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unreal engine

  1. ks.zealot


    Hello everyone, my name is zealot, I am Unreal Engine enthusiast and I want to introduce my project: OpenWarcraft This is my attempt to recreate Warcraft 3 in Unreal, using all benefits of modern engine technology. I want to create a completely open source project, with which everyone could...
  2. StormyG7

    Converting Unreal Engine 3 Model for use in Warcraft 3

    I found Heroes of Might and Magic 6 and 7 have some neat-looking models and textures that are very much in the same style as Warcraft 3 Reforged. The new HoMM games by Ubisoft seem somewhat uninspired and take very little stylistically from the original games, but they do have a style that seems...
  3. Amigoltu

    Wacraft 3 in Unreal Engine.

    When an "amateur" makes a better game when a multi-billion dollar company... These are only short presentations, but look at the terrain, shadows, environment. Look at how well everything blends in, and the thing seems to run really smooth. Couldn't Blizzard deliver this with a new engine...