Alternate Footman & Scarlet Footman (Reforged)

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So I wasn't originally going to release this model owing to its simplicity but someone said I should, so this is for the substandard section for people who want a different looking Footman or a Scarlet Footman which is included.

There's a lot of skins for the Scarlet Footman but that's unavoidable due to Reforged skins being separate for a lot of individual pieces.

The import path for the Scarlet Footman's skins is just the skin name without the War3mapImported\

Alternate Footman & Scarlet Footman (Model)

Alternate Footman Portrait (Model)

Scarlet Footman (Model)

Scarlet Footman Icon (Icon)

Scarlet Footman Portrait (Model)

Level 14
Oct 25, 2006
Pretty interesting. We're starting to get some choice :)

I really like this "champion" variant of the Footman.

EDIT: And I'm not mentioning the Scarlet one because well... I always like Scarlet Crusade themed assets.


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Level 5
Sep 3, 2020
Love it, I love the possibility to use the alternate footman and the scarlet one. Nice changes !! Thank you for sharing them :peasant-bowing:

PS: The Eagle of Lordaeron is going great on the bucklet!! A cool change with the simple footman :peasant-grin:

Any chance you can do that but for the non-scarlet one?
I probably won't no, I've not really looked at HD skinning/modelling in a while and I don't think I'll go back to it any time soon. However you do have my permission to ask someone else to do it or edit it yourself in whatever way you want.