(8)Vanguard Point v1.1

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(8)Vanguard Point
Player Suggest: 4v4
Idea: Nudl9 idea from a years ago, a push map.
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Description:
One frontline base and three supporter, may the light bring you a victory!

Neutral Building:
16 Expansion Goldmines (All-12500)
2 Tavern
2 Marketplace
2 Goblin Merchant
2 Mercenary camp -Black Citadel

Creep Camp:
8 Green
34 Orange
3 Red +8 starting base

-improve tree line for the middle player+creep aggro problem
-added scroll of protection on c2 drop.
-nerf fountain camp(same item drop)
-buff expo in the wood itemdrop.
visual fixed (both bug and added).

-3 safe base, 1 aggressive base. (Nudl9 idea)
-4 easy expo got block with trees line
-middle drop p6 item (I feel like splash dmg orb is better than dark orb since dark will have more values to UD)

Creator Note:
-Try more with a desert city theme

(8)Vanguard Point v1.1 (Map)