Abomination - Chinese units

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I intend to upload and optimise the chinese version of units that are significantly different from the EU/US counterpart. Golden skeletons are lazy and ugly, so I'm not importing those obviously. While you could do this yourselves, it's good to have them ready to go and optimised.

You can edit this model as much as you like, have fun.

Chinese abomination (Model)

Chinese abomination (Icon)

Chinese abomination portrait (Model)

I remember looking into the teen files, and the Abomination just has his open stomach stitched shut. Is the cult recolouring your doing? Very nice. :nw:
nope, it's just that the texture names are the same for reforged and teenforged, so RMS automatically uses reforged ones. I thought they looked like shit, but when I "imported" the correct textures it felt like an out of season christmas present