trigger (gui) tutorials

  1. Superfrycook

    Creating bosses in Reforged

    Hello, I was thinking I could create the main boss or mini boss. The only problem is, if the boss takes damage, he or she summons enemies, traps or both. So how can I make a trigger when the boss takes damage, let’s just say if the boss’ health dips below 80% or 50%, can summon units or traps...
  2. tytarjunior20

    [General] How-To Series on YouTube

    Hey all, My name is TytarJunior and I've been a map maker for 13 years. My maps are very advanced and with reforged out now, I'm going to start posting about it and sharing what I know. For starters, I want to help the map making community, so I started making a how to series and would love...
  3. Koko Kwikwak

    [General] Does someone here available to make me a trigger????? PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    if you are available, please do me a favor, would you make me a trigger; in a melee map, a trigger that makes my allied team into an enemy team. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i'm an ignorant peasant!!!
  4. Peach Schnapps

    [Trigger] Need help with Damage Engine Armor Trigger

    Hellllo, I'm just trying to set up a trigger with Bribe's Damage Engine that will act a lot like hardened skin: I just want the dmg to be reduced by 1, for each point of armor. This is what I have so far: Events Game - DamageEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions...
  5. InSaNe_97

    [Spell] Dummy cast ability problems.

    What is wrong with my triggers? In game nothing happens. I order hero that has this ability to cast "Mana Shield" when chosen on start of the game and that's works properly.
  6. InSaNe_97

    Passive ability when "Mana Shield" is deactivated.

    Greetings! I want to make "Mana Shield" that when is deactivated unit (that has this ability) have some passive ability. Not about the title: In my case I want that passive ability be to hurl an rock on random target every 0 to 16 seconds in 900 range, that hit the target, deal damage, stun and...
  7. InSaNe_97

    [General] Spawn unit goes into random region.

    Greetings! I have two little, easy-to-solve, problem and I'm asking asking for help. I'm pretty sure that pure title explained it. I make trigger that unit spawn in region "1", and then second trigger when that same unit enters in that region attack-move to another but unit spawn and don't going...
  8. Furry Nova

    Easy GUI Chat Command Handler

    I've been browsing this site for an easy to use chat command GUI example. The ones I found wasn't the ones I wanted since one relied on vJASS and another had an issue were the command that could be typed in the middle of a message like "something -gold". So I had an attempt making one but it...
  9. Slayer14

    How to Make a Simple Quest in WE to Show Info (Noob Tutorial)

    How to Make a Simple Quest in WE to Show Info (Beginner Tutorial) I know, what a seemingly useless tutorial for the average WE user, but not for those new guys. And yes, I made this for a new guy. OK, lets begin. First off, open the World Editor, which will be often refered to as WE, not...
  10. Stonebludgeon

    How to trigger Auto-cast (Arrow) Abilities

    Triggering Auto-cast Abilities (Difficulty = Easy) Introduction This tutorial is made to show GUI users a very easy way to add triggered effects to abilities that auto-cast on attack, such as Searing Arrows. I made this tutorial because I was unable to find any easy GUI tutorial on the subject...