Ability Level Cap?

Level 2
Aug 14, 2017
So I'm working on a map where the level cap for heroes is 20, and the abilities I've added thus far have 5 levels, and ultimates have 3 upgrades. Yet when I test out the map after I level basic abilities 3 times, I can't level them up a 4th/5th time. Same goes for the ultimate ability except for it disappears after the 1st point. Have I missed a restriction somewhere?
It is also worth mentioning that I use the tinker upgrade ability to swap placeholder abilities to make a hero gain these abilities from item pickups. I think this might be the reason because If I have a hero that already has the abilities learnt in the object editor, I can get them past level 3/1

Update: As it turns out, if you are using this swap mechanism you need to make sure the placeholder ability also has the amount of levels desired. This fixed my issue.
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