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  1. ScrewTheTrees

    1.32 The LUA GC is seemingly disabled.

    This is just a heads up for whoever uses Lua / TypescriptToLua or similar frameworks for their warcraft 3 maps. The Lua GC is seemingly disabled. Over in the hiveworkshop discord we did quite a bit of experimentation on this issue after i realised my map was leaking 0.6MB/s, but the leaks made...
  2. NightKnight

    Need Typescript/Javascript coders

    This is for my map: Fantasy Life. It is slightly similar LoaP in the regard that it has jobs, but mostly different. More details in the map link. So some of the things that we will be making: Tens of mini-games using Frames and UI for jobs and events. (the main point) UI for almost anything...
  3. wd40bomber7

    Cerrie Hot Reload & 'initialization'?

    Hello, First off I realize that both ceres and cerrie have more-or-less been abandoned. I didn't want to let a little abandonware come between me and excellent tooling so I've given a shot at using them. Honestly all-in-all my experience has been excellent. (Regardless of current project...
  4. ScrewTheTrees

    [Lua/Typescript] "Codeless" Saving/Synchronized loading of huge amounts of data.

    Introduction [Edit] Just to be perfectly clear, previously local files could only be saved using a registry flag, this has been changed in previous patches, 1.30 or similar and one can always save files now. Greetings fellow modders, Time for another write-up, and this time with actual...
  5. ScrewTheTrees

    Synchronized Heightmap of GetLocationZ().

    Introduction This is not a finished solution that is ready for normal usage, i don't recommend using my example project in a serious project since its very rough and unpolished Proof of concept. Its somewhat of a deep dive into my findings when experimenting with with my theory of a...
  6. Macadamia

    Trying to use wc3 TypeScript Template

    Hello there ! I am trying to use @TriggerHappy 's TypeScript template for wc3. First let me tell you that I am a complete newbie at TS, although I have already used JavaScript a while back. So like any well-behaved newbie, I have followed the quick startup guide found at...
  7. Fransisco Wijaya

    [Node.js] TypeScript, TypeORM, GraphQL masters, hear my call!

    I need you to review my code, please suggest a good project structure, efficiency, modularity etc. This project is in progress, so there's no big things to show. Right to the REPO!