1. arcanetower

    Upkeep affecting item sell and bounties

    So in gameplay constants you can change upkeep, but it seems to only affect floating text from gold mines. Is there a way to change the floating text for item selling and bounties to be accurate? EDIT: fixed question
  2. Insanity_AI

    [Solved] How to change the upkeep sound?

    So, does anyone know how to change the upkeep sound? If anything, remove it. But without changing any upkeep limits, I have use of those.
  3. DanTDMzikri

    How to edit Upkeep Taxes, Upkeep Foods Numbers, and Upkeep Names

    Hello guys! Welcome to my tutorial! I will show you how to edit Upkeep Taxes, Upkeep Foods, and Upkeep Names. Upkeep Taxes Upkeep taxes determines how much gold or lumber you actually get after gathering. For example: No Upkeep, no changes for tax. If Low Upkeep, it will reduce your coin by 3...
  4. DanTDMzikri

    [Solved] How to edit Upkeep name in Warcraft 3?

    How to edit Upkeep in Warcraft 3? Help please...