1. Hoyhenpallo

    New scripting and map making features after 1.26

    Hello! Background: I've had a long break from warcraft 3 (nearly 10 years). Lately I've become interested in map making again. My goal is not to make public maps, but I enjoy making triggered spells, heroes and races for personal enjoyment. I'm wondering what new features and other changes...
  2. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  3. DrunkenDirt

    Suggestion: Giving the option to sort maps after submitted dates

    A few months back I started browsing the maps page daily to see if there were any new and interesting maps that had been released. While I'm happy to see the WC3 map makers are still buzzing with activity, I also found it disheartening to see new and original maps quickly being drowned out by...
  4. Kevin0z

    [Tower Defense] Green Circle TD

    Hey everyone, I'll be working on a rather old map named Green Circle TD 10.8 which was originally developped by Doom. I've seeked contact with the developer due to the current mode being unfinishable due to laggs (which is purely because it contains so many effects/elements that the game engine...