Advanced help Please

Level 5
Sep 8, 2004
My Questions:

1. How do i make a missle launch from a region or a doodad? (as in Maze of Lava)

2. How do i make certain terrain change? (from lava to dirt) And only when it is lava that if a unit enters it, it dies?

3. How do i make a weapon that automatically fires? (Battleships, Tank Wars)

Also, if you have questions, i'm pretty good with the world editor, and i might be able to answer them. Some advanced, i can't answer though, like storing caches, campaign, and stuff like that.
Level 22
May 11, 2004
A. Have an invisible unit there that can shoot.

B. there is a trigger, I believe unter environment or game, that allows you to change areas of texture. Just use the periodic event or unit dies even to trigger a terrain change at the position of the hero unit.

C. those are all modifications of then "barrage" passive ability.
either make a "death region" that you just put where the lava is and put the unit type that should die when they enter the region or you can do the terrain trigger that detects if unit is on special type on ground = kill but that can make lots of lag im afraid.

Anyways heres both triggers!

Death region:

event: Unit - A unit enters region 001 <gen>

condition: (owner of (triggering unit)) not equal to playr12 (dark green) (this could be done in many ways, just showing one :) )

actions: unit - kill (triggering unit)

Terrain Kill

event: Time - Ever 0.01 seconds of game time

condition: none

action: Unit Group - Pick Every Unit In (Units Owned By Player1 (red)) And Do (Actions)

loop actions: If (All conditions are true) then do (then actions) else do (else actions)

if - conditions: (Terrain tyoe at (Position of (Picked unit))) Equal to Ashenvale - Vines (just an example)

then actions: Unit - Kill (picked unit)

else actions: Do nothing

This is just the basic for one player. :)
Level 7
Aug 5, 2005
Your terrain trigger lags because there is no fix for memory leaks, and the periodic doesn't have to be so small. This is mine.

Lava Kill
        Time - Every 0.12 seconds of game time
        Set tempGroup = (Units of type Runner)
        Unit Group - Pick every unit in tempGroup and do (Actions)
            Loop - Actions
                Set tempPoint = (Position of (Picked unit))
                If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
                    If - Conditions
                        ((Picked unit) is alive) Equal to True
                        Or - Any (Conditions) are true
                                (Terrain type at tempPoint) Equal to Dungeon - Lava
                                (Terrain type at tempPoint) Equal to Icecrown Glacier - Ice
                    Then - Actions
                        Unit - Kill (Picked unit)
                    Else - Actions
                Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_tempPoint)
        Custom script:   call DestroyGroup(udg_tempGroup)
Level 4
Jul 19, 2005
making items auto attack is easy, use the phoenix flame ability, this will cause the item to shoot out missles to a unit thats in range
Level 5
Sep 8, 2004
Thanks, guys. I figured out the attack ground, you just give the unit the locust ability, making it so it can't be selected, and just use triggers to make the unit auto attack certain regions.

I am deciding against the terrain though, because i dont know much JASS and i dont want memory leaks. Thanks again!