn #### (List)
-ground ####
-add ####
-remove #### (removes the ability)
-g ## #### (gold)
-l ## #### (lumber)
-f ## #### (food)
-spa ## #### (Spawn unit)
-sn ## <name> (setname)
-sc ## (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-dead (Sets units animation to dead)
-birth (Sets building to being built)
-attack (Sets unit to attack)
-stand (Sets unit to stand)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
-nohear (back to normal)
-kick ## <message>
-tele (sets patrol to teleport)
-note (sets it back to normal)
-regmin (Click to set Minx and Miny)
-regmax (Click to set Maxx and Maxy)
-reg <kill/explode/red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown> (Set rect to command specified)
-time ## (Sets time to that hour)
-float ### ### (first #'s is height 2nd are speed)
-stop (Disable unit commands)
-resume (Enables them)
-area #### #### (First #'s are size 2nd Rawcode, then click where you want it)
-loc (Shows X and Y location of selected Unit) (use with reg)
-autoh ### (Autoheals by precentage)(A little buggy)
-disable (Disable -reg)
-list# (1-8)
-cheaton ## (Turns cheats on for player specified)
-cheatoff ## (Turns cheats off for player specified)
-unit #### (Spawns specified unit at issued location)
-nounit (Disables -unit)
-act <activator> (Changes activator to whatever specifed, needs a - at the beginning)
-unitid (Shows the unit's rawcode)
-itemid (Shows the unit's item rawcode in first slot)
-destid (Shows rawcode of destructable in Reg)
-destroy (Removes selected units)
-revive (Revives dead hero and spawns at selected unit)

To know over Extra patch and 1.70+ versions: Click here

Click on screens to view full size. (Thanks to Scaler for this screens)

Terrain changes.
Many spelling fixes.
Fix bug in Deathmach(statue don't respawn)
New climate(snow, rain, sun)
Add blue fog on night.
Add sun/moon rays At 12 am/pm.
Slow down day/night cicle.
When player kill/dies the Hero say something.
New Icons.
New Naga ruined city.
New Boss(in naga city)
Change Creeps respawn Timer.
Change Lvl requeriment to Semi Gods.(40 and 80)
Add a small gold cost to teleports.
Remake South forest Creeps.
Change Creeps Respawn delay.

Heroes Remake/Changes.



Changes to 1.66b:
Add option to disable Death Mach(-dm)
Duel only start if have 2 players.
Fix bugs in duel.

Trent Protector(Remake)
Night Archer(Remake)
Add -r or -respawn option(change creeps respawn delay, can be between 1 to 60, default is 20 seconds)
Add cheats to Single Player(like -tele, -lvl, -str, -agi, -int, -gold, -lumber, -exp, -nocd)(Cheats can bug sometimes)
Fix spells framework(Ieti's Frost Sphere, Goku's Genki Dama, Jaina's Polar, Renegade's Black Hole)
Dimension Shield/Overgod's Armor Invulnerability change From 10 to 6 seconds.
Chaos Ultimate Changed(now create a 1,2,3 illusions with full attack/defend for 20 seconds, 90 sec cooldown)
Now Single Player ever can change hero(don't block -repick to test heros.)
Fix Bug in Panda Ultimate
Change range of Venomancer from 600 to 400
Add 3 new hero's history.
Fix some bugs in Game End.(Cinematic)
Nerf Merlin Ultimate from 10,20,30 to 5,10,15 times hero int.
Fix lag i Stone Nova(Horo 2° abilit)
Base effect now don't block heros.
Changed Special Merchant Area.
4 New Creeps in new area(Dragons and shade)
Fix soo many bugs and leaks.
Now can fusion Itens between Hero and stock.

Furion(2 New spells)
Rickmaru(New spells icon)
Doom Bridger(New ultimate)
Sand King(New Spells Icon and Frameworks)
Princess of the Moon(1 New Spell)
Jakiro, the Twin Headed dragon(3 New spells)
Miko, the Clerig(New ultimate)
Ufarr, the Ursa warrior(4 New spells)
Sentry, the Wacher (4 New spells)
Terrorblade, the Dragon Spawn (2 New spells)
Knight Davion, the Dragon Knight(2 New spells)
Demeter, the God of Nature(3 New spells)
Horo, the God of Wild(2 New spells, and fix lag)
Yunero, the Juggernaut(1 New abilit)
Dirge, the Undying(4 New abilits)
Groom, the Hellscreen(4 New spells)
Thanatos, the God of Down(1 New abilit)
Gargoyle, the Living Stone(2 New spells)
Pandarem, the Battlemaster(New ultimate, fix bugs)
Changes Goku Genki's Dama(New framework, now is better XD)
Changed Jaina Ultimate(Now it frozen nearby enemies for some seconds)
Changed Hero's Max lvl to 40
Now Stats bonus give 10 to all stats each lvl
More hard to lvl up(lvl 40 is same of old lvl 100)
Now abities requeriment lvl changed from 4 to 2(can buff one abilit)
If hero's don't get runes they are removed in 90 seconds.
Removed Hydra's Platinum
Fix some bugs in abilities descriptions
Increased Dragon(creeps) Bountry
Decreased New creeps armor.
Decreased Fenrir's Bountry(25 to 20)
Now show comands in load screen.
All runes have diferent colors.
Add new hero's Descriptions.
Changed heros Taverns(Agi/Int/Str)
Add Hotkeys to all heros(Q,W,E,R)
All heros have unique abilities.
Fix so many leaks.

Hero's Change:
Gabriel(3 new abilities)
Abigor(3 new abilities)
Hydra(1 new abilit)
Rock Smasher(4 new abilities)
Dragon Knight(Fix 3° abilit)
Pir Lord(1 new abilit)
Void(1 New abilit)
Dreadlord(1 New abilit)
Axe(4 New abilities)
Holy Knight(1 new abilit)
Hecate(2 New abilities)
Rexxar(4 New abilities)
Gilgamesh( 2 New Abilities)

Changes to 1.68b:
Better game balance.
Fix some bugs in duel.
Fix more abilities descriptions.
Increased time between events.
Now can use invis on duels.
Small terrain changes.
Add new area with all bosses.
Add new hero description
Add more creeps

Fix bugs in Flying Sheep.
Void 1° abilit Add cooldown.
Doom Bridger 3° abilit changed.
Ominiknight 4° abilit buff.
Axe 4° abilit buff.
Lanaya 4° abilit buff.
Gilgamesh 1° abilit modified.
Gilgamesh 3° abilit changed.
Cratos 4° abilit modified.
Hyperion 1° Abilit buff
Hyperion 2° Abilit buff

Changes 1.68c
Add colours to itens names.
Fix some descriptions.
Now -cam work with mouse scroll.
Now can use -r 0, -cam 0, -cam 100
Add more creeps(Now have over 600 creeps)
Fix the Gamble and Risk, now can't drop fusion itens.
Fix many leaks at mode -ev.(Eclypse)
Increased bountry of Demon Overlord and Warlock
Increased HP of Gates (to Ice and Semi-gods).
Decreased Font HP regen(From 10% to 6%)
Small change at team 2 respawn.
Fix bugs in fusion of some itens.
Changed value of ultimate itens.
Add more enviroments.

Fix lag in Jakiro 2° Spell
Fix lag in Chaos 2° ability
Fix bugs in Morphiling 4° Ability
Remove Kage Bushin from Flying Sheep
Nerf Trent Pulverize
Buff Apolo 2° Skill
Nerf Artropos 2° ability
Nerf Nerubian Flame Strike
Buff sentry 3° ability, and some bugs fix.
Now Chaos 2° abilit is based on hes STR and don't lag.
Nerf Merlin(increased Frost Nova Cooldown)
Nerf Void 3° abilit damage, Remove Cooldown, increased mana cost.
Hellscreen 2° skill now dels damage based on hero's Agi and stun enemies, don't knock.
Heavy optimization(only load picked hero's spells).
Fix -sh mode(All players get the same hero of player 1 red).
Fix -ar mode(now don't spawn heros of same type).
Fix -repick to only one time per player.
Fix some duel bugs.
Fix lots of descriptions.
Shadow quest now is one time per hero.
Improved all random start function.
Improved end cinematic.
Changed Multiboard descriptions.
Now if player red skip end cinematic finish game for all players.
Now show hero's icon in multiboard.
Now show creeps respawn delay in multiboard.
Now can change hero only one time(normal to semi-god/god).
Now every 5 mins show a table with "Players' Score".
Add command -score (show all players score).
Add command -ang # (angle 0-360 to set camera angle).
Cheats now automatic active if is Single Player.
Modified Loadscreen.
Otimized map size (reduced 100kb lol)

Add Venomancer's Description
Add cooldown of 0.5 sec to auto-cast skills of Artropos, Renegade and Void.
Buff Ichigo Getsuga Tenshow(increased damage and range)
Nerf Saber Excalibur(increased cooldown)
Nerf PofM Fire Arrow(Increased cooldown)
Changed Goku's KameHameHa(New framework and now damage is based on STR)
Changed Goku's Kaioken(Remake, and add framework)
Remake Flying Sheep

Changes 1.69b
Fix bug in -ar (Now can't change god, pick god only one time.)
Fix bug in drop itens when fusion itens with dead heros.
Fix bug in Multiboard (Don't show Leave players)
Fix Holy Wather Quest.
Changed Score(now score is multiplied by respawn time of creeps)

Lina 1° Abilit(Increased cooldown, Increased Mana Cost)
Lina 2° Abilit(Decreased Mana Cost)
Lina 4° Abilit(Increased Range)
Sheep 3° Abilit(Nerf Damage, now is 20% to 60%)
Lanaia(Increased Move Speed 330)
Lanaia 1° Abilit(Buff increased damage)
Lanaia 3° Abilit(Buff mana shield)
Lanaia 4° Abilit(Buff Increased Range and Decreased Cooldown)
Lanaia 4° Abilit(Buff damage is based on hero INT)
Dragon 3° Abilit(Buff Need less kills to bonus str)
Crusader 1° Abilit(Buff increased heal and range)
Crusader 4° Abilit (Buff, Decreased Cooldown)

Changes 1.69c
Add -switch
Add -d (Select Next Dueles).
Add AI to computers.
Add Effect to Selene.
Add Effect to Helios.
Change Boss Bountry to STR.
Change Max Level to 50.
Changes in some creeps.
Fix some bugs on duel.
Fix ending cinematic
Changed abilites terrain deformation effects.
Changed Apollo 2° abilit(Meteor)
Buff Apollo 4° abilit(Increased range, damage, stun and cooldown)

Changes 1.69d
Fix Fatal Errors
Fix ending cinematics
Fix bugs in -switch
Fix Bug when repick(invunerable)
Fix some wrong descriptions
Add protection to -d and -kick(don't crash game if use colors)
Now auto-kick to afk players after 5 mim of game.(if don't pick any hero after 5 mim)
Now can switch with red and green(but red and green can't use -switch)
Removed some unless creeps
Buff Warlock Staff(Increase damage and mana cost)
New loading and Preview screens(again)
Level Requeriment to Chaos now is 50.
Fix Warlock 4° Abilit(Lasts 8 seconds)
Nerf Naga 4° Abilit(Increased cooldown from 20 to 30 seconds.)

Changes 1.69e:
Fix to Warcraft III 1.24
Updated damage system, now it show the true damage dealt by each ability.

Naisha 1° Ability
Sasquach 2° Ability
Naga 2° Abilit(Increase cooldown)
Renegade 3° Ability
Jakiro 3° Abilit(Decrease damage)
Naga 3° Ability
Muradim 3° Ability
Rickmaru Ultimate
Lanaya Ultimate
Cratos Ultimate
Pudge Ultimate
Axe Ultimate

Changes 1.69f:
Fix Fatal Errors(crashs)
Increase Chaos stats.
Add bountry to Chaos kills.
Increase stats price(from 250 each to 1k each)
Increase Defense System(Rockets) attack and price.(attack cooldown from 2 sec to 1 sec and cost from 500 to 1.250)
Now can fusion 2 Defense system lvl 3 to get an Infernal Fist.
Decrease Infernal Fist attack cooldown from 2 sec to 0.5 sec.
Add 3 levels to infernal fist(increase attack each level)
Warlock Staff, changed itens recié and add 5 levels:
Warlock Staff = 2 Magic Stone+Mana Aura+Hammer of Pain
To increase warlock staff level buy more hammer of pain.

Add a new items:
Holy Blade = King's Blade+Holy Warfare
Divine Protection = Guardian Force+God's Diamond+Scale Armor

Terrain Remake(Now is arena, not Labirint).
Removed Many Bosses(Medusa,Judas,Quimera,Cerberus,Chaos).
Boss respawn time changed to 10 seconds.
New Effect to Boss Models.
Now bosses drop gold by his STR(Selene,Helios,Archangel).
Bosses bountry can up to 1.000.000 gold to all players of team.
Now have over 800 creeps.
New way to secret shop.
Max level now 50.
Changed arena creeps model.
Add -switch # comand(can use only one time in game and only can switch with leave players)
Add -d #(select the player to next duel)
Add Starting option -ng (or -no gods)
Show Player number on Scoreboard.
Don't Show creeps on minimap.
New Loadingscreen
New dumbass AI. (it don't use any ability or buy itens, only fight lol)

QoP 3° Abilit(Improved effect)
Apollo 2° Abilit (Changed)
Apolo 4° Abilit (Buff, Increased Damage and Range)
Apolo 4° Abilit (Fix requerimente lvl 12)
Fix -switch
Fix -d (Add a protection to don't bug if select a leave players)
Fix some leaks.
Fix lots of AI bugs.
Fix AI in -ar(if use AI in -ar bots stats grown up like crazy)
Add new comands -com
Add new comands to starting game.
Add a Delay to Hidden Island Passage, you only gan buy it after 5 mim of game.
Increase Delay to Replenish of Hidden Island Passage(30 seconds)
Now Red and Green can't use -switch.(it bug Deathmatch =/)
Improved some scripts(kick and switch)

Removed Beta Version because many bugs.
(imbalances, fatal errors, freezes, crashs).

Angel Arena Allstars

Angel Arena Allstars 1.69f (Map)

16:27, 27th Sep 2009 Rui: The map does not seem to be compatible with patch 1.24. Since it is unplayable, it is not worth having it up for download.
Level 3
Jun 15, 2008
~Seventh, people can base, and that is dumb, add a base killer for queers...

~Eighth, if someone gets kicked or leaves, make their items drop from the hero and stash....

~Ninth, yes, Anime heroes might SEEM cool, but lets face it, anime has no place in Warcraft, and no place in this map, please change the models to warcraft like. I know the 12 year olds might get mad that I say this, but come on really, Anime is overdone and overrated, so get over it :grin:...

~Tenth, I notice that duels weren't based on the strongest players, you should make it like that...

~Thirteenth, balance before models, like everyone has been saying,...

~One, Eighth I totally agree with. It is overrated when somebody has to leave on short notice or their internet fails or they get kicked, and you don't get ANYTHING from their heros...

~Two, I totally agree with what he said on Nineth. The Anime characters are rigged, overrated, and overdone.

~Three, Tenth I noticed is usually the person with the lowest SCORE. I agree, it should be the people with the HIGHEST score (they usually are the strongest).

~Four, Balance. Heros before items. If it means cutting away at the tributes of items, do it. If it means making stats increase higher when leveling, do it.

~Five, make spells more fitting towards the hero... Many of the spells should be changed with other heros. Ursa Warrior's spells are definitely (EDIT: not) fitting to him, and you are using Ice Frog's original names. He is NOT in the credits. Fix that.

You do well with spell animations, I have to give you credit. I notice the crater thing is a bit common.

Overall, this is a good game. It's fun, not quite original, but still good. I'll give you a 3/5.
Last edited:
Level 7
Jun 14, 2009
Great map, but can't figure out how to add abilities in single player mode (cheats), it says -add #### but what do you put there?
Level 3
Jul 27, 2008
Wow, you put JJ's CP in your own map lol.

That's great for messing around in single player (and saves me the trouble of putting it in myself :xxd:).
Level 1
Jul 18, 2009
Best thing I've ever played ^^ But 2 questions. Why do npcs get stats for doing nothing? an that really quick. And 2. question how to get on the "shop island" in the top left corner of the map



Level 4
Feb 27, 2009

Btw EPW compared AA Allstars with Hells x heaven,
he never played AA Allstars and only tryed to flood here because it is the second most downloaded map.

Sorry for posting so late, but here is another thing to point out...
Bush was voted in due to "popular vote" (once technically), and he sucked...
Level 1
Jul 22, 2009
Youkaiz, is the patch done yet? And if so, is there a manual way to install it into warcraft. My installation is unstable with patching. I've had to manually add blizzards patches before too. I can't uninstall because I lost my Warcraft disk.
Level 5
Feb 19, 2008
i fixing map to war3 1.24 i will release a new version soon.
(the version with extra patch has done to 1.24, but the version without patch i working on it now.)

Fixed, now ir work on wc3 1.24.

Changes 1.69e:
Fix to Warcraft III 1.24
Updated damage system, now it show the true damage dealt by each ability.

Naisha 1° Ability
Sasquach 2° Ability
Naga 2° Abilit(Increase cooldown)
Renegade 3° Ability
Jakiro 3° Abilit(Decrease damage)
Naga 3° Ability
Muradim 3° Ability
Rickmaru Ultimate
Lanaya Ultimate
Cratos Ultimate
Pudge Ultimate
Axe Ultimate
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Level 1
Jul 22, 2009
I've been trying 1.7 out. Finally.

My computer's installation of Warcraft was strange Not all the files were in the same directory. Fixed now... Found out my registry was convulted. For some reason the computer was set to draw folders and files all over the place.... No idea how.
New patcher now works on my computer. Thumbs up on it.

Some of the modifications though.... Can't figure out secret shop ship, and I liked the older layout for the god's taverns. What are you doing with the extra space really? Didn't really need the new creep areas. Is it possible to increase the content of the map? I really like the game, but diversity is important. And with in 1.7 the game-play seems to move more towards the other Angel Arena's out there.

The creep-spells was a very nice touch, boosted the difficulty considerably.
Level 5
Feb 19, 2008
i remake all map in 1.70, and realy it don't have all things of 1.69 now, when i can i will add more itens, heros, quests but now 1.70+ is only tests.

now i fix crashs of 1.69e and add more "ultimate itens"
Level 12
Aug 7, 2004
I don't get it, what makes this map so popular...

In my opinion the concept is generic, the terrain is trash, and the Heroes or spells are not that fascinating at all, try comparing those to ATD spells...

And why the heck are there so many random users with posts ranging from 1-10, with join date 2009, posting so many: "Nice! Keep the good work!" in this map?!?!
Level 6
Feb 26, 2008
Yeah same issue for me, I think that you should put at least 1 trigger that uses the new 1.24 functions or features. Try also checking the minimap preview and the advanced options and the map description, loading screen, etc... Or reupload to see if it works better? I think that you've putted in a wrong map or the unprotected map or the... w/e! It should be the wc3 map optimizer that don't work with newest patch! (that's a good reason)
Level 1
Jul 22, 2009
The map contains map protection. You can't open it in the map editor. And even if you could open it in there, several map functions would not be editable. A few jass-code scripts are in there that would not be able to be displayed.

Unless Youkaiz gives you a legitimate unprotected copy you are out of luck.
Level 1
Mar 19, 2011
Hi guys,
i play a lot of AAA, but i can't understand where i can find the Ice blade, Death blade and Gold blade, can u tell me please?
where i can get chaos hero???
Level 1
Sep 21, 2012
Pudge and Naga problem

Hi guys,

My game crashed anytime i have the naga or pudge.
As soon as i hit the ability button, the game freeze and crash
Any idea why ??

Naga is so gosu, everytime i got her i'm pissed cause i can't use her abilities :'(

Level 1
Sep 21, 2012
Heros that make me crash : Naga / Pudge / Priestress of the Moon..
Items that make me crash : As soon as i see the ultimate blade in my stash or on me or on someone else, i crash (so i can't see it actually cause i crash the moment i click)