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A Warcraft Epic v2.0

Submitted by Trevor
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
NEW Bosses added to the specific Outposts! Haven Poltergeist, Banehallow, Ignious Phantom, Keeper of the Deep, Zerzen the Corrupt!... and many MORE with around 50 total!
Your Heroes have been fine-tuned, Ellen can now learn Charm!
The Demons' model file was altered, they no longer have the hero glow.
Other various bosses were edited and text triggers added
A few item errors were fixed.

A classic warcraft feel. Callbacks to the past warcraft classics. Orcs vs humans & elves. Humans & elves vs zombies. Limitless battle scenes. Multiple custom upgrades. Over 100 character models are implemented in this custom map.

Note: It says 4 players due to the CPUs start locations. IT IS ONLY A 2 PLAYER CO-OP! If you are interested in a 1 player offline version. Please let me know! It can be available. Or open the map in editor, go to Force Allied properties and change it to full shared unit control etc.. Also, due to the countless amounts of units and various buildings, most if not all of the hot keys have been disabled. A mouse is highly recommended.

Map Terrain: I hope players take notice the time I spent on this map terrain and the various doodads placed throughout-- Hoping to make your experience more genuine and real.

You and your friend start out in one of the last known Alliance villages on Earth. King William, his son William II and Prince Murphy, along with other mystical heroes such as Ellen Eagle-Eye, Sapphire the Sorceress, and Admiral Wallace-- team up with various special characters and units to retake their outposts scattered across the Realms and to defend their main village from the Undead and Orc attempts to finally destroy humans and elves.
Each player starts with their 3 set heroes respectively; special characters, and a few base units scattered throughout the village, as well. Your goal is to defend the 4 entry points of your village (each player defending 2 or how ever you want to set it up)-- from the ongoing undead and orc waves/attacks who want to wipe out the alliance once and for all.
While defending your city, you and your friend eventually gain strength through countless upgrades and the creation of more units/buildings-- so you can start to explore the map and encounter many different features and bosses throughout!-- Such as Archimonde, Mal Ganis, Mannoroth, Thrall, Grom, the Fel Orcs, Demons.. and much more.

There is a quest line full of main and optional quests; a mini guide has been put in the optional quests, as well.

-I edited over 60 playable units, with your Alliance control combining human and night elf units.
-There is backstory and character descriptions within the map.
-Hidden characters, hidden items, and the 20 powerful celestial orbs are scattered throughout the map, as well.
-Your special characters can die permanently so be careful.
-Although, there are already set buildings for you; When you expand, it is smart to build more and there are a few other buildings to construct, as the game goes on.
-A handful of custom upgrades that you will find funny and interesting; so make sure you check every building for upgrades. They will also help out in the long run.
-Some actions can effect certain events within the map. For example: killing an enemy boss can help you claim another unit that wasnt initially yours (hint hint).. or killing an enemy boss will show information on your screen about the backstory, turning triggers off an on etc..
-Food is up to 300 but I customized my own tax/upkeep feature so farms are important, depending on how you build your attack.
-Ships are in this game! You can build your own naval campaign if you wish to travel the river.
-Only 1 hidden unit(s) is able to create a Legendary Dragon Roost to produce the alliances' 7 dragons! Good luck!
-This map features some of the games hidden icons and units!
-Items in the game have a detailed description so read it before you pick them up. There are also a few hidden items in barrels or crates.. so good luck!
-I showed peasants some love in this map. You'll understand!

More notes: My buddy and I have played this map for 5+ hours with no crash or major lag. Unfortunately, there is no save feature so the playthrough can be a bit long, depending on your pace or how you play.

I tried to add most of the human base units within the game so the you can experience all of the units and how I customized their spells and backstory!

I hope you enjoy this map
A Warcraft Epic...
Thank you.


The Warcraft Epic (Map)

This is not Strategy/Risk. It's just Altered Melee, well minor that is. [spoiler] Bottom line is, while this sort of map might have worked during the RoC and early TfT era, nowadays, it's low quality. Learn from proper altered melee: How to: Create...
  1. Abelhawk


    Sep 28, 2012
    Did you take pictures of your computer screen as screenshots? :D You know you can press "Print Screen" or use the Snipping Tool, right?
    But seriously, this does look really intriguing. I'll definitely try it out. I'm always impressed with maps that don't import any third-party assets.
  2. Trevor


    Jun 15, 2019
    Lmao... yes.. yes I did. I'll make some screenshot changes tonight. But I appreciate the feedback! As I said, I am no pro but I just made this for whoever wants to just enjoy the classic warcraft combat.. etc.
    Thank you.
  3. Demanuel


    Jun 4, 2019
    man its look good at the first time ill try it!
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    This is not Strategy/Risk. It's just Altered Melee, well minor that is.

    1. Buildings are big, their selection circle invisible (too small) and units can go through much of them.
    2. Usual Warcraft III abilities. Try triggering some or adding custom ones: Spells | HIVE
    3. Ellen has 3 arrow abilities which cannot be used at the same time. Basically you have to choose from. Compared to the other heroes, this hero is 2 abilities short. Also, one of them can be chosen regardless if the hero has a skill point available or not. The arrow abilities cannot be levelled up since there's only 1 level for each.
    4. Spells don't have proper positions in the learn panel, possibly after learning them too.
    5. Sapphire has no damage dealing abilities. You just keep the hero for Brilliance Aura and the two ultimate ones.
    6. Items should have proper descriptions. The Fellowship Ring doesn't say what it gives. Many items suffer from this. Learn about tooltips:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    7. Units are mostly Warcraft III ones ore minor edited ones with no original content except for some Warcraft III material mix.
    8. The races are basically the same as in Warcraft III with meagre changes. The ones for the enemies have more stats (hit points etc.).
    9. Looks like fel orcs don't have chaos attack type anymore.
    10. There's no AI. Enemy units appear out of nowhere and come to the player bases.
    11. Why are there items on the ground? You can take them during battle and get the an advantage instead of having them as rewards after killing some units or completing some objectives.
    12. Implosion's description=Finger of Death's. It doesn't say what it ca target, damage value etc. It can be cast on allied/player units.
    13. Undead Curse actually is a positive spell for the living?
    14. Outposts can be built over doodads and other buildings.
    15. You are constantly assaulted by spam units, no heroes it seems.
    16. Transport ships can be hired at the enemy shipyard.
    17. Farms serve as drop points for lumber. Their description doesn't say it.
    18. Dwarf Warriors have hero glow. Their corpses will remain on the battlefield for a long time because hero models don't have decay animations. The same with Elven Knights and Tiger Archers. Same with the Orc Warchiefs.
    19. Artillery with 500 range and piercing attack type?
    20. So, the blue player upgrades the rifle for the purple's Theo?
    21. Can't seem to find Mechanical Engineering. Only purple has it? That's bad.
    22. Purple has two heroes with Devotion Aura and Holy Light.

    Bottom line is, while this sort of map might have worked during the RoC and early TfT era, nowadays, it's low quality.

    Learn from proper altered melee:
    How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race
    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics
    UB - Ultimate Battle v2.20b AI+
    Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1
    Nightborne v1.04
    Planetary Domination v2.04
    Sands of Time [v1.9]
    The Grand Citadel (Racial Issue 1.6)


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    Daffa the Mage
  5. Trevor


    Jun 15, 2019

    I appreciate the review! Like I stated, I am not a pro and I enjoy the classic WC and what the editor originally had. I posted it here for anyone who wants to DL.

    1. You are correct, I have to figure that out.

    2. I stayed with the original abilities. No imports.

    3. Didnt know it would be cool for ellen to shoot 2 or 3 diff types of arrows at once...yes I made them 1 level but edited the damage etc..

    4. I must have missed some. Sorry it your eyes...

    5. Shes a sorceress.. with strong abilities and blink helps throughoutthe map. Sorry it didnt meet your standards.

    6. I tried to work through all the items. Before you pick them up, there is a description. In the guide I explain. When in inventory, they explain their purpose.

    7. Really? Lol... I told everyone it was a classic WC feel.

    8. Really? .. again lol.

    9. Ahh yes, good point. Before I had read that chaos attacks may crash game. forgot to add it back. Good look.

    10. Yes... the whole point of my map..
    There are breaks.. and over time stronger units come. And yes... in my description, I state after you build strength.. you explore the map and face the bosses.

    11. Bosses are guarding the items.. guess I thought wrong.. some items are hidden though!

    12. Lol of an allied unit makes ya made.. implode him! I'll fix.

    13. Yes, I think it's supposed to slow undeads attack and HP. I have to re check. Hence the name...

    14. Damn drunken outpost! I'll fix.

    15. Bosses are stationary throughout the map.

    16. Lol I have someone working on the inside. That's weird though... fix

    17.well you figured it out... haha I'll add it.

    18. I havetoo look up how to change the glows.. I know annoying.

    19. The artillary was a headache. I will edit further.

    20. Yea I forgot about that. Good find.

    21. That is impossible. ME is in the temple of knowledge.

    22. Double the fun!

    All and all, yes.. errors. But the game still matches the description and my bad it didnt meet standards. Thanks for 2 stars!
  6. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    It's not your fault since models have their own pathing and anything beyond it breaks it. You could try these:
    "The Pathing Texture Pack"
    or ask for someone to create bigger or suitable ones here: Requests
    So, I've noticed. That doesn't help if you don't use them creatively. Right now, it's just usual Warcraft III gameplay mechanics.
    I didn't mean that. I meant that because of that, Ellen uses less abilities than the others in the same amount of time.
    It's not about that... The hero doesn't do much but attack and restore mana passively until level >/=6.
    I don't understand what's so funny? I'm telling you the map's quality is being brought down by such things. That's the point.
    From what I saw, it gives bonuses to your units.
    Sure, but even the enemy (orc and undead) heroes?
    Just replace the models with non-hero ones.
    Actually, double the unoriginality.