1. Komkozavr_a12

    Converting models from Morrowind

    Converting models from Morrowind Difficulty:medium Working time:10-60 minutes Hi all. Today I will tell you how to convert models from The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind. For work, we need the following tools and resources: The game itself War3 Model Editor Mdlvis 1.41 BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  2. HERON

    Female Apothecary

    Hello guys, I would like to request someone to create a female or male Apothecary model for my upcoming campaign about the Undead/Forsaken. I didn't find a model like this, and I'll be happy if someone can help me with this... For animations, could base on witch doctor for example... Thanks...
  3. Lordnefarian

    [General] W3 dont see campaign

    Can you help me please, i can see this campaign, but other cannot see this campaign. can you help with this problem?