3 corridors dday map help

Level 2
Oct 16, 2004
So i work on my 3corridors map for long 3 months. about 2 hours a day with the help of my friends. But im out of ideas and skins and this buggy worldedit. my map is called dday classic and can be found in the maps section
whats new since 1.1?
-new spell "killer ball"
-new spell "soul drain"
-new spell "multishot"
-new spell "hell fire"
-new spell "blaster"
-new shop: artifact trader. Sells Very cool items!
-modify: robbers and water elemental waves changed to tuskarr magicians and arachnids
-modify: at start there is a wave - water el. and revenants wich bounty is 150
-modify: furbolgs and bears changed model scale and furbolgs changed model file. But forgot to change name ;)
-modify: Some changes with balance
-GREAT MOdify - relief changeZ
-New: You can summon neutrals to kill them and get $. for example you summon golems 1400$ and 5 and for each you get 1500$ 10
Also it is good when enemy is attacking you base: once i killed wicked forces commander when summoned boom brigade. ;)
-New hero: Sammy, troll juggernaut
-Some more little changezz,
So relief is a bit stupid because of bug :( but absolutely playable cause it didnt affect map playable area.