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2P Campaign: Human 10

Submitted by Gismo359, McQvaBlood, TheSpoon
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Human Campaign: The Scourge of Lordaeron
Chapter 10: Isolation

"Almost 1 week after the death of Mal'ganis, the remains of Arthas' expedition team prepare to leave Northrend..."

Version: 2.03
Extra Score: N/A

Level Description: Malganis has been defeated, but Arthas has gone missing. Falric attempts to gather the men to return home, while Arthas worships his new blade. Soon they will meet again for another eventful adventure.

Version 1.0 - First complete release.
Version 1.1 - Fixed a bug which could result in not being able to save/load.
Version 1.2 - Fixed a bug which would result in invulnerable boss.
Version 1.3 - Revised the previous bug.
Version 1.4 - Using recent melee patch. Falric spell balancing.
Version 1.5 - Fixed a load bug for insane mode.
Version 1.6 - Effect when Falric uses great defense. Fixed knockback bugs. Some tooltip bugs. Added 'Bracers of Unholy Strength +8', as one of the drops.
Version 1.7 - Mass code update. DISBTN Great Defense fixed.
Version 2.0 - Mass update for all maps: [link]
Version 2.1 - Starting Difficulty Reduced for Arthas on Normal Difficulty
Version 2.2 - Insane/Normal Load Bug Fix.
Version 2.03 - Reduced the health of the Necromancer's skeletons from 2000 to 200. Changed version number to match the newer maps.
- A little extra 'custom' plotline
- Original cinematics
- Individual and joint quests
- New spells
- Good use of Custom Resources
- Unique boss battles
- A grand finale

Insane Mode:
- Harder bosses
- Faster ghosts
- Less time in Part I
- Improved AI in Part I

- This is not an edition of the original blizzard levels like the other levels
- I do not own Arthas, Falric or any of the characters or elements
- This is my own version of what could've happened while Arthas is in Northrend
- Please don't flame me saying 'this isn't what happened you raped the storyline'
- I'm well aware of that, this is just my 'take' on it
- A lot of time and work has been put into this level, I know its different,
- You may get fustrated at the difficulty, but HAVE FUN : D!
- Credits for resources are found at the end of the map!


If you wish to report a bug, reply with feedback, or find out more about the project, please visit the Hosted Forums.

2, player, campaign, human, alliance, scourge, lordaeron, arthas,

2P Campaign: Human 10 (Map)

2P Campaign: Human 10 (Map)

  1. Nightcrime


    Jul 3, 2010
    This is amazing.. God-tier custom campaign.