Aircraft Carrier [Model Request]

Level 12
Dec 3, 2005

I am currently knee deep in work on a WW2 map that encompasses all major theaters of war: Europe/Atlantic, Mediterrenean, & Asia/Pacific. The map uses many systems utilized in the popular WW2 map Axis & Allies. With supplies & fuel taking a center stage role in the combat.

I would love to go on but I think I should save a drawn out post for an actual thread dedicated to the map. Which I plan to make when the map is a tiny bit farther.

However while I've found models for practically every aspect of a good conversion from ladder Wc3 to a WW2 Wc3, I was dissatisfied with what I found for an aircraft carrier. The one made by Illidan is far too modern and does not fit well with the rest of the models.


The two aircraft carriers in this picture is exactly what I am looking for. W/o the planes on the deck of course.

Of course +Rep & Massive credit for anyone who decides to be ever so generous and help me :)