unit type

  1. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] Item that deals bonus damage to specific type of enemy

    Hi there. Another question for you map-fessors out there. I want to make an item which gives extra damage on basic attacks against a specific enemy type (Undead units). How does one create a spell or trigger to do this?
  2. Cobalt

    [General] How do I check if a point is within range of a unit with a certain unit type?

    I have a trigger that requires checking whether a certain point is within X range of any unit of a specific unit type. More specifically I want to detect some kind of collision. I've looked for an appropriate condition but I haven't been able to find anything. I tried playing around with the...
  3. deepstrasz

    [Spell] A unit takes damage issue - disease cloud - GUI (~SOLVED)

    Hey Hive, I'm having problems with one of my units being affected by disease cloud. I have a trigger that whenever that unit is hit it spawns four dummy units which deal damage to nearby enemy units. I've tried putting any of these four as conditions: Damage Source is a Plagued Unit (Bolean...