Alliance Archimonde

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This is a reskin of Archimonde to make him into an alliance draenei. This is one of several old skins that I found in an old backup folder from my computer 15 years ago. Enjoy!

Date of creation of skin according to backup file system: 9/9/2006

Alliance Archimonde (Texture)

Decent recolor. Marked as Useful / Simple. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
BC released in January 2017...
Aren't you 10 years off? :p

This is interesting. Probably one of the first Alliance Draenei resources ever made.

Makes me feel too special. I think it's pretty obvious that it was a long time ago and we were just messing around back then. A lot of people played WoW back then. Would be ludicrous to think we were the only ones.
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May 14, 2014
I think promotional content / trailers / etc was already out! Have to assume it was, right?
but through some digging i managed to find mention about leak about draenei as a race

and it goes as far as 2005, i was a baby back then