A Desert Trip (Zombies)

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Maximum number of players: 8 (at least 1)
Homepage: www.christopherhauck.de

A desert trip - that's what it was planned to be.
But then the zombies showed up!

6 human players defend themselves against 2 zombie players.
The humans build walls and towers and have to upgrade their stuff fast, while the undead take over village for village and get an increasingly big army to run against the human's walls.

This map has a unique gameplay and is balanced because of the initial difficulty vote which narrows the undead's power.


Thanks to

- Illidan(Evil)X for his neat wooden fence model,
Hellish Hybrid for his skull model,
Callahan for his ruins head statue,
- JetFangInferno for his tornado model, his sand aura model I added to the tornado and his sand explosion model,
- alfredx_sotn for his air elemental model and
- all alpha and beta testers, first of all
the-doombringer, D34tht0x, croc66 and wusa[dkdc].
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Zombies, Undead

A Desert Trip (Zombies) (Map)

19:52, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved