victory/defeat trigger

  1. Forbias

    Help With Victory Condition

    I've played Warcraft 3 many times but this is my first time trying the World Editor's Trigger Editor. I wanted to change the victory condition to when the player 1 reaches a certain amount of gold (say, 100,000) and then the victory screen appears. I can't seem to make it work. Can someone...
  2. Cushq

    Respawn turn off trigger/Victory trigger

    Hey I've been designing an Arena style map and at 30 minutes I want to turn off my respawn trigger. Well it doen't work every time i convert 30 minutes to seconds it wont recognize the wait 1800 turn off trigger command but if i do for example 180 seconds it works fine. Is their a cap on time...
  3. Cruallassar

    Alternate town halls and group invulnerability shields for a noob

    So, I have a project I’m working on, a map for some friends and I, wherein two of us have largely reworked custom races...Dwarves and High Elves. As both have entirely separate tech trees and town hall structures, this has created a problem where the map reveals all our structures, not...
  4. Flamable

    [General] Castle Fight styled game - win, rounds, random pick

    I would like to create a game that is similar to the Castle Fight games. The code my game lacks are: - how to let hosting player decide number of rounds - make the builders spawn randomly for players when player 1 types "-ar" - make the players chose their builder when player 1 types in "-ap" -...
  5. Mister_Haudrauf

    Victory/Defeat Gui Trigger Request

    Hello Friends, as you can guess: I need a customazible Victory/Defeat Gui trigger. This is because i currently make a multiple races map. It goes like this: You choose Human as your Race indicator: Once ingame you can now choose: -Human- (Normal Human) -Scarlet Crusade- -Dreanei- -Blood elf-...