(12)Chimney Isles

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(12)Chimney Isles - (8)
Player Suggest: 6v6, 3v3v3v3 - 4v4, FFA.
Inspiration: Wellspring Temple, Crucible(reverse)
Map Creator: Zucth


- base layout (up to date melee strategy) [underground light was in the alpha version right now, there isn't]

Map Description:
An island with a chimney mount terrain, be careful of the enemy on high ground.

Neutral Building:
28 Goldmines (base - 14000, expo - 13500, 4 mid - 11000)
4 Tavern
8 Goblin Merchant
8 Goblin Lab
8 Mercenary Camp - L.summer
4 Marketplace
4 Dragon Roost
1 Fountain of Power

Hostile Building Offer:
8 Corrupted Moon Well - Rune of Rebirth

Creep Camp:
40 Green
32 Orange [+12 base]
13 Red

-Map have a size [208x208]
-4th heroes mid (dark knight persent)
-corrupt moon well is in the middle ring - present as a small fort of healths.
-with 4v4 and FFA condition you can use the (8) version.

Creator Note:
-I want to made a nerf version of dragon roost but with the custom melee:no is a need which is why I made a second version call cp (complete)
-in the reforged version the tree in the minimap will be light_blue color

(12)Chimney Isles (Map)

(12)Chimney Isles CP (Map)

(8)Chimney Isles CP (Map)