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A new journey - 2019 "Warcraft III" Golden League

Discussion in 'News Submission' started by yxq1122, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. yxq1122


    Jun 5, 2018
    In 2018, the "Warcraft III" Golden League has brought fantastic competitions to players'friends, so that players feel the charm of the "Warcraft III" competition. The Golden League of World Warcraft III in 2019 is about to usher in a new journey. We will provide professional players with more professional competition system and rich competition awards, and bring more wonderful and unforgettable games for players and friends. Focus now!

    Player registration
    Each professional player's Warcraft Platform ID will be authenticated by the official staff and the players. After the authentication is completed, the player's points will be accumulated through the ID. After passing the binding certification, the players will be able to get the platform plus V certification, VIP awards and other benefits, and get the corresponding golden points.

    Golden League
    The gold league of World Warcraft III in 2019 is expected to hold two off-line competitions in summer and winter, and the number of off-line competitions will be open only to those who have completed their registration. Summer off-line competition will include 16 places, including: 2 in Europe, 2 in America, 4 in Korea and 6 in China. The places in Europe and America will be selected by the selection contest held in this region. The places in China and Korea will be decided according to the gold points ranking. The last two places will be removed from the gold points ranking. After having won the places, the two players with the highest points (unlimited areas) will be awarded. In addition, the number of winters may vary depending on the feedback from the Summer Games.
    "Warcraft III" Golden League competition bonus will also usher in a comprehensive upgrade.

    Ranking bonus/season
    1st 200000
    2nd 100000
    3rd 50000
    4th 20000
    5-8th 10000

    Gold score
    The points for Warcraft III in 2019 will be revised to include the monthly ladder, the Golden Subdivision and some qualified tripartite events. It should be noted that when the Golden League summer or winter games are over, all players'points will be zero. You need to start a new sprint to the list before the next Golden League starts.

    Gold ladder integral
    Ranking points
    1-5th 10
    6-20th 6
    21-60th 2
    61-100th 1

    The new journey of the Golden League of Warcraft III in 2019 is about to start. Which players can stand out and what kind of brilliant confrontation will they bring? Coming soon!
    Focus now!