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(12)Idle Wars

Submitted by Zucth
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
(12) Idle Wars

inspiration: DOTA, Footmen, Melee


The soldiers that linger on the battlefield Causing the superiors to become angry Send them as leaders of the outpost themselves. Pounding each other with drowsiness Just get rid of the soldiers who are drowsy through the opposite I will be able to go back to sleep. The unemployed soldier said


You will played as one team out of four, start as a custom melee. Use your units to defeat other team! The gold can be gain from the other team or hostile units otherwise gold mines, upgrade your building to make more units... choose carefully which heroes or units you will choose. If you have no idea you can look though the treetech in the bottom right corner of the map... each units have special attack defend and skill for example: Rogue has a ability to eat the tree sneaky through the jungle and attack that players camp... Farmer got bash. The point of this game is to defeat all the other team! Bonus of someone who destroy the Gold mines/Black Tower/Hostile Heroes will get an experience book and ark item and more!


No AI Available here ONLY PVP, If your heroes dead, you can't revines them!, special units training structure required a lot of foods! think CAREFULLY!!! Monument Tower Upgrade isn't complete yet so the after that[special units that had an upgrade from Monument Tower will not work!!!]

I didn't even know did I tag the correct tag or not cause I didn't know everything on earth make sure you understand these incorrect tag!

(12)Idle Wars (Map)

Rather chaotic. Please don't abuse tags. This map is altered melee, not Arena, not Tower Defense. [spoiler] Sadly, this map is very unrefined, doesn't quite have a logical gameplay but is more of a test/first try. Take inspiration from altered...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Rather chaotic.
    Please don't abuse tags. This map is altered melee, not Arena, not Tower Defense.

    1. Sentry Wards bought from a tower that also has the War Club ability which cannot reach trees due to it not moving or being close to any tree.
    2. You have 3 mines from the start. Seems rather much.
    3. Terrain is flat and paths mostly linear.
    4. You could make starting positions random: Skeletal Coast v1.3 learn from this map.
    5. Neutral hostile units are pretty random.
    6. The Town Hall has Call to Arms but for whom? Peasants don't have it.
    7. You can train as many heroes you want.
    8. Heroes have tooltip missing instead of their names in the descriptions. Learn about tooltips:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    9. Regular Warcraft III material, units, spells, items etc. You could try some custom stuff: Spells | HIVE
    10. The Ranger has no ultimate but has a spell with 4 levels.
    11. Idle Horse should show the idle worker icon when not doing anything.
    12. The Paladin doesn't have hero attack like the ranger.
    13. Fire Smith can research Well Spring for Moon Wells. It needs a description edit.
    14. Rogues have Eat Tree!?
    15. Jade Smith's description has no tooltip.
    16. Not sure it's a good idea to have units sell items, well, actually spawn them on the ground. Enemy heroes might steal them during confrontations.
    17. The Summoner has two level 6 spells.
    18. The Royal tower's trained unit has no tooltip.
    19. Towers training units?
    20. Two units with Cannibalize, one of them being ranged.
    21. Ark Tower has an ability with missing tooltip which has Samwise Didier's face icon.
    22. The Skull of Gul'dan/Mask of Death icon building to the left of the Dragon Roost has no tooltip.
    23. Food limit is low. Basically, you have to kill your survivor units to be able to change them with something more powerful.
    24. That and the fact that towers require food.

    Sadly, this map is very unrefined, doesn't quite have a logical gameplay but is more of a test/first try.

    Take inspiration from altered melee maps:
    How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race
    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics
    UB - Ultimate Battle v2.20b AI+
    Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1
    Nightborne v1.04
    Planetary Domination v2.04
    Sands of Time [v1.9]
    The Grand Citadel (Racial Issue 1.6)


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