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Mar 7, 2010

The HiveWorkshop Signature Shop
100% Free Signatures!

Welcome to the HiveWorkshop.com Signature Shop.
This is where you can request your HiveWorkshop.com signature for Free! You can also requests avatars that fits for your signature.

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I create signatures for free however; if you feel like making a donation for my work, it would really please my heart
If you want to make a donation, please send a PM to me.

Read Me,

The time it takes to create your signature depends on how advanced you want your signature to be and on how many projects there are before your. You will recive PM's with information about your signature, when it will be done and how many projects there are before yours.

Please only request 1 signature every 1-2 month. You can however request a signature and avatar at the same time.

NOTE: Your image will have a small text that says "HiveWorkshop.com", just so you know. These signatures are made for THW only!

To make your request, simply describe how you want your signature to be. Send a link to a image if you want to use it as a background else I will create a background for you, unless you want it to be transparent.

- None -

This signshop will be more advanced in the future.