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warcraft 4

  1. Maxwell

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft 4 - Patch Notes

    Patch 1.0 Nerubian Queen ~ Life for the Queen ability reworked: Summon a permanent Royal Guardian to protect Nerubian Queen. If the Guardian will be killed it automatically respawns after 40 seconds. Level 1 - 450 hit points, 12 - 13 damage. Level 2 - 650 hit points, 18 - 19 damage and...
  2. Marshmalo

    [Strategy / Risk] Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    Rise of a Realm By Marshmalo [Release date: Out now] MAP SUMMARY: Rise of a Realm (ROAR) is a sandbox base builder/RTS game with a mythological/medieval theme. Players must first choose whether to found a Warrior or Mage Kingdom, then select a King or Queen to lead their Realm to glory...
  3. titans_zealot

    WoW Lore

    Who here is angry/dislikes WoW Lore? I personally don't play right now but the largest reason why I started playing WoW was because of its world. Even though it's an MMORPG it annoys me a lot with the lore decisions they make (which I follow on). For example the way they killed off major...
  4. titans_zealot

    A curiosity about the lore (Fall of Silvermoon)

    In the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos undead campaign "fall of Silvermoon" Sylvanas approaches your base early on when you start, and Kel'thuzad mentions that Sylvanas reminds him of Arthas (of course in a all knowing tone) and that they are both persistent. Now this could be just a little poke...