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Abandon Hope! v2.5

Submitted by Mails_PR
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
You want to get out? Then...
Abandon Hope! v2.5

A map with an awkward sense of humor

(The map works only with patch 1.29 and later versions)

A challenging dungeon crawl/roguelike with the most important element of randomness.
Can be played alone or in a team up to 6 players. Includes 5 levels with 5 rooms each. Different levels contain monsters, bosses, puzzles, traps, and gifts. After every level, there is a boss fight.
Abandon Hope also offers a variety of not mandatory secret bosses and mini-games.
This map is stuffed with hundreds of different cultural references to different games, books, myths, tales, and many other things.

Author: MailsPR

-Replayability and random generation of everything (heroes, items, enemies, events, bosses)
-9 heroes, 250 different enemies, including 80 bosses, a great variety of trap-rooms (more than 25)
-Over 230 incredibly hilarious, dangerous and sophisticated items
-Play alone or with your friends - difficulty adjusts to the number of players
-Restart option is always available
-Elective fun mini-games (TD, AoS, Survival, Hero Defence, Boss Arena, Maze Escape, Race and WC3 History Quiz)
-Multiple game endings
-Awesome custom music for every level
-Hundreds of cultural references (starting from ancient Japanese fairytales and Footman's Frenzy to the House of Cards and Golden Axe)
-Traps and Easter eggs are hidden all over the place!​
Average playtime:
A full run (that is, no game overs) varies depending on participation in mini-games.
It takes around 50-60 minutes without them, around 90 minutes with them.

TIP: 3 Main rules
1) ALWAYS READ descriptions
2) NEVER be TOO SURE of yourself


Plot excerpt:
Long time ago the most tainted and vicious villains have been sentenced by the Archangels themselves to spend the rest of their lives in misery in a fortress called "Abandon Hope". This eternal imprisonment for centuries seemed to have no end. However, today they had a chance to escape. A stranger comes out of thin air, destroying magical barriers surrounding them. Now the criminals have to survive threats from different worlds of Terra, Limb, Purgatorio, Inferno, and Paradiso...

This map is a short prequel to my other project, Die Hard.

Special Credits:


General Frank
Champara Bros
Rubellu Sidus
KrewL RaiN

If you are not included, do please not hesitate to contact me.

Changelog v2.5

-20 New items and 3 new secret crafts
-The resurection item sold at the Shopkeeper is now not used automatically (which should prevent the non-resurection bug)
-Most of the cooldowns for the items at the Shopkeeper are much longer now to prevent people from "long-wait-game" scenarios
-Level 4 bosses and mini-bosses were made stronger and their AI is a bit smarter now
-Some of the old items were changed/renamed (incl. Chaos Emerald, secret items, etc)
-When entering the Black Portal there is a 50% chance to end up in the Super Secret Shop
-Minor textual corrections, etc.

Changelog v2.4

-The map is updated for patches 1.29 and 1.30 respectively
-A normal ending now has a boss-fight with Horadrim
-Cinematics introduced for both normal and true endings
-10 more items
-4 more new traps and events
-Balance changes in the boss fights, some of the bugged spells were removed
-Now there is a super-secret shop with super-secret items!
-Introduced a blood bank and explosive barrels
-Introduced keys and magical chests
-Level 5 mobs were made significantly stronger
-Decoration corpses ^___^
The bug with crazy enemy AI is fixed for the new game versions

Changelog 2.3b
-The filter bug is now finally solved
-Most of the dummies do not cause multiple door openings anymore
-Maze bugs fixed (with doodads blocking the doors)
-7 New items and 1 new secret craft
-New music for Apocalypse riders to distinguish them from bosses/mini-bosses
-Boss fixes and rebalanced (mana issues solved with many bosses, more powerful Dracula and Heaven guards, etc.)
-Item bug fixes (some items not appearing, number of charges, etc.)
-Textual and graphical corrections

Changelog v2.3a
-A bunch of new spells for bosses was introduced as well as some AI improved and balance corrections
-Maze mini-game has been made more difficult (hp and time cuts, as well as the random generation of possible exits)
-Levels of mini-bosses fixed (cannot be influenced by negative spells like Polymorph now, etc.)
-5 new items
-Portal bugs fixed (all buildings owned by players are removed after the boss-fight in the squared arena)
-The lever in the secret room is more accessible now
-Keys of the Apostol are removed from the start
-Units in Vampirism balanced
-Textual and graphical corrections

Changelog v2.3
-A new secret location - HUUUGE
-10 more items
-Added Atalai's altars and a gladiator-fight event connected with them
-A new possible bonus effect added to destructibles when destroying them (Healing Wave)
-Redesigned the racing track
-A couple of items and enemies redesigned
-Different bug fixes (quiz, Sparrow tongue, Claws of Strengths, Killshots of the Archer, etc.)

Changelog v2.2 (including 2.1a/b/c)
-Added 10 new items; a couple of items redesigned
-New invisible easter egg units (and a new item to find them)
-Now shopkeepers can resurrect people for money
-Rune of Mana and Health are removed; Runes of Restorations are added
-Wrath, Oni, and Bloodthirsty Deity got new spells and were rebalanced
-Summoning sins and getting lots of golems does not affect your income anymore
-Quiz bug fixes, once again
-The introduction was amended and expanded
-The TD Easter Egg bug with not giving you a present is fixed :p
-Now quiz participants can move only during the last question (as a means of possible debugging)
-A short selectable introduction for beginners mode at the start was introduced
-A bug with the game being paused after one of the heroes dies in the second or first type of mini-games, that is:
-A new event (fountain of regeneration was introduced)
-Freedom of movement during the quiz was restricted up until the last question
-Golems have proper eyesight now
-All golems (except the siege one) are Undead now as well as Sinodai (for the sake of Satanistic Pokeball!)
-All golems (except the siege one) have a "Slow" ability now
-Sharazar portal/experience bug fixed
-Imperius does not get stuck in the walls during the fight (as he used to do for a couple of seconds)
-Gold Dice range increased from 1:1000 to 1:2000
-Sharazar death gives experience now
-Decoration walkability was fixed, some new decorations added as well
-Mana capacity for most of the bosses in Level 4 has been increased significantly
-Icon and textual fixes (e.g., ultimate of the Dictator)

Changelog v2.1

-Shopkeeper has some new stuff again, check it out
-Golems cannot change their allegiance many times now
-The quiz game is optimized and is a bit faster now
-Free movement and an option to commit suicide during the quiz were introduced
-Levels of all bosses in the first zone have been set to 5
-More adjustments of difficulties for bosses (Behemoth, Nihaltak, and Famine have been made stronger and smarter, Pestilence has been nerfed)
-Some decorative changes
-Textual corrections once again

Changelog v2.0
The Beta version is finally finished! The map is now totally playable and most of the major bugs have been removed.
-Added 10 more new items, including 4 new combinations
-Fixed the bug with Vampirism and TD units lacking behind after the game was finished
-Fixed the bug with mobs movement in the TD
-Fixed the bug with a player leaving during the quiz
-Fixed the Auriel bug during the Final boss - she does not disappear anymore
-Fixed the bug with the secret TD boss triggering a new level
-Fixed Tree summoning abilities for Yggdrasil
-Made Thoth a more interesting and challenging boss
-A couple of items not randomly generating have been brought back
-Fixed a minor bug with the Blacksmith in the Vampirism mini-game
-Added new sound effects to encourage you :p
-Fixed some icon and textual bugs (e.g., like with the King's second ability)
-Changed a couple of models for enemies

Changelog v1.9 (including 1.8a/b/c)
-Added 15 more items (and 1 combination)
-Redesigned several items as well (to commemorate certain maps :p)
-Shopkeeper sells some new stuff now :) Check it out
-The Landless King is a bit more powerful now (his 1st skill got improved, 2nd one was replaced with a new one)
-Envy got a new skill and is even smarter now
-Level 1 bosses are more balanced now and a bit stronger (Paladin's Aura bug is fixed)
-A bug with the Skull of Guldan shifting bosses creation is fixed
-An enormous bug is fixed with many of available items (around 20 of them!) not spawning in random generation
-Fixed the bug with mobs entering the post-super boss portal multiple times
-Bug-fix with the quiz (once again!)
-Fixed the bug with the Maze enemies disappearing
-Several mini-bosses skills not working have been fixed (such as Howl of Terror, certain summons, etc.)
-Some Towers and Mobs in the TD are rebalanced
-TD track is shorter now, mobs are a bit smarter (e.g., the blinking wave)
-A new Easter Egg with the TD added
-Frigates are less powerful in the TD
-The Race has more obstacles now
-Minotaur, Caiman, and Beelzebub (mini-bosses) are harder now
-Added some new features for a couple of items (e.g., see Duriel's Claw, etc.)
-Some balance changes in all levels (traps and events are more likely now)
-Removed the book that was not supposed to be at the very start xD
-Life Drain ability is changed a bit (makes less noise, costs less mana)
-Textual corrections

Changelog v1.8 (including 1.7a/b)
-Angela quest is harder now, mobs are really trying to kill her
-Tower Defense has been sped up significantly
-Mini-bosses in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th zone have become smarter and more balanced now with most of their spells adjusting to the level of difficulty as well
-Its design has been changed completely as well
-Added 8 more items and 1 combination
-Envy (Boss) does not attack but uses only spells now
-Text corrections
-A couple of decorative changes
-Locust spells cannot spawn ghosts and coins anymore
-Fixed the bug with obstacles during the race, which do not hinder you
-Fixed the illusion bug with the spirits (no more do they spawn billions of coins and runes)
-Fixed the icon bug for Ressurection
-Fixed the Parasitic blade bug

Changelog v1.7 (including 1.6a/b/c)
Gameplay bugfixes:
-Added 8 more items
-Added Spirits (if you kill an enemy, there is a small chance that it will return back to life as a vengeful spirit)
-Fixed the hallucinations bug (filter is removed)
-Fixed the bug when you refuse Angela's quest and get teleported to Level 4
-Changed the obstacles to races
-Fixed the bug with the Retired Executioner (she cannot kill bosses with her passive skill anymore)
-A crucial with the dialogue window in the first mini-game
-The Skull of Guldan works properly now and affects the difficulty of the game
-Bug fixes with the leave system at the very beginning
-Survival bug fixed (you can play it many times now, not getting stuck in the first room)
-Flame Towers cannot kill allies anymore
-The amount of time for the race has been decreased to 90 seconds
-A couple of items got changed due to the bugs of many channeling spells not being by the World Editor system
-Some of the bosses have regained back their HP regeneration, which was turned off for some reason xD

Changelog v1.6

-Introduced a new mini-game (Hero Defence)
-Major bug fixes with kick system, several items (such as the Skull of Guldan), other mini-games (such as cars getting stuck, not being teleported after losing in vampirism, etc.)
-Mr. Anomaly cannot die because of the "Pain" ability anymore
-Added 5 more items
-Introduced QWE for most mini-games

Changelog v1.5
-Introduced an AP-mode
-Fixed bugs with several items, including The Burden (slows you down now)
-Fixed the bug with the Apocalypse boss
-Fixed the bug with some of the traps (including some Mobs and Runes spawning)
-Added 10 more items
-Fixed passive abilities granted by Claws
-Changed several mobs and bosses (e.g., Beelzebub, Northwind, etc.)
-Rebalanced some of the traps

Changelog v1.4

-Fixed the Quiz bugs
-Fixed the TD bug
-Fixed the endless stun bug with Hades
-Added 1 more mini-game
-Added 5 more events and traps
-Added Apocalypse portals on every level
-Added 5 more items

Changelog v1.3

-Three new heroes
-Added 15 more items, which are trickier than ever
-More (+3) traps/events
-Mini-games mode included! After the 2nd and 4th Super-Bosses, you can play mini-games for getting more bonuses (6 mini-games in total - AoS, TD, Survival, Maze escape, Boss-fight, Quiz)
-Rebalanced some of the bosses/mobs (many mobs have "Spikes" and "Dispel" now)
-Fixed reported bugs

Changelog v1.2

-Fixed the bug with the Hades's nova
-Fixed the portal bug
-Added 20 new tricky items
-Added 6 more mini-bosses
-Added 6 more events/traps
-Balance changed with some mobs/bosses

See Screenshots attached.

How one SHOULD play this map (playthrough by xWizard)

Abandon Hope playthrough by wtii

Playthrough by 2kxaoc (in Russian)

Playthrough by DoomThaEvil

Abandon Hope v2.5 (Map)

Reminds of Smash TV. 1. Not sure if intended or not but after you restart using the dialog box, a lot of rooms are visible under fog of war, some like the one with the Siege Golem are totally visible. 2. Why not make the Shopkeeper invulnerable...
  1. Glass House

    Glass House

    Feb 26, 2019
    Hello. In the latest version, 2.4, Imperius attacks you when he shows up to give his little speech on the first floors. That means instant death :p. A quick fix is needed!
    Otherwise, the map is great fun. Been playing it since it was first uploaded here. Keep up the good work!
  2. Mails_PR


    May 26, 2017
    Did you attack him by any chance?
  3. Glass House

    Glass House

    Feb 26, 2019
    Nope, he starts attacking me as soon as he appears. He is hostile instead of being neutral like in past versions.
  4. Glass House

    Glass House

    Feb 26, 2019
    Zeforas, you're right that the current version is nearly impossible to play, but that is unintended! For some reason the shopkeeper and archangel are hostile. They are not meant to be.
    The game is fully playable solo, I have completed it many times in past versions. But this version needs to be fixed.
  5. Zeforas


    Jun 9, 2015
    I will give it a try again once the next version is released, then.

    More than half of what i wrote was kinda out of anger, and god know how dumb some people are when they are angry, so sorry about that. I love rogue-like game, but when luck decide that i will have a bad day, it will make sure i'll have a bad day. ( the many boss on room-1 thingy, and almost every barrel being an explosive. Pretty unlucky. )

    Anyway, good luck on your work.

    Edit : i've removed my previous comment so that you don't get a "fake" negative reaction. I've re-read myself, i was really being a bag of salt and anger. Holy hell.
  6. Mails_PR


    May 26, 2017

    Dear Zeforas,
    Dear Glass House,

    I checked the version myself and indeed, you are both right. It seems that the file compiler completely destroyed the map system (I do not know why, probably because it was intended for map of the 1.28 and earlier). I have reuploaded the original version, which is heavier, but must be playable.

    Thank you so much for your quick feedback. It was instrumental in removing the bug quickly. I hope you will enjoy the playable version. So sorry for the problems you had to experience.
  7. SausaInMyPasta


    Jan 13, 2019
    I think the bug such as Imperius, the shopkeeper and other bosses in the boss container room attack us because their team got changed from neutral to enemy

    this maybe a hard bug to fix but hey, the game is still solo-able even if they kill you and attack you

    also i have no luck to find that Wirt's leg (the one that have buff) and Heimdaar challenge is the hardest Warcraft quiz i have ever done
  8. Mails_PR


    May 26, 2017
    Dear SausaInMyPasta,

    Thank you for your kind feedback! Please try downloading the fixed version now, I hope you will enjoy it.
  9. Sirmarkis29


    Apr 24, 2017
    Mails_PR you can pass me the link for pm to the 2.3b plz i dont like 1.29 and new updates...
    I play 1.26 nothing more :") plzz o upload to the epicmap
    THE MAP IS THE MORE AWESOME MAP i rating 5 stars! you deserver muche more!!
    PD: PLZ upload 2.3b
  10. Mails_PR


    May 26, 2017
    Dear Sirmarkis29,

    Hope all is well with you! Sorry for taking so much time to respond, I had some private issues and could not work on the map. If you wave already installed 1.30 or newer patches, please check out the new versions. If not, you can find 2.3b on EpicWar under this link: Abandon Hope v2.3b - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com