1. HerlySQR

    Custom mouse wheel scroll zoom

    Hello, with the recent addition of the zoom with the mouse wheel I think that the people will get used to that instead of a zoom system with commands, so I wanna know if there is a way that I can make the zoom lesser than it normally is when the people use the mouse scroll, for example, instead...
  2. joelperalta

    zoom out the camera

    does anyone know how to zoom out the camera in the mpq files?
  3. pred1980

    [vJASS] Zoom problem (black areas)

    Hi, i have a simple system to set a camera via zoom + value to a new distance but as you can the higher the value, the more i can not see anything. Any ideas whats wrong? My map is completly written in vjass. Zoom 2500 is ok, but higher values causes this black screen. Is this fog or what is...
  4. cobalte

    [General] Increase in-game max zoom out distance (remove the black fog from top of screen)

    Is there a way to remove the black fog that overtakes the screen from the top down when the in-game camera's distance is set further than 4000? I'd like the player to be able to zoom out further I found this post (How do you remove the black layer when you zoom out?) which says that it can be...
  5. Messire

    Zoom out? YES, milord

    Hi Guys!:peasant-waving: Reforged made me want to redo the solo campaign of the game, not on Reforged, but on Classic. The thing is, I'm having a hard time with the game's overly pronounced zoom (once you've tasted Supreme Commander, it's hard to come back to a so closed zoom) After looking...
  6. Bloodheaven_

    [Solved] Possible to zoom into Minimap via Trigger?

    Hey there, there is an function called: Camera - Set camera bounds for Player to Region is there a way to actually zoom into the minimap or out via trigger? Let's say the whole Minimap is Area1+2+3+4. Now I want to only have the Area 2 to be seen from the whole Minimap. Yes of course with...
  7. Mistablockout

    Camera Loop

    Hello everyone! To start, I only have two camera commands: "-cam", and "-setcam". The "-cam" command works perfectly fine, nothing wrong there; the "-setcam" command is where the issue is. I want "-setcam" to be an advanced camera command where a player can permanently keep the camera height...
  8. AquaFire

    How to Zoom Out in the Editor?: MAKE TERRAINING EASIER

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if there is a means to zoom out in the Editor to get a broader view of the map. I am wanting to make a large maze and make it symmetrical so I have used the Copy/Paste/Flip terrain on the maze's 1st quadrant. However, when a single quadrant of the maze was too...
  9. Darkfang

    Direct Size Icon Making Tutorial in PAINT.NET

    Also remember to download and use the Button Manager tool and the BLP Lab tool. Orb of the Sun