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A story about a betrayed man.

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This map takes part in real life.

It is a story about a man who was taken in jail for something he had never done.He was a fair man that never did anything bad.Now he is out after 10 years he is out to find his old friends and investigate this thing.
He wants to find the ones who told he killed a man with a gun and deal with him.

The map size will be huge we are in a large city.Maybe I will make it with real life names,like we are in New York.First you have to return in your neighborhood.Then you can find a job to earn money and start investigating.

The map would have a TON of features every little thing the real life has an WE can do.The map will work with hour-system too.For example in 5-10am you work and in the night you get tired and need to sleep.You can either do things like a normal person or take a gun and kill everyone.

You can go to office and ask for information,go play lottery,watch TV,buy car,marry,make kids,fight and lots other things.

I will throw in some more info if anyone is interested.Also a project that big would be hard to be made alone,so I would like to make something like a mini-modding team.Post here anything you want answered or apply for it as terrainer,Jasser etc. etc.
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
A) You have been watching Punisher
B) You have been watching Sweeney Todd
C) You have been watching an typical I-want-revenge movie with a lot of drama and action and also it reveals in the utter useless end that the main character had a son and is now in front of the god forsaken gun.

I like it.
I think it is ok Need_O2.

The story is that the man has been taken in jail for a kill he never did.Now that he is out he needs to find out the one who did this but he has to face the mafia.

The players are like this:

Player 1-Scott.The betrayed one

Player2,3,4-Friends of Scott.These 3 players play somethign like a real life game,but they can help him when needed by giving him some money or items.

Player 5,6,7-Enemies of Scott.They are some serious members of Mafia and they are all against you.They have guns from the start of the game and gain a steady gold income.They search for Scott everywhere but can play a real-life game if they are bored ;)
Level 12
Nov 5, 2007
Well it sounds pretty interesting.Ive always liked live-a-life maps.Im looking forward to this project.

A suggestion;you could make 4 teams.Scott was accused of killing a man and was sentenced to serve 20 years in jail.After 2 years,he escaped with 2 jailmates and hes looking for the guys that framed him to prove his innocence.So you could add a detective team thats supposed to trace Scott and bring him back to the police.

Scott & jailmates that r helping him

Police thats hunting scott


Just an idea.
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