(4)Azazel Altar

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(4)Azazel Altar
Player Suggest: 1v1, 2v2
Layout Inspiration: Orge Mound, Southfury River, Melting Valley
Map Creator: Zucth

Map Description:
The place represent a rework of "Orge Mound". Azazel a ruins from the past which is the altar given the demona sacrifire. The land split sea leave the border open up welcome a visitor.

Neutral Building:
10 Expansion Goldmines (all-12500)
1 Tavern
2 Mercenary Camp -L.Fall
2 Lab
2 Goblin Merchant

Creep Camp:
12 Green
14 Orange
4 Red (-4 base)

-playable size 116x116
-Cross-spawn hasn't set. (in 1v1 case)

Creator Note:
-Southfury River but with safer first expo
-use part of Orge Mound terrain

(4)Azazel Altar (Map)