Abnegate Exilant 10.86

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♦ Abnegate Exilant 10.86 (MUST UPDATE!!) ♦

By Chaos Death


Choose 1 from over 20 custom made heroes ranging from Angels, Demons, Mechas, Orcs, Elves and Humans with unique story-lines in a mission to defend against the strongest era the Undead has ever been. These Undead that calls themselves the Burning Legion consists an army of Heroes, Ancients, Creeps and Bosses. Archimonde, being the head of the Burning Legion has grown to become almost immortal. Using your Hero, fight through the endless waves of undead that strikes through your skull. Empower your Hero with Epic Weapons from guilds of recipe combinations. You can build an army of Units, Warriors, Magician, Towers as your line of defense. The Gods Berstuk, Beelzamen, Eros and Thanatos are as spectators to this epic of a battle.

The story continues as after the Burning Legion destroyed the Orc Clans, the furious Burning Legion are now to extinguish the human race by killing their last stronghold fortress. Save them as Mannoroth laughs at their despair. This is a survival based Hero Defense game with fully custom-made gameplay.

Abnegate Your Exilant!

Can be played from 1 to 4 Players.
Game duration is 35 Minutes until reinforcements from the Elves arrive as to strike back.

Game Features

Variety of Heroes to choose from.
Fully custom made.
Flexible In-Game Modes.
Leakless and No Lag.
Fast-Paced Action.
Mirrored In Garena Server.
Strategy Wised Gameplay.
Intelligent AI controlling enemy Heroes.
Can be played solo or with friends.
Easy to read and understand descriptions.
Wide range of Items, Units, Buildups and Upgrades.
Unique Hero Story-lines linked to one another.


Thank You to UberZeal, JasonTeo, Zadelim, Judash137, Nymph, Bloody Wolf, UgoUgo, Jhonny Janbo, JesusHipster, Tarrasque, Frankster, JetFangInferno, Suselishe, Sellennisko, Kwaliti, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, WhiteDeath, Happy Tauren, Kuhnegetz, Mc!, Callahan, RightField, 67chrome, PeeKay, JollyD, ~Void~, Marcus, DAB, kola, CLoudWolf, NIghtmare Moon, Palaslayer, CRAZYRUSSIAN, -Berz-, Anachron, Godslayer, Juice_F, Banzay89, bigapple90, The_Silent, NFWar, Storm_PCF, Necrokenis, 4eNNightmare, Mr.Goblin, Blizzard Entertainment for providing the assistance, models and icons. Forgive me if i had left out on some names, do inform me for the inconvenience.


10.86 UPDATE

* Created new undead enemy "Abomination" which comes at DK wave.
* Diabolic Eruption ulti now has 2 levels.
* Diabolic Eruption reduced AoE.
* Abomination shares amount with Raging Ghoul.
* Apocalyptic Blast reduced cd 6.5 -> 7.5/7/6.5
* Apocalyptic Blast incr mana cost -> 150/200/260
* Darkness Surround incr cd 10/9/8 -> 10/9.5/9
* Black Heart mana regen reduced 100/200/300 -> 100/175/250
* Gate of Darkness level 1 reduced dmg 250 -> 200.
* Occultist reduced agility gain by 0.5 and int gain by 0.5
* Darkness Surround incr mana cost 170/260/350
* Crystal Chrge reduced regen 100/200/300 -> 100/175/250.
* Automaton Serpent reduced str & int gain by 0.5
* Ark Enigma reduced str gain by 1.
* Scorned Wizard reduced str gain by 1.
* Obsidian Destroyer now changed properly.
* Obsidian Destroyer life incr 800 -> 900, Armor is 7.
* Gate of Darkness increased mana cost 800 -> 800/900
* Fixed a bug where Eternal Blowout fails to damage.
* Decayed Sentinel changed name to Corrupted Ent.
* Corrupted Ent armor incr 8 -> 9
* Gnoll Brothers incr armor by 1.
* Meat Wagon incr armor by 2.
* Grandeur Frost incr mana req 125/175/225 -> 130/180/240
* Hyper Beam slightly incr mana cost.
* Blizzard Whiteout lvl 2 reduced cd 125 -> 125/115.
* Infernal Juggernaut reduced atk dmg 300 -> 290.
* Arrow of Chaos Dark Minions increased HP.
* Arrow of Chaos Level 3 Great Dark Minion incr atk dmg.
* Dragon Summon ability all dragons reduced ms by 30.
* Dragon Summon ability all dragon increased armor.
* Drake dragon changed armor type to medium.
* Voidwalker and Vengeance armor type changed to Stone.
* Earthblast reduced dmg 155/255/355 -> 125/205/285.
* Fixed Earthblast descr.
* Earthblast reduced AoE 350 -> 340.
* Gate of Darkness added Level display.
* Diabolic Eruptor changed name to Diabolic Eruption.
* Changed hotkey for diabolic eruption.
* Diabolic Eruption improved description.
* Death Revenant removed Unholy Armor upgr.
* Destroyer incr life 900 -> 950
* Fel Furor and Ravager slightly incr armor.
* Impale Strike reduced dmg 335/545/755 -> 300/500/755
* Blood Breath fixed hotkey placement.
* Vicious Fortress fixed wrong descr.
* Re-Embodiment now has 2 levels.
* Re-Embodiment incr level requirement 8 -> 10.
* Cain increased intelligence gain per lvl by +1.
* Scythe lifesteal reduced 32% -> 30%

10.85 UPDATE (credit to evil4you)

* Gate of Darkness now has 2 levels.
* Reduced Radiant Devastation 1 Light dmg 320 -> 140
* Reduced Mirdanha 1 Tidal dmg 400 -> 110
* Purfincation reduced 1 Shockwave 350 -> 125
* Purfincation changed hotkey D -> F to fit text
* Barastyr's Diabolic Eruptor reduced dmg 2450 -> 1500 per/sec.
* Obsidian Master's EoB skill changed effect coz annoying sounds.
* Recreation Summoning reduced dmg 1500/2000 -> 1200/1800
* Mega Decimation reduced dmg 200 -> 100, half dmg 20, max dmg 750.
* Burning Catastrophe dmg 200 -> 100, half dmg 30 -> 20, max dmg 750.
* Aphotic Devastation dmg 200 -> 180, max dmg 750.
* Royal King atk cooldown slowed 1 sec -> 1.2 sec
* Path Healist primary atk dmg reduced 40 -> 25
* Path Healist primaru atk cooldown slowed 1 sec -> 1.5 sec
* Path Healist reduced base armor 1 -> 0
* Ark Enigma reduced str gain by 1
* Malevolent Demon reduced str & int gain by 0.5 each
* Path Healist reduced str & agi gain by 0.5 each
* Occultist reduced str gain by 1.
* Plague Bringer reduced agi gain by 1.
* Foul Pursuer reduced agi gain by 1.
* Scorned Wizard reduced agi gain by 1.5 & str by 0.5
* Imperial Betrayer reduced agi gain by 1.
* Balanced gold award at result screen.
* All Hero reduced movement speed 522 -> 490 to prevent touchgo.
* Royal King (AI usable) maintained 522 ms to help heal.
* Treachery Warrior atk cooldown slowed 1.3 -> 1.4
* Imperial Betrayer atk cooldown slowed 1.4 -> 1.5
* Improved descr for Gate of Darkness.
* Gate of Darkness reduced chaos dmg 600 -> 250/300
* Apocalyptic Blast changed hotkey E -> C
* Blasting Catastrophe improved descr.
* Mega Decimation improved descr.
* Apocalyptic Blast increased mana cost 210 -> 230
* Crypt Lord's Carrion Beetles increased atk dmg and life.
* Death Revenant defense type changed to Hero.
* Properly changed Darkness Slam dmg.
* Succubus's Obscurity reduced % 25/45/65 -> 25/40/60
* Succubus Demon Form reduced duration 80 -> 70 sec
* Slightly reduced Skull Unit amount in Thanatos Base.
* Certain Undead Bosses increased movement speed to align with wave.
* Occultist reduced primary int & agi by 1.
* Succubus reduced primary agi, int & str by 1.
* Foul Pursuer reduced primary int & agi by 1.
* Ark Enigma reduced primary str by 1.
* Scorned WIzard reduced primary int by 1.
* Imperial Betrayer reduced agi & str by 1
* Imperial Bloodline changed name to Imperial Bloodliner
* King's Dodge ability fixed description.
* Star Cluster fixed wrong descr.
* All Undead Bosses slightly increased Atk Speed.
* Celestial Discharge changed hotkey F -> G
* Ice Ring fixed description.
* Ice Ring increased freezing time level 3 4sec -> 4.5sec.
* Glacial Blast increased freezing time 4sec -> 4.5sec
* Fixed Glacial Blasts descr.
* All Undead Heroes (Lich etc.) slowed attack speed bcs funny.
* All Undead Heroes increased atk dmg to acc slow.
* Undead Base removed unnecessary doodads to reduce space.
* Undead Base removed many buildings and re-arranged positions.
* Death Knight's aura changed animation to suit evil.
* Death Coil slightly increased atk dmg.
* Frost Armor slightly increased armor bonus.
* Lich added Death and Decay ability.
* Undead Heroes slightly increased movement speed.
* Mal Ganis Vampiric Aura incr 45% -> 50%
* Undead Heroes re-scaled size.
* Underworld Emperor (Deimos) reduced size.
* Deimos changed targeting circle.
* Grand Berstuk removed cleaving attack ability because funny.
* Grand Berstuk has chaos splash attack.
* Top Undead Base varied and replaced heroes.
* Dark Feast fixed wrong descr.
* Blizzard Whiteout reduced scale and darkened color.
* Improved descr for Blizzard Whiteout & Wings of Pestilence
* Sanctity IV reduced attack damage by levels.
* Sanctity VI: JM reduced attack damage by levels.
* Sanctity VI: TS rediced duration time by -5.
* Improved descr for Sanctity IV and VI.
* JM reduced explosion damage.
* Serathil fixed model being too high and not visible health bar.
* Boss Grand Berstuk changed name to Berstuk.
* Beelzamen added Chain Lightning ability 5 sec cooldown.
* Chain Collider ability increased range effect for satisfaction
* Chain collider fixed descr and improved.
* Turbulence ability changed name to Storm Turbulence
* Storm Turbulence reduced dmg 550/900 -> 450/750
* Death Wing reduced gold award 380 -> 300.
* Destroyer now has armor value.
* Fel Ravager reduced ms.
* Sapphiron now has 20% magic reduction.
* Black Gargoyle increased life 1400 -> 1500 and added armor.
* Blasting Catastrophe increased stomp damage 400 -> 500.
* Particle Style changed name to Particle Blast coz naruto zz.
* Particle Blast improved description.
* Re-Embodiment cooldown +1 sec.
* Falchion's Tornado summoning reduced attack damage 400 -> 300
* Reduced Perilous Point chance 20/20/20 -> 20/19/18
* Avatar's evade chance increased 50% -> 55%
* Darkness Kael's pyro blast reduced duration 11sec -> 9 sec
* Varimathras's dream bolt reduced duration 11sec -> 8 sec
* QoS shadow strike increased duration dmg 50 -> 55
* Mannoroth and Azgalor's Stomp increased stun duration.
* Fel Guard stomp increased stun duration and reduced cd.
* Glacial Blast increased dmg 950 -> 1000
* Diselement Aura slightly increased 5/7/9 -> 5/7.5/10
* Azure Saviors reduced atk dmg 600 -> 500/550/600
* Azure Saviors reduced fortified armor 12/22/34 -> 12/21/30
* DIselement aura fixed wrong buff.
* Apocalyptic blast fixed wrong descr.

10.82 - 10.84 UPDATE

* Skipped all.

10.81 UPDATE

* Fixed Ice Ring ability hotkey ability.
* Removed Lumber Requirement bug to fix Goblin Blaster
* Balanced all mecha unit worker repair time.
* Balanced all mecha unit worker repair gold cost.
* Sapphiron increased attack damage.
* Fixed wrong descr on Agi/Int/Armor bonus on Urn of Menos
* Gaia of the Aftermath changed all Attribute bonus values.
* Changed to 18 Str/18 Int -> 12 Str/18 Agi/25 Int.
* Gaia scroll increased price 5000 -> 5500.

10.80 UPDATE

* Created new powerful Undead Unit Sapphiron (Frost Wyrm)
* Sapphiron equipped with Splash Ice Blast and Frost Slow
* Sapphiron wave is halved with Black Gargoyle & balanced.
* Black Gargoyle now comes earlier in-game halved with Gargoyle.
* Created new purchasable unit Goblin Blaster (Awesome!)
* Goblin Blaster has Cluster Rocket ability.
* Cluster Rocket does not require mana but re-charging instead.
* Fixed Food Cost and Food Produced for all classes of units.
* Removed terrain bug spots in grass, tiles and blight.
* Created new bonus ability for Samurai Verdant's Masamura "Detonate"
* Detonate ability is an active and passive skill.
* Detonate ability now has 2 levels for each level of ulti.
* Improved description for Masamura Ulti.
* Goblin Zeppelin stock maximum changed 1 -> 3
* Flare Upgrade includes Goblin Blaster.
* Added tip description at all Structured Units on worker Repair.
* Improved worker description on repairing towers.
* Terrain further improved.
* Flame, Cold, Energy and Death Tower reduced life.
* All Undead Bosses changed attack type Normal -> Hero
* All Undead Bosses increased mana.
* All Undead Bosses increased HP.
* All Undead Bosses increased HP and Mana Regeneration.
* Some Undead Bosses changed armor Large -> Hero.
* Undead Bosses removed the Unholy Armor Upgrades.
* QoS increased atk spd.
* Death incr atk spd.
* Azgalor incr atk spd.
* Tichondrius incr atk spd.
* Flesh Golem incr atk spd.
* Mannoroth incr atk spd.
* Increased armor of all Undead Bosses drastically.
* BK Gargoyle comes earlier by 1 wave
* BK Gargoyle increased HP, atk spd and dmg both Air & Gnd.
* Obsidian Master life reverted bk 1800 -> 2000.
* Succubus reduced Int gain per level but incr Primary Int amt.
* Skull reduced size.
* Tichondrius atk sound changed metal -> rock
* Slightly reduced Death Wing's gold award.
* Builder changed name to Worker to prevent confusion
* Improved description for all purchasable units declaring melee/ranged
* BK Gargoyle increased HP & attack speed & attack dmg.
* Death Wagon and Infernal Juggernaut increased armor.
* Gaia of the Aftermath fixed wrong info +18 Intelligence.
* Cadaver's Rot Field improved buff effect overhead -> chest for 3D feel.
* Fixed Cadaver's Turmoil descr.
* Thanatos slightly increased attack speed.
* Fixed a bug at Scythe's Dark Reach ability.
* Dark Reach ability changed name to Dark Feast & remained hotkey.
* Added new effect at Dark Feast.
* Targeting area/circle for GO, IB, Occultist, AS, EK changed.
* Targeting Circle changed based on Race, Type and Color.

10.79 UPDATE

* Added doodads and improved terrain at Grand Berstuk's lair.
* Added special effects at Beelzamen's Lair
* Created new undead unit Black Gargoyle before Death Wing wave.
* Added doodas and texture at Undead's Meeting.
* Created new item scroll Edge of the Sanctified with Heal ability.
* Created new item scroll Gaia of the Aftermath with Blood Surge
* Armor of all purchasable units increased.
* Bonus Gold at 1200 sec is increased 1000gold -> 2000 gold
* Created a variety of special effects with some Undead Bosses.
* All Undead Bosses fixed turn rate, movement rate, and animation.
* Undead Advanced: Obsidian Master reduced HP by 200.
* Urn of menos reduced price by 1000.
* Fixed item cooldown clashing between Menos and Light.
* Balanced creep gold award between Forcible and Stronger lane.
* Further increased all undead creep gold award.
* Hero death time reduced to fit revival text.
* Annhilating Energy changed to Annhilating Aura
* Arrow of Chaos changed name to Chaos Arrow
* Supreme Batallion upgrade reduced price by 500.
* Galactic Omega reduced range by 30.
* Chill Circle changed name to Ice Ring
* Ice Ring changed hotkey.
* Siege Engine reduced price by 300.
* Dragonhawk Rider reduced price by 50 & incr atk dmg by 20.
* Rifleman reduced price by 30.
* Diabolic Flame fixed hotkey description.
* Grandeur Frost changed stunned buff effect.
* Star Cluster fixed hotkey description.
* Tornado Blade changed name to Vortex Blade
* Item description improved with added colors.
* Death Tower reduced price by 1000.
* Cold tower/flame tower reduced price by 500.
* Energy tower reduced price by 1000.
* Majestic knight reduced price by 100.
* King Aurius changed name to King Achilles
* King Dodge ability increased 10% -> 13%
* Ulti Masamura reduced scale selection to avoid screen block.
* All Ulti descr now displays cooldown with grey-ish color.
* All Reinforcement Units increased HP and Attack damage to own undead.
* Thanatos increased attack speed.
* Skull increased gold award 20 -> 40
* Skull amount reduced
* Improved Masonry upgrade slightly increased gold to 900 per upgrade.
* Improved Masonry Hit Points bonus decreased 0.50 -> 0.25
* Animal War Training upgarde effect incr 1000hp -> 1500hp bonus
* Removed some annoying doodads and terrain structures.
* Scaling value of Guard Towers and Skull reduced to prevent lag.
* Fog vision at centre of castle now clearer.
* Archimonde decreased attack speed.
* Changed Archimonde model type.
* Darkness Kael increased attack speed and changed missile art.
* Properly re-scaled all undead heroes size to match player hero.
* UB Voidwalker now has Infinite Darkness aura Ability
* UB Sludge now has Toxic Vine aura ability.
* UB Revenant now has Lightning Sphere aura ability.
* UB Darkness Kael now has Pyro Blaze aura ability.
* UB Death now has Blade of Lightning ability.
* All Rage Aura ability changed icon and description.
* All UB re-shadowed according to scaling and size.
* UB Sludge now has Poison ability.
* Mannoroth Intimidating Aura increased 28% -> 30%
* Kael Armor Reduction aura inc 16 -> 18 armor
* Mannoroth Armor Reduction aura increased 30 -> 32
* Gnoll Brothers ensnare now active on AI usage.
* UB Darkness Kael Inferno Bolt increased damage 612 -> 750
* UB Tichondrius Dead Pulse increased damage 725 -> 900
* Mannoroth War Stomp increased damage 2000 -> 2200 , 2.3 -> 3 second stun.
* All buff description on UB abilities changed name, icon and descr.
* UB Azgalor now has spell damage reduction by 30%.
* Mannoroth has spell damage reduction by 40%.
* Death Shocker improved buff description.
* Some ability fixed color description inavailability.
* Darkness Within changed name to Black Heart
* Apocalyptic Blast increased cooldown 6 -> 6.5 sec

10.78 UPDATE

* I skipped .78

10.77 UPDATE

* Created new item Urn of Menos with Soul Surge ability.
* All Hero ability description now displays level.
* Reduce to Ashes ulti now has 2 levels.
* Terrain improved to reduce messiness.
* Changed music theme #1
* All item now shoes abilities correctly with color
* Burning Stream increased cooldown by 4 sec & increased manacost.
* Mad Ravage increased damage per atk.
* Further strengthen Armor, Atk Dmg, Abilities & Speed of Undead Heroes.
* Scythe Lifesteal reduced 36% -> 32%
* Created new item Scroll of Resurrection.
* Created new item Scroll of Restoration
* Created new item Scroll of Town Portal.
* Assigned and Fixed Arcane Vault item hotkeys.
* Greyhawk bash reduced duration 2.0 -> 1.5
* Greyhawk reduced price by 500.
* Galatine of the Wrathful reduced price by 500.
* Rearranged Item positions in Arcane Vault.
* Arondight Bash reduced 25% -> 20%
* All Undead Creeps further increased gold award.
* Death, Energy, Flame and Cold Tower reduced gold drastically.
* All Rank A and B purchasable unit decreased gold cost drastically.
* Royal King added Dodge as default ability.
* Soul Cutter reduced price by 1000.
* Changed Aeras illusion ability name to duality
* Repositioned Attribute Bonus icon placement
* Repair cost of Death, Guard, Sentry, Cannon tower reduced.
* Lycaon missile model changed to avoid confusion with lifesteal
* Fixed some abilities descriptions.
* Oromis reduced price by 500.
* Ankh of reincarnation reduced price by 500.
* All hero death time increased to 5/6 sec.
* Added info at Ankh as a game tip.
* Bastille reduced price by 1000.
* Agris of the Sun reduced price by 500.
* Mattock, Tiger, Solais reduced price by 1000.
* Rapier of the Elements reduced price by 500
* Thiasus reduced price by 1000
* Rebirth Stone reduced price by 500.
* Birzingamen Scroll reduced price by 500
* Atramentum reduced price by 300.
* Bottle of Mana & Healing reduced price by 50.
* Healing Wards reduced price by 100.
* Potion of Divinity reduced price by 300.
* All Scrolled Items recalculated with current gold drop.
* Undead Bosses increase gold award tremendously
* All Undead Heroes increased attack damage.
* Death Revenant Chain Lightning increased damage to 270.
* Death Revenant increased attack damage.
* Fel Guard Storm Bolt increased damage to 140
* Fel Guard HP increased by 300, mana increased by 30
* Death Revenant HP increased by 300
* Satyr Hellcaller HP increased by 300
* QoS HP increased by 300
* Forcible Ghoul & Crypt HP increased by 100
* Stronger Ghoul & Crypt increased HP by 100
* Raging Ghoul and Crypt increased gold award
* All creeps after forcible increased gold award amount.

10.76 UPDATE

* Aphotic Devastation changed name to Black Pulse with same skill.
* Created new skill "Aphotic Devastation" as bonus ULTI for Maximon
* Changed Icon for Black Pulse skill.
* Changed icon for "Aphotic Devastation" ULTI.
* Removed Corrupted Blade passive skill for Scythe.
* Fixed Icon position for Bonus Ulti of Maximon and Ultima.
* Improved descr for Typhoon Havoc and Aphotic Devastation.
* Typhoon Havoc reduced life 5000 -> 3000
* Re-scaled selection Typhoon Havoc to avoid lag, and excess path block.
* Removed caster animation for Dark Reach.
* All undead creeps increased award gold.
* Most undead creeps dice gold increased.
* Turmoil evasion now standard 10% from 10/15/20
* Ultima Morph and Maximon Morph increased cooldown 130 -> 140
* All undead boss increased armor and very slight increase in dmg.
* Undead Creeps 2nd Level Upwards very slight increase atk dmg.
* Azgalor increased hp 7500 -> 7700
* All third and fourth level creeps increased awarded gold tremendously.
* Added & Improved Hero "Role" description.
* Removed all hero "hotkey" at pick point.
* Thanatos Increased movement speed but reduced attack damage & dice.
* Recreation Summoning ulti reduced AoE effect, cast range & stun dur.
* Recreation Summoning Increased mana req. 425/600 -> 500/725
* Annhilating Energy reduced percent drastically 40/60/80 -> 30/45/60
* Fixed Annhilating Energy descr, buff icon.
* Obscurity reduced percent 25/50/75 -> 25/45/65
* Created new message on Lord Archimonde approaches at final wave.
* Changed defeat message.
* Undead Hero Abilities (AI) changes :-
* Flesh Golem increased damage 720 -> 740
* Azgalor atk dmg increased 550 -> 560
* Death atk dmg increased 800 -> 900
* Mannoroth atk dmg increasd 1800 -> 2000
* Avatar of Vengeance evade chance increased 40% -> 50%
* Death Revenant Chain lightning increased damage 220 -> 240
* Mannoroth Demeaning Aura 25% -> 30%
* Fel Guard War Stomp Increased damage 150 -> 165
* Mal Ganis vamp aura increased 25% -> 40%
* Satyr increased Command Aura 8% -> 9%
* Tichondrius Darkness Blow increased dmg 650 - 725
* Avatar critical increased 10% -> 13%
* Death Shocker increased 200 -> 250 dmg, 100 -> 130 Mana Drain
* Undead Bosses Wave 8 above increased armor.
* Azgalor Armor Reduction aura increased 10 -> 12
* Mannoroth Armor Reduction Aura increased 25 -> 28
* Darkness Kael Armor Reduction Aura increased 15 -> 16
* Queen of Suffering Shadow Strike increased decay dmg 45 -> 50

10.75 UPDATE

* Created new item Rebirth Stone
* Created new item Aeras of the Transcendent
* Replaced Exhuming Eyes skill with new skill Amputate.
* Balanced Amputate for all levels.
* Reduced Earthblast all lvl dmg.
* Turmoil reduced crit. percentage to 40%
* Slightly increased Undead Boss' shadow strike damage.
* Perfected skill descr for Earthblast and Galactic Nova.
* Unholy Ravage changed name to Mad Ravage.
* Healing Ward hp reduced to 115.
* Ankh of Reincarnation (item) delay reduced significantly.
* Ankh of Reincarnation (item) further reduced price.
* Edited Royal King's inventory
* Created a new item for King to reduce inventory available slots.
* All weapon-item replenish time reduced.
* Undead Bosses added own classifications to avoid exploitations.
* Soul Cutter removed 16 sec cooldown to avoid clashing.
* All item cooldowns now stack with one another.
* Death Wing Dragon now targeted as Air Unit in combat.
* Death Pact cannot be targeted on Death Wing Dragon anymore.
* Death Wing slightly increased attack speed.
* Strike Paralysis changed name to Impale Strike
* Impale Strike increased stunning duration for Heroes.
* Improved many other Skill descriptions.

10.74 UPDATE

* Further perfected all hero skill descriptions.
* Concealed Laceration increased dmg for all lvl tremendously.
* Concealed Laceration balanced all lvl damage for long term.
* Samurai Knight changed name to Verdant Samurai
* Battou VI serathil changed name
* Battou IV masamura changed name
* Shock Field changed name
* Increased Infernal Juggernaut gold award 63 -> 90
* Suffering Combantants skill changed to Reduce To Ashes.
* Cold devourer changed name to Blizzard Whiteout
* Tiger of the Alacritous reduced agility bonus to 25
* Reduced gold cost of Galatine of the Wrathful by 1000.
* Arondight of the Colossal balanced to be 12k price.
* Balanced all heroes initial armor based min 0 and max 1.
* Judder Masamura resized hp bar scale to avoid screen lag.
* Judder Masamura LVL 2 changed color.
* Divinity Power Up now can only be obtained when killing Berstuk.
* Reduced stun duration by 1 sec of Star Cluster and Dark Reach.
* Serathil slightly scale resized to avoid lag.
* Created new item at Arcane Vault: Healing Wards that move at 450 ms
* Healing Wards heals high hp, 2 charges and sold cheap.
* Vicious Fortress slightly reduced damage reduction because imbaaaaaa

10.73 UPDATE

* Updated Insights (F9) info to help players even more with informations and huge tips.
* Fixed Insights error in scrolling.
* Fixed many item descriptions imperfections.
* Scythe of the Reaver reduced lifesteal percentage.
* Reduced Agris of the Sun and Birzingamen's Blaze damage.
* Rebalanced Blaze all levels mana cost.
* Falcon of the Sinless reduced damage bonus by 100.
* Fixed Maximon's description buff.
* Thanatos increased attack damage tremendously.
* Thanatos increased armor and changed armor type to large/heavy.
* Thanatos added Mega Bash ability.
* Eros increased attack damage tremendously but reduced attack speed.
* Added a legendary item to be dropped by Thanatos.
* Changed beelzamen's leg. item name.
* Changed all ability & bonus of Berstuk, Thanatos and Beelzamen item drop.
- Berstuk, strength based item
- Beelzamen, intelligent based item
- Thanatos, agility based item
* Legendary items now stack to become one strongest item.
* Reduced selling cost of all leg. item.
* Changed icon for all leg. item.
* Created new auto-scroll with the requirement of all 3 leg. item combination
* Auto-Scroll is Ultimatum of the World.
* Added color texts to easily identify an item, scroll, leg. item or ultimatum.
* In-game hints are updated.
* Galactic Matter skill perfected descr. and reduced trap lasting duration.
* Fixed in-game description on targeting reincarnated Neutral Bosses.

10.72 UPDATE

* Farming is now made alot easier.
* Neutral Boss Berstuk now drops a str based legendary item when killed.
* Neutral Boss Beelzamen now drops an agi/int based legendary item when killed.
* Increased all boss base awarded gold tremendously.
* Rebalanced all enemy units dice awarded gold.
* Reduced price of Ankh of Reincarnation from 5k to 4k.
* Soul Cutter/Scythe's Death Pact cooldown bug fixed.
* Soul Cutter cooldown is 16 second while Scythe has none.
* Soul Cutter/Scythe item perished fix.
* Scythe Lifesteal Reduced to 45%.
* Fixed some abilities descriptions.
* Further increased all enemy units awarded gold.
* Amulet of the Eternals Scroll increased gold to from 4k to 8k.
* All hero added Role and Ultimate Skill description at initial pick point.
* Fire Essence now stacks with all heroes.
* Created new item Agris of the Sun.
* Created new item scroll Birzingamen of Judgment.
* Morgan's Manifold Mastery reduced attack to 8 units.
* Manifold mastery removed the bonus damage effect.
* Lycaon's ulti Refined Infernal reduced attack speed by level.
* Refined Infernal increased level 1 requirement from lvl 8 to 10.
* Score screen now shows icons properly.

10.71 UPDATE

* Holy Persuation can now heal heroes and units.
* Increased all enemy units kill awarded gold.
* Fixed Light of Faith to heal non-hero units.
* Reduced cooldown for Azure Savior all levels.
* Igniz is now a recipe scroll.
* Falcon of the Sinless is now a recipe scroll.
* Increased Royal Pillar at mid and top life.
* Soul Cutter charges reduced to 3.
* Soul Cutter's death pact now has a cooldown of 30 sec.
* Scythe of the Reaver is now a recipe scroll from Soul Cutter.
* Death Pact cannot be targeted on Undead Bosses no more.
* Improved noticeable descriptions.

10.70 UPDATE

* Now created item recipe system.
* Weaponry shop now divided into two; Grand and Superior.
* Fixed Weaponry for being available to specific player.
* Amulet of the Eternals is now a recipe scroll.
* Added new item Greyhawk
* Added new item Galatine of the Wrathful.
* Added new item Scythe of the Reaver.
* Added new item Light of Faith.
* Added new item Arondight of the Colossal Recipe scroll.
* 1st wave Ghoul, Wagon, Crypt +1 ARMOR.
* Repositioned all icon in Grand/Superior Weaponry.
* Cold tower reduced armor, attack speed and dice damage.
* Fire tower reduced armor, attack speed and dice damage.
* Death tower reduced armor.
* Energy tower reduced armor, attack speed, attack damage, dice damage.

10.69 UPDATE

* -easy mode now has 70% handicap and -seasy 40%.
* Undead Camp Separated green and brown.
* Fixed description on Shock Field ability.
* Undead Camp units, heroes and buildings re-positioned.
* Improved Terrain structure.
* Increased life of all Undead Building Structures to prevent -seasy overkill.
* Black Citadel increased armor to 20.
* Added Shade Unit to all Black Citadels as AoE vision.
* All Undead buildings give Gold when destroyed.

10.68 UPDATE

* Magic Sentry passive added to Royal Pillar
* Improved description on Worker.
* Corrected reviving info.
* Ulti Masamura Level 1 & 2 increased to 400 & 600 life respectively.
* Diselement Aura reduced armor reduction rate.
* Worker changed name to Builder.
* Relocated icons in goblin laboratory.
* Stated info that Builder cannot leave castle.
* Introducing new towers that can be built
- Cold Tower
- Flame Tower
- Energy Tower
- Death Tower
* Scout Tower renamed to Basic Tower.
* Improved description regarding all towers.
* Relocated icons of towers in Basic Tower Upgrades.
* Removed Gather ability from builder.
* Removed Reveal ability from Towers.
* Improved description on Siege Engine Upgrades.
* Undead Bosses are slightly more powerful.
* All undead bosses skill improved.
* Added a lot more skills for Undead Bosses.
* Improved description for Endless Oppress skill.
* Blood Breath wave distance reduced and corrected hot key info.
* Builder reduced life regeneration rate.
* Fixed added lumber (Available Player) after 10 minutes trigger error.
* Fixed Thanatos, Berstuk, Eros and Beelzamen info.


► map description gen 「vengeancekael」

Angels, Mecha, Undead, Humans, Orcs, Burning Legion, Thanatos, Darkness, Light, Heaven, Hell, Hero, Defense, Arena, Castle, Popular, Fire, Ice, Metal,

Abnegate Exilant 10.86 (Map)

19:58, 26th Apr 2013 Orcnet: a very forward map, the game reminds me of those maps with huge damage base and armor to accomplish the main goal and so, any else map approved




19:58, 26th Apr 2013
Orcnet: a very forward map, the game reminds me of those maps with huge damage base and armor to accomplish the main goal and so, any else map approved
Level 3
Apr 25, 2013
yes, it will copy what hero of your use. but if u want all to be royal king, then choose only until all have been chosen to be "royal king".

yes you are right. i'll try to look into that when i have time. thanks for telling me though, i just get passed on some things like that.
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Level 4
Sep 15, 2010
Hey, the one with the Earth God model, a werewolf, i don't know who's author is, and i can't guess it right. Can you tell me what's that werewolf model author? Thanks.
Level 3
Feb 16, 2013
Tried it several times with 3 other friends on Garena, it seems a bit too difficult even in -seasy mode, or is it just us? At around 5 minutes to reinforcements' arrivals, we get overwhelmed by the Death Knight heroes raising invulnerable corpses. Our lineup were Falchion and his brother, succubus and Cain. The invulnerable raised units were OP. Or are we doing something wrong?
Level 23
Mar 15, 2012
merge what posts?

i've fixed the lumber repair a few versions ago dude

you mean the color codes is it ..

10-18-2013, 11:38 AM
10-18-2013, 11:44 AM
10-18-2013, 11:48 AM

Looks like you were pretty eager to get post count or just to spam or you didn't know there was a edit button.

Just trying to help, I failed to read your change-log... only saw all the posts so I saw nothing of that being fixed.

Color codes? I mean tell people your map can't be opened in the hive description. Not everybody can figure out what "PRO" means for a map.

If you want a more detailed review then make sure to ask. ( Though I won't usually get to it right away. )
I say a 3/5 (2.8/5) - It is able to be approved however it could be improved big time.

Improve your terrain.
Instead of spamming boss,unit,hero types maybe try creating unique ones at each base?
Instead of allowing just one undead base to be destroyed to win maybe change it or make a mode to let you finish them off?
Better triggered spells/abilities if you have any.
A wider variety of item-selection.
Maybe some rare/unique systems such as a full-screen inventory.
Extra command options to tint/color your unit/s,hero or -name.
Better balance of your difficulties.

I do like the concept/idea, just it isn't original. X-hero siege did it better currently.

EDIT: Improve your description by hiding your screenshots, and features like you did credits and changelog.
Level 3
Apr 25, 2013
i see, well okay ..

i didn't want to create a super unique warcraft 3 or a crazy triggered-based map in the first place.
so i went on focusing on some things that other map just dont really bother, such as skins, many custom models, icons, exploding skills and gameplay simplicity.

if i would compare to x-hero siege is that it's not my style of play. for me i don't like a game that's too default looking, personally prefer a faster paced game with more focus on skills and supporting units. also many Bosses that comes attacking the base.

i wouldn't focus too much on the slow and complicated strategies, screen shifting, but instead simple and straight-forward ones with explosive combat with the feel of a war map.

yes i've thought about doing that, a turn by turn war-combat-whatever between the two teams. but that would just go too long wouldn't it, as i'll be finishing this map in a couple more versions. with purpose of having a simple yet stylish play.

altogether there are 24 items in here. also there are many Upgrades, many Units to purchase and many Towers to be built. i dont think there is a need to have more items since there already so many to do with the player's Gold.

also, because the map is against AI, there wouldn't be need for too much items wouldn't it? unless if i ever made it to become a VS map because items would be a massive role.

the difficulty of the map is what makes the game if you would call "addictive", i wouldn't touch on that aspect but as long as i know the game can be won especially with 3 or 4 players.

maybe it's not your type of game and i understand it, not everyone likes a fast paced, hefty beat-crush game like this.

but i appreciate your feedback, and i will look into every aspect you've said.
Level 3
Apr 25, 2013
Yes i understood, what i meant is that i think there wouldnt be a need to add more items since this is not a VS player map. If you consider the purchasable units, towers, tombs, potions, weapon etc the focus is to many others than just items, man. Oh the triple posts, at the time was meant to change the map preview in this site, little i knew it did nothing but to give some time
Level 5
Oct 8, 2010
I must Say I had a chuckle on the last tip.
"♦ Best to play while drinking and listening to some death metal music."

Now that is something to look out for (^_^)
Level 6
May 23, 2011
Quick review for you:

Raenai's ult only does 50 damage per sec wich makes it completely useless late game

Festrong and Aegeon have the exact same ult

There are too many mana regeneration aura abilities, you should change some abilities up

sienas's cleansing aura is pretty weak

Vengwyr and darkaedan have the same passive ability

Xeliosh and zelsh are preeeeety much the same

Scythe and falchion have the same problem as xeliosh and zelsh

Seraph's passive is just broken as hell

Scythe, Falchion, Isolde = same ultimate just different skins/models

You really need to work better at these hero spells, if you need any help just message me
Level 30
Nov 29, 2012
The Hive Workshop Official

Map Reviewer: Hell_Master
Map Name: Abnegate Exilant (v10.68)
Map Author: Chaos Death



A pretty much of an original map, not copied except for the fact it rsembles much X Hero Siege.

Score: 56/100


Presentation is pretty much well-done with lots of information to read and get to know with and a Site Review which can be a persuading way for others to play the map. A really great presentation and nice tactics of persuading for others to play your map!

Score: 83/100


Minimap Image is pretty much great though it could have a loading screen in the other hand because the loading screen being black looks bad and is a sign of lack of effort to put even of a decent loading screen. No errors found on icons and all.

Score: 64/100


Terrain looks decent though could still be worked on. The castle area which you are to spawn could still be worked on by putting some doodads and destructibles that best fits in it. Also, grass tile with a manmade tile looks weird for a combination, I suggest change the combination of tiles to something: manmade to manmade tiles.

The Undead or Defiled area part of the map or terrain needs much work seeing that they are just plainly trees and some little amounts of doodas. Please do add some tile variations here aswell for it greatly needs it.

Score: 56/100

Object Data

Pretty much fine and the abilties/spells and stats pretty much fit the heroes very well. I like how you made those spells for each hero, they are pretty much useful in battle (it can even change the situations in the field).

Score: 66/100


Overall, it looks good for a map though could use some more interesting factors in it instead of defending and such. If you are to see, the original X Hero Siege by Sogat features special events each time that passes. I do think it would also be much more interesting if you are to add some in the game. More items and could use some item recipes and items gainable through bosses or events ( if you are to implement events).

Also, I got the same complain with the super easy mode being hard, my whole team was even defeated at the middle part of the game (I played with AI by the way). I even got two great items in my slots but still got defeated. You should lower down a ton the difficulty and seeing the name Super Easy, the difficulty looks pretty much deceiving because it's still hard.

Score: 67/100


Could have some sort of a loading screen fitting for this map. Leaving it blank and black like that looks bad in any means.

Terrains could be improved much more. See through my suggestions on the Terrain part of my review.

Could still use some more interesting features instead of plainly defending a King. Special Event is a possible way of making it interesting.

Could use some more items and better those that are recipe items and items that are gained through boss drops or special event (if you are to implement special event).

The difficulty Super Easy looks deceiving. If we are to see it, at this difficulty, it should be a point where we are to know the game yet but how will the newbie player feel if they are killed easily at the very easy difficulty of the game? It might cause loss of interest.


Final Score: 65.333/100


Contact: (Visitor Message) / (Private Message) / (Map Reviewers)
Level 1
Jan 4, 2014
Just finished. Normal mode.Took us two tries. Shoutout to my crew for finishing it with me : AT a.k.a Adidas Top, Smithy Boi, Safeway and me L-Dot. :) Ps saved replay, can upload if want proof :) peace out bruvs !!
Level 6
May 23, 2011
well nothing bad was found (wich is very good) i just think you should add a drop for Thanatos just like you did with the werewolf. something like "Sword Of Thanatos"
Level 1
May 14, 2014
how can you play with bots? I`ve tried creating a custom game added the bots to insane but every frickin time I start the game they do nothing... no hero pick... the units seem to roam around a bit but thats it...