1. Vidar

    Custom Sound set difficulties

    Hi! I'm having some troubles with a custom soundset. Whenever I try to import sound, it will not appear in the file. I know it's there, because I put it under Music myself. However, when I'm using the import sound option, it is not there under Music. If you could help me out, I would be very...
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] aura that doesn't target raiders...?

    hey there, I created a custom (negative) aura ability. on the map I tested it on I randomly had a dryad, a shadow hunter and some raiders. the aura targeted the dryad and SH, but for some reason it didn't affect the raiders. these are the targeting settings for the aura: any Idea why this...
  3. Karpik

    [JASS] Save\load function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify trouble

    I have some problem with save in my map. If i save my hero (and courier) with 10 items in inventory, all right. Else i save my hero (and courier) with 11,12 items i inventory, save\load system not work. Any people say: " problem in function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify" If i save with 10 items, i...
  4. Rykon-V73

    Lightning Ward weirdness

    After successfully adding Fire Ward for a hero(I don't know how to edit it for a unit), I decided to insert Lightning Ward next. Trigger: MyAlbum I inserted everything right, but when I tested it in-game, the lightning was replaced with my Obsidian Golems. Is there a way to change the code here?