2P Campaign: Human 05

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Human Campaign: The Scourge of Lordaeron
Chapter 5: March of the Scourge

"Early the next morning, Arthas and Jaina approach the village of Hearthglen."

Version: 2.6
Extra Score: Amount of Map Explored

Level Description: Upon killing Kel'Thuzad, Arthas and Jaina discover that they are too late and the grain has already been shipped! The two quickly head to Hearthglen to find that the plague has already taken effect, and they discover the true effects of the plague. Now a massive Undead Army is bearing down on the village, can Arthas survive for long enough for the reinforcements to arrive?

Version 1.0 - First complete release.
Version 1.1 - Fixed a bug which could result in not being able to save/load.
Version 1.2 - Using recent melee patch. Fixed a bug in the exchange system. Falric spell balancing.
Version 1.3 - Fixed a techtree bug.
Version 1.4 - Revised score system. Fixed Falric's revive-text. Reworked insane AI.
Version 1.5 - Removed Gem of True Sight from Merchant. Effect when Falric uses great defense.
Version 1.6 - Mass code update. DISBTN Great Defense fixed.
Version 2.0 - Mass update for all maps: [link]
Version 2.1 - Fixed end of game peasant control bug.
Version 2.2 - Fixed Jaina's Aura bug. Fixed insane mode town hall bug. Fixed loading screen typo.
Version 2.3 - Fixed a the initial Lumber Mill for shared dropoff. Fixed Falric's level cap.
Version 2.4 - Insane/Normal Load Bug Fix. Fixed an endgame save/load bug.
Version 2.5 - Gismo359: Improved resource/unit exchanging and research/tech sharing.
Peasants now properly return resources to the other player's buildings.
Peasants can now Call to Arms at the other player's Keeps and Town Hall.
Town halls no longer get displaced in Insane Mode.
Version 2.6 - Gismo359: Fixed a bug where units would require "Default string" to be built.
General Changes:
- Features Captain Falric
- 2 Player Base
- Techtree, Requirement and Research systems

Insane Mode:
- Improved AI
- Caravan has more life
- Fewer starting towers
- Townhall starting rather than Keep


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2 player campaign human alliance scourge lordaeron arthas

2P Campaign: Human 05 (Map)

21:52, 28th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 6
Oct 4, 2009
I remember playing that one long ago on easy. Thing with wc3 campaign is that it easy leaks, you are meant to defend, and in fact you are able to own everyone and wait for timer to expire ;)
Level 2
Feb 27, 2010
Hi, i find the -load codes are very annoying - i seem to get them wrong now and then and i need to retype the whole code, is there no way to do it with copy and paste?
why are the codes so long?


Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
imre said:
Hi, i find the -load codes are very annoying - i seem to get them wrong now and then and i need to retype the whole code, is there no way to do it with copy and paste?
why are the codes so long?
The codes for the last few levels don't seem to work.
And they're so long because you're saving 2 heroes and some other data.
Heres what I suggest doing with the codes.
#1 Print screen the page,
#2 Minimise and paste it into paint,
#3 Open note pad and type in
#4 Then select and copy it ready for the next level
That takes about 1 minutes top, and if you leave paint open you can double check it if its wrong.


Hosted Project 2PC
Level 21
Jul 16, 2007
Ctrl + v

- Upgraded AI
- Caravan has more HP
- Fewer starting towers
- Townhall starting rather than Keep

- Exchange system added
- Techtree system added
- Upgrade system added
- Few bugs fixed
There should be no more updates after this to this map.
(Unless a bug is found)
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Level 7
May 6, 2008
i havent tested the map
and im not going to
but its nice that you make the campaings to multiplayer
and whats with the spoon :)?
Level 15
Oct 6, 2008
in chapter 4 i couldnt build blacksmith or workshop, i tryed to build town hall 3 times but didnt work and i tryed to upgrade to keep, allso i tryed to rehost game and still same bug.
in chapter 5 green and purple dont attack, i could easly destroy there bases and they didnt do anything which was funny (i tryed rehost here too and same thing happend) :p
cheak the bugs pls :D
*note* cant wait for undead campigan! :]
Level 1
Apr 8, 2010

Very awesome map series me and a friend of mine just started the insane campaign and boy o boy was this level hard constantly attacked almost no downtime we were lucky to survive when we did thx so much for making these maps and cant wait for undead campaign :thumbs_up:
Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
it's basicly not much more than the campaing map for 2 players, but it was really chalanging, even on normal level and made a lot of fun.

gave a 4/5 rating, because it is mainly just a nice improvement of 1 of blizzards campaigns. But if you got some spare tme with your friends and do not know what to do, I highly recommended to you to play these maps.
Level 3
Jul 1, 2010
I and my Friend are playing your Campaings what you have made. They are really nice and the new abilities are pefect not imbalanced.
When we played we found a bug ---> The upgrades for the Riflemans and Mortar-Teams are until upgrade 3 and you need the upgrade Castle. I don't know if the bug is the Castle or the upgrade.

All other Campaigns was ok but this was some too easy ... maybe could you add some more units which attacks at the end before Uther's units come.
Level 3
Jan 5, 2008
I played this with my friend and I noticed a weird thing with the second player's town gold mine. It's extra far and it took like 10 peasants to have an efficient peasant-train, and also I noticed they were returning the resources to an invisible town hall or something o_O

Other than that, playing this on insane was really fun but challenging as well. Took us two tries to beat it. But how the hell are you supposed to stop that caravan?? We were on the verge of dying at every wave, let alone kill that giant group of aboms/meat wagons.
Level 1
May 11, 2016
There is a bug in the insane version of this map, which throws your town hall sideways and messes up the resource gathering.

For quick dirty fix:
Open map in editor, open triggers, navigate to "Extra Triggers -> Setup Insane" and just above the
  • Wait 0.10 seconds
action add this one:
  • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type Return GoldLumber Dummy) and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
      • Unit - Remove (Picked unit) from the game

Explanation on what's happening:
There are invisible building dummies that allow you to use each other's town halls and lumber mills to gather resources. Here when the game tries to remove the Keep and place a Town Hall, it finds the invisible dummy in that location, fails to place the Hall and quickly finds a new place for it.
There is a check that checks for Insane mode when placing the dummies, but the relevant code bit is executed when the map loads (before you get to choose the difficulty) so the dummies are always placed.
The dirty fix, which I've suggested above, simply nukes all dummies (which is perfectly fine, as new ones are created with the new Town Halls anyway).
I suppose a "proper" fix would be to put the dummy creation somewhere after the player loads or starts a new game (instead of on map init), but I'm lazy and this works :p

(attached the map with the fix applied for the people that are even more lazy than me)


  • 2P Human05 v2.4 insane_fix.w3x
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Level 1
Aug 7, 2013
In Humans 05, me and my buddy are unable to build blacksmiths, workshops, or arcane sanctums because building them requires "default string".
Level 1
Aug 13, 2021
The map is still bugged. I think updates made the town hall get displaced again. Pls fix cuz as Player 1 the loong waiting on gold rly makes the game impossible to play :sad: