3.1.0 Released!!

Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
I've completed (on schedule I might add!) map development for 3.1.0 and have just released an updated version of AtD to the maps section. In my opinion, this is one of the most important updates that I've worked on in a long time. Vexorian's TimerUtils system has helped tremendously to make the scripts in AtD cleaner and more efficient. This system means exceptionally accurate delays/waits, smoother-looking events and spells, less lag, and also decreases the chance of desyncs. I recoded well over 2000 lines to implement this system and I'm very pleased with the results.

In addition to this major recode, you'll also find a new Death Hunter Quest which required 1,000+ AtD Points. This is the first step towards making these points more valuable to help increase replay value. I didn't go all out with this because I want some feedback on whether or not it's something you guys are interested in. Regardless, I'm sure you will find the quest pretty entertaining!

This patch also contains balancing as well as some important bug fixes that will address problems brought to me over the last few months. As always, if you find new bugs/balance issues then please report them to me. Enjoy the mod and I hope to hear your thoughts on the changes!

Version 3.1.0 (current) - View Here
Released April 27, 2015

1. Code: Replaced all "wait actions" with Vexorians "TimerUtils" handles and structs. This results in exceptionally accurate delays/waits, smoother-looking spells, less lag, and also decreases the chance of desyncs. You will notice the difference.
2. Ability Buff: Warden Sorceress "Incarcerate" duration increased to 10.0 seconds, mana cost reduced to 120, cooldown reduced to 60.0 seconds.
3. Ability Nerf: Nature Mage "Nature's Protection" duration changed to 6.0 seconds at every level, healing percentage now scales to 30/40/50/60% of intelligence every 0.5 seconds.
5. Quests: Lost Beetles Quest: Staff of Location hint changed to be more helpful.
6. Quests: New Quest, Zombie Exorcist. Help the Village Hero save the souls of those who have returned from the dead. Requires 1,000 AtD points.
7. Units: Militiaman lumber cost increased to 25, gold cost to 10
8. Units: Rifleman lumber cost increased to 50, gold cost to 15
9. Units: Catapult Defense lumber cost increased to 10
10. Units: Hover-Gunner Defense lumber cost increased to 25
11. Units: White Magic Defense lumber cost increased to 40
12. Fix: AI Death Knight should no longer randomly attack The Seafarer
13. Fix: AI Death Knight will now seek out Death Hunters when there are no more creeps left on the map
14. Fix: Medicine Doctor: Aura of Regenertation Icon corrected
15. Fix: Medicine Doctor: Lunar Owls tooltip title corrected
16. Fix: AI Death Knight occasionally becoming permanently invisible after casting Ghost Walk has been fixed.
17. Balancing: XP is no longer given for critter kills